I saw someone write that 1D have been around for one whole year. I'm sorry but that's nothing. McFly have been around for over eight years, writing amazing songs and becoming more than your average band. With five studio albums and a greatest hits album along with tour DVD's and many number one hits, Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry deserve the honour of performing at the Olympics opening ceremony more than any other band out there. In addition, they created the Super City for their fans so that they can interact with them more than ever before. They are also stunning live, and you couldn't say anything other than that. Sure, they may not be as popular as they were in the days when they wrote songs about getting the girls. But they have become so much more than that since then, and they are one of the few bands that progress in their work as years pass. Tom has recently written the mascot song for the Olympics, and sings it with his amazing sister, Carrie. Their strong-as-steel fanbase support them wherever they go, whether it's trying something new, heading into the jungle for three weeks and becoming King of the jungle, dancing every Saturday night and winning the Strictly trophy, or be it simply travelling to another country to perform in front of their foreign fans. And this is why everyone should vote for McFly. This is why they should get to perform at the Olympics opening ceremony.


I love Mcfly. They deserve to play in the olympics because they are the most awesome band ever. They've been a band for 8 years, waay more dan 1d and all the over bands. And most importantly their music is so great. If Mcfly was chosen to play in the olypmics, the olympics would be a whole lot more interesting and fun. This is only the few reasons out of many more why Mcfly deserve to play in the olympics. EVERYONE VOTE FOR MCFLY! - visitor

Mcfly deberian ser los representantes de Londres porque después de tantos años trabajando merecen reconocimiento. No he visto una banda que una tanto a las personas y les de alegría y esperanza, ademas no creo que encuentres voces mejores que las de estos chicos. - visitor


Hatsune miku isn't even a real person! Shes a hologram ; people say she has an inspirational voice when other people can play around with her voice using those autotune machines! - visitor

OH YEAH.. MCFLY! - visitor

Mcfly summed up
vote Miku - visitor

McFly deserve this much more than any other artist/band in the list! Why? OK, because first of all, back when they first got famous in 2004, they got into the Guennis Book of WORLD RECORDS for beating the Beatles's record for top single (or album I don't remember). That's how talented they are! And they were 17 at the time! But now, they've created a site called Super City just for their fans so that they could interact with them much more than ever. AND they ALSO have won a BRIT award in 2004 (the same year they became famous) so 1D isn't all that amazing! McFly also play their own instruments, write down their songs, and sound amazing live and acoustically (not like some artists who sound terrible while singing live or acoustic out of the studio). Dougie (McFly's Bass player) has been crowned king of the jungle since he won on the T.V. show "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" and Harry (McFly's drummer) has won on the T.V. show "Strictly Come Dancing" and it was in the same year that both of them have won. Anyways the list goes on and on so I'm just gonna end this by typing: VOTE FOR MCFLY THEY DESERVE IT THE MOST! ( PLUS, THEY'RE BRITISH SO IT MAKES A LOT MORE SENSE FOR THEM TO PLAY AT THE LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES) - visitor