Why Hatsune Miku Should Perform at the 2012 Olympics in London

Hello, my name is CkretAznMan, but you can refer to me as CkretAznMan. All I am going to do is offer you four reasons as to why Hatsune Miku should perform at the 2012 Olympics in London instead of anyone else. You are free to dispute any of these points, but please give it some thought.

One, Hatsune Miku's songs are very good. Due to the sheer number of songs that Miku has, only the best are performed in each concert. Meaning that there is a low chance of people being disappointed. Also, from popular musicians to amatuer artists, Miku's songs have reached all across over the spectrum of music. Because of this, there is a wide variety of songs that one could listen to. Also also, it should be noted that playing with Hatsune Miku is just as difficult and praiseworthy as playing with a guitar, bass, etc. There is some actual skill involved in making good Miku songs.

Two, you won't get another chance. Odds are, many of you have never seen Hatsune Miku perform in a concert. And if you have, the youtube videos don't do the concerts justice, since they are derivatives of a derivative recording. At most, the virtual diva will perform only two concerts per year. How about SNSD? Super Junior? Lady Gaga? They all have numerous shows per year. If Miku performs in the Olympics, we'll be giving nearly every person in the world a chance to listen to her music and watch her performance! Also, this the only chance that most of you will have to watch a Virtual Diva concert. It is out of this world. So give yourself and everyone else a chance to experience Hatsune Miku. By the way, Miku's concerts are magical.

Three, Hatsune Miku is the First Sound of the Future! She is a representation of all the progress our technology has made over the short years that we've had. Also, her name is pun on the Japanese wording of "The First Sound of the Future". And through the ways she has impacted us, she exists and is real in our hearts. Kind of like Inception, in which we choose to believe what is real. Be it the music of Mozart, the movies of Christopher Nolan, or anything else for that matter. Do it for Bill Gates, Stephen Fry, Hiroyuki Ito, and especially Steve Jobs! Do it for Steve!

Last but not least, Hatsune Miku accentuates the theme of the Olympics itself. Why do you think people spend much of their time on the Olympics? What is the point of this gathering? The answer is, "The Olympics, as defined today, is the celebration of camaraderie and sportsmanship throughout the entire world"! So we're creating and supporting a community of people who want to make friendships and bonds with each other, but this collective has people all around the world. This event, the Olympics, brings together persons of different nationalities and cultures, and strong bonds that otherwise would have been nearly impossible are made. Hatsune Miku, and in extension Vocaloids, were created to connect a community of people from all around the world to create and celebrate music! Through Miku, we have tapped into cultures and places that we never even would have thought of experiencing. Hatsune Miku and the Olympics are aiming towards the same goal! They want to make friends with everyone! That is awesome!

Miku is the best choice to have as a performer in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. She has a large library of songs that appeal to nearly everyone, she gives memorable but rare performances, is a living rendition of technology, supports a community of camaraderie, and most importantly, represents everything the Olympics itself represents! It would be a good fit to have her do this. I would rather people stop thinking of her as just a singer for the new age, but rather as an avatar of all of our hopes and dreams. If you believe that there is someone better fitted for the criteria above, then I'm all ears... Or eyes, in this case. Either way, do you want to feel the magic of make-believe?


Me agrees completely. & But I must say that it's really har to read those colorful posts... Specially the green one... &" - visitor

I agree, love Miku, Love forever :X :X :x :X
- mrlam224

You are right. Miku is the best choise. - visitor

I totally agree >3< - visitor

yes - visitor

It's just like a hologram... Honestly no talent but anyways THE ONE WHO WROTE HER SONGS is awesome so yea - visitor

"The one" Everybody can write a song for her, ALL THE GUYS WHO WROTE HER SONGS ARE AWESOME. - visitor

