Best Singers In Littlest Pet Shop

The Top Ten
1 Zoe Trent

She's my favorite


2 Blythe Baxter Blythe Baxter is the main human protagonist of Littlest Pet Shop. She has the uncanny ability to speak to and understand animals.
3 Biskit Twins

Where is Delilah? You know, the cat that sung "All Around The World". and where is the lead singer to the soul patches? You know, the band the sung the "Pets and Humans" song.

Got 2 say, I kinda liked were cuter than this!

4 Pepper Clark
5 Vinnie Terrio
6 Fisher Biskit
7 Sue Patterson
8 Russell Ferguson
9 Buttercream Sunday
10 Shahrukh
The Contenders
11 Delilah
12 Sugar Sprinkles

She's just a great singer, I mean, her voice, very realistic lyrics.

13 Sunil Nevla
14 Penny Ling
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