Perhaps a darker shade of green is in order... All right. - ckretaznman

The music and song composers are brilliant for it, but honestly, she's just a piece of software. Very pretty, and when animated correctly she is good
But I wouldn't want her at the Olympics. I know we have the role of voting, but think of everyone else watching the Olympics (adults, seniors, political figures) would not be so enthusiastic on your opinion. I like her, but wouldn't recommend her. The earlier mentioned people would want real people and would be quite annoyed if they were watching something that looked like a video game. - sujuELFgurl

Your anti-video game comments are a bit distracting. Video games are a new art form and people should know that it's here to stay, just like books and music. On to the point, I would rather not the people stay in a constant stasis of quiescence and dullness. The world is changing, and so will we. I'd like people to accept that, even if evolution and progression will inevitably lead to conflict of some sort, it's better than living in stagnation and confusing that for "peace".

That's a bit outside what we're talking about, but what I mean is that people should just accept the future; not refuse to change anything at all in life, because that's incredibly cruel to everyone else. On another note, if adults, seniors, and political figures only watch the opening ceremony, then they should go watch some of the Olympics-related events afterwards. - ckretaznman

So you don't want miku at the olympics only for the "seniors, adults and political figures"? They don't give a f***, they only want the money. You can put a dancing monkey and they will not care. - visitor

For all you saying she's just a piece of software, well that's half true, all things already have a sole or are given one. Also she brings the next generation of music for us younger audiences we're creating our future for us all you older peeps can and should do is help support are positions. Music is what the world revolves around it shows who we are and you can't take that away from all us; Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Back Street Boys, etc. They all won't live forever, only in CDs, in which their soles are forever replaying. But Hatsune Miku can forever be entertaining our ears, moreover hearts with her music, because the world is ever chaining and that means so will her music and so eventually the band behind Miku that makes her songs and lyrics will eventually, not be here, but this generation and more to come will take care of her. I end my response. FOREVER MIKU - visitor

Very true, and also the part were you (ckretaznma) wrote : "What is the point of this gathering? The answer is, "The Olympics, as defined today, is the celebration of camaraderie and sportsmanship throughout the entire world"! So we're creating and supporting a community of people who want to make friendships and bonds with each other, but this collective has people all around the world. " That can be done with anything, not just a software program. - visitor

This is in response to the post made at February 26. I would like to to say that I agree with you; Miku doesn't need to be the person to connect the world through music, but she's the only one around nowadays that can though. When is the last time an artist/band's actual stated purpose is to help not only those in the professional music industry, but also those that are in the amateur or independent industries? What about people who have never made a song before? The Beatles? They're long gone now, and even then I don't think their purpose was as such. EVERYONE has a song or two they want to make, so far only Hatsune Miku can provide. On another note, Miku has inherited The Beatles supposed purpose to bring the world together; fight it as you may. - ckretaznman

Frankly, pop music would probably be playing anyway, so it's not like they would loose anything... - visitor

Totally agree. For me, vocaloid is a tool. And the artists who should got the popularity are those songwriters, not Miku... ==' - visitor

Agree, miku is just an instrument, just like the other vocaloids - visitor

Vocaloid is just an instrument, nothing else - visitor

Honestly, out of anyone, adults watch this most. _. My dad records every single bit of the Olympics (He's always most excited for the opening ceremony) while I could care less, being as young as I am.
If I were to watch, I'd watch for only the rhythmic gymnastics and to see my favorite artist preform if they do. The adults, elderly, and political officials like tradition. They'd watch the whole Olympics, so yes, they're the majority audience that matters most. - visitor

I can't really understand you... It's not even a real person... I like her songs a bit but it's not up my tastes it's just... , she doesn't sing! She doesn't put emotions in her voice! Why do you prefer her to real voices? O. O can't explain... Just that... There are many amazing artists way communicative, funny and... I don't know, REAL?! What about humans you don't like? Too much breaths? O_ò - visitor

By reading your statement, I can assume that you don't know anything about her. Let me simplify it for you:
-Technology = bring her to the reality. Watch the concert, she can even communicate with the audience with some feedback
-Ideas and talent = her fans from over the globe together brings their own idea, realize it with their talent, to create an idol who can satisfied and entertain all of us
-Love and emotions = all human emotions determine the shape of Miku either in the song, costume and so on. All of us, working together with our tears, cheers and hope. Did you ever seen a global investment like this? (more than 100,000 songs created for her, thousands of video clips, albums, games). Breath? Miku do makes breathing sound in her concert. Open and listen to it carefully - visitor

I know her, I have some songs but I didn't mean that... I just wanted to understand because she has nothing more than real humans but you like her way better. And please, don't say I'm not opened, I live in one of the most racists countries on the world and listen to Japanese, Korean and Chinese music... And I like it because of its awesome artists. I also listen to some vocaloid but sincerely, these artificial voices make me so sad... - visitor

I love Miku because she is not real. All humans have a singing that I really hate and because the technology is not good enough to make Vocaloids sound human so Vocaloids don't have the style. I think humans singing style is really annoying but not all songs are sung with that style. I love Miku! She is my favorite singer (I hate Kagamine Rin =. = ) - visitor

I agree because Miku isn't a real person and I think it would be better if someone could actually sing live. I also love Miku but I think it makes more sense for a real person to the sing. I'm voting for Big Bang right now and I hope any other kpop star will get to sing at the Olympics. I just think kpop has more potential and they are actually real and they need more attention internationally. If Miku wins I'm fine with that because I thought whoever created her, I thought they were very creative to have this idea. But I love kpop. - visitor

I completely agree.
Hatsune Miku is just a software, that can be meddled with in anyway. However, I have watched some of her concerts, and they are amazing. But I would personally like an actual person to sing at the Olympics this year. - visitor

Yah miku is a software and just b/c she responds to an audience doesn't mean she will be liked a human singer would be better and wow I'm talking about non-humans I feel like I'm talking about aliens..
- visitor

I'm not very how to respond to the comments above since most of it is basically illiterate gibberish, but I'll try. We're fans of Miku, not because she's inhuman, but because of what she represents of humanity; read my blog if you really need this explained. The great music also helps. By the way, did you like the book Lord of the Rings? Artemis Fowl? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? 1984? Etc? Here's a secret: The characters aren't real. - ckretaznman

I think miku fans are too easily offended by these "miku isn't real comments" even though it's true - visitor

I'm completely agree with you. Miku is the representation of all the artist in the world, joined by a software who can transmit all the posible emotions with her voice. For all vocaloid, for all the fans, and followers, and compositers, Miku to the olympics! - visitor

I think miku would be a good and bad choice for the Olympics. The good reason is that she will hopefully pull in more viewers world wide. The bad reason is that not many older people know her and might think that the people should have chosen someone better. I'm all for miku to perform at the Olympics and I hope everyone will enjoy her too
- visitor

Whose dreams are you going to fulfill if you place an engineered piece of software onto a screen? No ones. Honestly, Miku is well known enough. She is praised around the world. This is giving actual groups and singers no chance to actually perform st the olympics. I completely appreciate and respect the fact that miku makes some wonderful songs and is an amazing peice of technology, but this is giving no one any chance to perform as well. There are many other chances for Miku to perform. - visitor

I'm going to guess that you did not read past the first point, so I'll say it like this. Miku is not putting musicians out of work, she's making musicians out of people who never thought they could be one! Also, read the rest. Honestly, it's a bit insulting... - ckretaznman

Hatsune Miku does NOT ruin musician's music... She(and Vocaloid) can HELP them. The software Vocaloid (and Utau) contains many voices, especially Hatsune Miku. This software is to help them because they can make music from her voice... - visitor

It would be so great to have her sing! And by the way for all that are saying "miku can't put emotion into her songs" then here's something for you, she can gasp, she can scream in pain or joy, and its obvious she can put emotion into songs. I have never heard a vocaloid song without some kind of emotion, whether its sad, happy, angry, or energetic. It would be a dream come true for her to preform. - visitor

I think Miku will be a great hit in this event, also we don't know if Crypton Future Media will be offer us another kind of presentation for this event if Miku won. Do you imagine if they can do a really hologram without any big screen? It will be awesome. The reason why Miku is the best for this event is just simple: Olympics games is a connection of the world in sports, Miku is a connection of the world in music. Sorry my poor english. - visitor

It will be awesome that Miku perform in such event, but... The poll here isn't even being run by a company associated with the Olympics. It's just a random poll, that's not mean that she won will be in the Olympics. If the Olympics were in Japan It will be more credible, but in London I don't think they will authorize it. I think Paul McCartney and other old singers will be the leaders of this. - visitor

agree! - visitor

For all you saying she's just a piece of software, well that's half true, all things already have a sole or are given one. Also she brings the next generation of music for us younger audiences we're creating our future for us all you older peeps can and should do is help support are positions. Music is what the world revolves around it shows who we are and you can't take that away from all us; Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Iron Maiden, Back Street Boys, etc. They all won't live forever, only in CDs, in which their soles are forever replaying. But Hatsune Miku can forever be entertaining our ears, moreover hearts with her music, because the world is ever chaining and that means so will her music and so eventually the band behind Miku that makes her songs and lyrics will eventually, not be here, but this generation and more to come will take care of her. I end my response. FOREVER MIKU (this comment was previously a response to another comment, so I'm reposting it so it can be at the top) - visitor

I agree with you. Miku all the way! - visitor

Not to offend the fans here or anything but... Seriously? First off, she's not even REAL. She's all technology, so even the songs she sings don't even come from her heart. Secondly, talent? More like using high technology to create it. Unlike her, other artists on the Top 10 list are actually REAL, and have been through years and years of sweat, blood, and tears to get to where they are. Hatsune Miku? Some software who has no feelings. I do get you when you say showing "friendship bonds" or what not, but I definitely disagree with what you said about her needing to perform there just because she rarely has performances. Really? Sure SNSD, Super Junior, Lady Gaga, etc. Have many shows a year. But does that mean they have to give up such an amazing chance to shine on stage just so some other artist can have a chance to perform because they rarely have performances? From my point of view, these artists who perform more are more experienced, and therefore should have the chance to perform on such a big stage even more. I mean, all these performances are hard work, and their hard work would really pay off on a stage as big as the Olympics. Not trying to put Miku down here, but just stating my personal opinions. - visitor

People always say that her songs "have no emotion" because she isn't actually "alive" or as you put it, there's no "heart" in them.
They always tend to forget that while Miku HERSELF may not have her own feelings, the people who decide to use her & create the songs she sings actually DO.
There IS heart to her music, because everything her fans do gives her one.
REAL people create thelyrics, REAL people make her voice sing them, REAL pepole put their emotions into all the songs they create for her, & REAL people constantly listen to & support her.
& THAT right there gives her a heart.
She may not be living & breathing but she is as real as any singer out there.
MIKU FOHEVAHH! <3 - visitor

So, you only skimmed my post. Please, actually read it and offer constructive criticism to all of my points and don't misinterpret again. You clearly do not know what you're responding to. - ckretaznman

I think one of the reasons why she should preform is because her songs aren't innapporpriet and very fun to listen/dance to! That's be cool if they created Neru and Teto as they did with Miku, (able to be shown in public) so they can preform "Triple Baka"! - visitor

Dude, just face the facts that Miku beated your band/singer - visitor

You hate her because she's not real, seriously? If you don't like her, go and listen to your Justin Bieber. - visitor

Guys, miku is great and all but does anyone realize that umm well there are other vocaloids too? Luka, meiko, kaito, gumi, gakupo and others too. I mean umm they are popular too you know miku isn't the only vocaloid out there. I love miku but other vocaloids need more attention they are all being forgotten in the shadow of miku. Has anyone considered an UTAUloid, like teto or a BOKUloid like neru as just as important as miku? Just saying they created more for a reason. (Embarassed blush) anyway bye
- visitor

Again, it's not miku who has the talent, who worked to get there... It was her creators, her fans, and the song writers that sweat and bleed for her to get there. She is a collaborative project, more people than lady gaga and them have worked to get her that popular. Yes, Gaga has fans, but they don't write her songs, sell it for free or anything like that. Miku, on the other hand, has many more people's work, time, and hopes put into her music. She may not be real, but her fans R.It's best to remember that. - visitor

Justin bieber? So you think that people who say anything bad about miku are rapid bieber fans, right? Says a lot about you people - visitor

Justin Bieber? Really? So the people who say anything bad about miku are not beiber fans, right? Says a lot about this fandom - visitor

yeha - mikuyukafan01

Miku isn't only a program. The people who makes songs using miku lets them express it out. Miku has touched the hearts of many ~ - visitor

I honestly love miku she's amazing. She is not just a voice, she is U.she sings stuff that you probably think. She has a wonderful voice range. MIKU LUKA 鏡音リン ・レン will light up the stage, and bring you happiness. Even if you are a different nationality and cannot understand what she is trying to tell you, then listen to the melody. I first heard miku in 2010, and I instantly fell in love with her words, purpose, melodies, dance moves, and of course her outfit but I promise you will love her too. Please vote for miku to come to London. I know she has a lot of fans there, 'cause they did a flash mob to one f her songs. We are her voice, we her fans, make up miku, we take her to new places, you can tell by all the cosplayers and the recent anime expo in los angeles, and her Toyota commercial, if we scream loud enough vocaloid, and crypton will hear us, And make THINGS HAPPEN! SHE IS REAL, SHE IS A HUMAN, NOT JUST A SYNTHESIZER YOU CAN TELL IN HER SONGS, THAT SHE WANTS TO BE REAL, AND SHE LOOKS REAL TOO, EVERYTHING MOVES, FROM HAIR TO HER SHOES!
MIKU HATSUNE; MIKU YUKA FAN 01 - mikuyukafan01

i agree! - visitor

I've only recently started listening to Hatsune Miku, and I can say only one thing: She has changed the way I look at music! The technology that made her is GENIUS! The creativity behind her songs that COUNTLESS fans have created are BRILLIANT! You say she isn't real? She's real enough to me. In fact, she seems more real than the human singers we have today. Her songs have EMOTION in them. They aren't like: LOVE blah blah SEX blah blah DRUGS! And even if she's just a program, at least her face isn't COVERED with plastic surgery! *cough*KPOP*cough* (Really though, how can you guys STAND kpop? Unoriginal songs, girls covered in plastic surgery, and guys covered with make-up and lipstick... Splendid -. - - visitor

Laugh out loud, nice one on the Kpop &! - visitor

Your right! She is real! And those who are saying that Miku is not real and don't want her to perform at Olympics you must use your common sense that she is the first one from to sing at Olympics! - visitor

OK, it seems like some Miku fans have the same kind of ignorance that KPop or IRLIdol fans have in this blog/thread/whatever. I ask of my fellow fans to stop being bigoted towards other artists. Oasis and other IRLmusic groups are just as legitimate in terms of stylistic taste as Miku and the Vocaloids are. We should stop making ourselves look immature and childish and start presenting ourselves as tolerable and accepting people. By insulting other genres and artists, we are forgetting the message that Miku is telling us. We don't need to prove to others why other music genres and bands are bad, most aren't; we need to prove why Miku Hatsune is good! - ckretaznman

I can understand some acting child-ish and whatnot, but it's also their opinions that they feel like they should share and if their not being to much of a troll, (still being a Miku fan that is) you should somewhat respect their opinions. I for one hate, and I mean HATE, these new bands and pop stars, (not Miku though &) with their death and thrash metal, and their "gangsta" raps, Lady Gaga dressing up in a stupid way, or JB singing about babies! (Obvious joke is obvious I hope ) It was nice talking with you and goodbye, (^w^)/ - visitor

^it's funny how you touch on the "people have opinions" because I see people ranting and jumping down the one's, who say anything bad about miku's, throats - visitor

Totally agree! (altough I like Len better ) - visitor

I Like Len Too! HE IS MINE! AND don't EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING KAITO OR GAKUPO! I'm watching yo 0^0 - visitor

I Agre ! I told all my friends to vote for miku... And some I had to force But It would be so so cool if AL the vocaloids preformed! OMIGOD, if that happened Id spend my life savings to just access the T.V. to watchh it! I mean, I love Luka, Ren, Kaito, Miku, and EVERY. OTHER. Vocaloid. But Rin is my personal favorite just music wise. But Miku is more well known so.. I guess she would be the BE. ST choice.. - visitor

London should try to do something more traditional. Nothing against Miku though, she's awesome and I love her, but I don't really agree for her singing in the London Olympics.
Just my opinion on that. - visitor

There's people who put time and effort into this.. Making her sing and stuff. She might not be real or anything, but the people who worked hard to make her work and stuff are real. So if you hate Miku and her songs, you probably hate those people too. - visitor

I would totally love to see Miku at the Olympics! If Len, Rin, Luka, and GUMI were there, too, it would be better, but at least this way we would be spreading the Vocaloid awareness! <3 - visitor

Well said, but the thing is that Hatsune Miku IS a hologram, so it's not really a big thing, I mean, wouldn't it be better if an actual PERSON/PEOPLE performed? - visitor

Did you actually read my blog? Go read it, then respond intelligently, please. - ckretaznman

To visitor, umm ckretaznman is right I mean I don't wanna be mean or anything but like umm, miku is actually pretty big and uh did you honestly read the comments I'm sorry if this sounded mean or anything (Embarassed blush) - visitor

Woo go miku - visitor

Those are very touching outstanding reasons. You're reasons do have a point. Not like Justin Bieber fans. Their reasons are like "i'm A BIG FAN! ILL SUPPORT HIM" or "HE HAS TO PERFORM. ITS WILL MAKE US HAPPY! " Pssh, they can't really think of any good reasons! - visitor

I think Miku is a very good choice for the Olympics! Most of her songs are very original, and connect with everyone! I want to see her there! - visitor

Connect with who? Only her fans will like her and outside this poll I doubt there are all that many... - visitor

To The Dude That Said 'Connect With Who" You Realize she has over 2 million fans, maybe even more. Do you see any cars with lady gaga or Justin Beaver or Usher(what is up with his name? ) driving around Japan? NO, and they are taking that miku car and bringing it here. Miku is already popular, Even In Central America! Heck, Even disney channel put That pink bowed freak doing the ievan polkka dance! I bet younger kids are reading your comment and thinking " Well If Miku isn't real, maybe I should listen to katy perry songs or lady gaga" They sold their souls to the devil, Miku is based off of a beutiful voice bank thingy or whatever they call it, you know what, don't compare us miku fans with idiots who like wack-ass singers! Who cares if she isn't real, THIS BOY IN MY CLASS SAID SHE WAS HOT! And I told him she wasnt real, and he said almost the exact same thing as you. You Know what, go listen to your JB songs ok, and get out of here if you don't like her - visitor

I think Miku should perform, and her songs DO have emotion. It all depends on the song's creator. And 1. She can't get addicted to drugs and stuff so you don't hear bad things about her unlike some real artists. 2. Some people don't like her because she's not real, so what? Deal with the fact she's not real, the music would be the same either way. 3. The songs are just pure awesome. Miku would be the best choice for the Olympics. - visitor

MIKU FOREVER~ e-e So what if she's a computer? She's real in our hearts? And her voice IS real, can't you hear it? And her voice actress is Fujita Saki. Saki gives samples of her own voice to make Miku. And Miku is way better than some American poop pop singers (AKA Justin Beiber)and she can't on drugs, or commit crimes. Her songs have meaning, and are not about drugs, sex and all that crap. So stop trolling. MIKU FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. - visitor

Miku isn't a real human just technology which not many people like otherwise she wouldn't be the only one who is famous and just b/c she can't do crimes doesn't mean it's always better it just makes you think "how fake is this? " and the point of the Olympics is to show off human skill not technology that can be shown anywhere and anytime and just b/c miku doesn't have concerts probably means she can't or its too expensive so what makes you guys think miku would go to the UK? Anyway it's just my opinion and Common Sense - visitor

Hahaha... Someone who hasn't done research is speaking as if he has... That's hilarious. Onto point, Miku is real enough for there to be a large following. Warrant, the poll that this blog was made off of. Human skill can still be shown off with technology. I think we're selling programmers, artists, and composers just a bit short. Just because they're in background doesn't make anything they do, and in extension Vocaloids and Miku does, any less extraordinary or worthwhile. Just spouting out random hate and then adding "Common Sense" at the end does not help your argument at all. Can you even define what common sense is? What happens if there's a different culture that has a different interpretation for common sense. I'm repeating myself here, but saying "Common Sense" doesn't do anything but make yourself look like a condescending prick. - ckretaznman

*She's in our hearts. (I forgot the period) - visitor

Umm... Just saying this miku thing isn't real the olymipcs are about humans who strive the represent their country throught sports and if you hadn't noticed the one who really deserves the spot should be a a kpop group. Miku would be cool to have as maybe an opening but it only promotes japanese technology not japan and kpop promotes ALL OF ASIA and this poll is just RANDOM poll so they should probably just get someone like SHINee who is already huge in the UK rather than someone from like america or anywhere else that defeats the point of the olympics - visitor

All of your arguments are void mostly because Miku actually has many fans overseas, not only in Japan. Multiple Vocaloids are from different nations, and... Why is KPop the best choice or whatever? You don't provide any actual reasons for that and your post just seems very subjective and aiming for only self-interests. - ckretaznman

She doesn't promote the Olympics what are stupid? IT promotes TECHNOLOGY I mean wake up people she has good music but for the Olympics? COME ON! - visitor

You, sir, are an idiot. - visitor

Well umm actually it represents the hardwork of the japanese to uh get a synthesizer to create thousands of songs sorry if I sounded rude (embarassed blush)
- visitor

It represents the hardwork of the japanese, JAPANESE, THIS THE LONDON OLYMPICS, NOT THE JAPANESE - visitor

Miku miku miku, well let's just see how the vote goes, the fact will speak the truth, Miku is number 1 - visitor

I agree with you completely CkretAznMan she's the First sound of the future NO ONE WILL BE DISAPPOINTED if she performed NO ONE - visitor

Man I really hope this actually happens! Miku forever! - visitor

They should have the other vocaloids sing with her that would be even cooler, although it will never happen. Maybe one vocaloid but probably not all of them! - visitor

Go miku, go luka, go rin & len, go vocaloid TELL YOUR WORLD! - visitor

The things you said are really sad. Really human being is going on that way? No more real singers? We'll lose all the emotions, the feeling and the passion that makes music real. Nothing against technology, but humans have something in common: a feeling heart. This isn't something that an artificial voice can warm. I think if world will stop having real singers, no one will keep listening to music no more, isn't it? After some time you get bored of these metallic voices. Guys, come on. Music is what feeds human hearts. If we replace it with a computer we'll start having babies with hard disk programs and our only company will be a technologic brain? What kind of predictions are you making? I want to die... - visitor

Did I say anything about putting humans out of work? Read my blog again and you will find out the true answer to that question. In reality, I find your post depressing. What Miku has done is something that no other musician has done before: Connecting the world through music. You can say that Lady Gaga or SNSD has gone overseas and into international countries; but can random and normal, but also creative, people create music for them? No, they can't. You assume that all fans of Miku only listen to Vocaloid songs. So, do you like The Beatles? Is that all you listen to? No other artist? Your argument is invalid because of YOUR random speculation and assumption. What kind of predictions are you making? We true fans of Miku want to bring new and special styles to stagnating genres, a call back to when artists were everywhere. We want to lead the world into one of acceptance, not necessarily through Miku, but through music... Though as of now, only the Vocaloids can provide. On another point, I don't want ignorant and bigoted people like you to exist, but I even if I did have the choice I would let you live. Why? Because I want you to show everyone how not to live their lives. All so full of hatred, sadness, and arrogance. However if you truly want to die, then go make the world a little better for all of us. I won't stop you. Nobody will. - ckretaznman

WO MIKU POWAHH. - visitor

Maybe in the distant future... We all can accept each other and not look down on one another, and just be like: "O you like Vocaloid, that's nice". Sadly we're far from this, as of now(Globally)We're just too divided. Nationalism, poor/rich even different religions some of them weight even more that the other.

O-o never felt so compelled to say all this, but what the heck this is the internet. - visitor

I like Miku because I listen her first song then I didn't know Miku is Popular in Japan when I listen to her voice it makes me feel that my stress is pulled away Miku I am your #1 fan in the Phillipines - visitor

I Love Hatsune Miku I think She Should totally be in this years Olympics. I think everyone should hear Her music, Even though she is a computer, *practically she has great music and it doesn't sound auto tuned like most people out there. - visitor

I forgot to say GOO MIKU! - visitor

PLEASE LET MIKU WIN! Would be so amazing! She is part of the future! - visitor

Hey, I like Rin! That wasn't very nice. I want Rin and Len to perform instead, but it's okay if its miku. I want the Kagamine revolution to happen man! - visitor

Hey guys I don't want to be a burdon and all but I have some terrible news. They just said that Miku will NOT be performing at the Olympics this year. I was so disapointed because I love Miku just as mush as all of you do, but its true. They said that the stage was already going to be used by someone else (I don't know who). But maybe if we try hard enough we can get her to sing at the next Olympics. Sorry for the bad news, but I didn't want anyone to have false hopes. But still Miku lives on in our hearts and no one can take that away from us fans! So keep listening to Miku's music and her wonderful journey and maybe one day the whole world can see how beatiful she can really be. Sorry again.

Love, Miku's #1 Fan
- visitor

Just because she's not real doesn't mean she can't perform! She can show the world what kind of talent technology has. I listen to her songs every day. I would love to see her perform at the Olympics! Besides, she has so many fans. It's easy to ignore the JB fangirls who call her a chipmunk. Just believe in her, and she'll astound people who have never heard of her before with her voice and her well-written songs.
I think she should sing World is Mine, The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, Two-faced Lovers, or Po Pi Po. Po Pi Po would be kind of awkward, though - visitor

Some of the songs now well they're just remakes of old songs and they don't interest one or the other they just go on with the same of blah with I like this song but nothing else while with miku you have creativity with what each thing the song is about say for eg. Poi poi poi even though its a song about vegtable juice its still fun and has that funny thing of u wanting to listen to it again and again while the songs here nowadays they're just about the same old things again and again and again and here it will carry on for generations but they're just making twists with it and besides lady gaga and the other people had their chance what about miku nothing big is going to happen on telly for miku. We're just a small community right now but it could be even better once she or the whole vocloid group performs some dance groups from japan get their ideas. Like people said she's kind of the voice of the future and helping us mnake a bigger communtiy of miku fans - visitor

Miku is 120% a real singer, I myself use her to create songs as I don't have, well a very good voice to be honest. Miku gives me a chance to express my creativity, and thoughts through her voice, I don't use Miku all the time though I use some other voices too who actually sound like actual singers like IA and Yuzuki Yukari, and to all you Engloid fans out there Oliver! As Vocaloid is british technology I think it's a great chance for Britain to show how developed they are technology wise but personally Miku would bring a great increase in popularity in vocaloid, worldwide, also there was a valid point made Miku rarely performs, and I myself cannot afford to go to Japan or Los Angeles to see her perform so it would be a great opportunity to see her perform sorry if my English was poorly - visitor

Miku may be number one but she could like sing with other vocaloid, Meiko, Kaito, Luka, Akaito, Neru, Kagamine Miku Etc, I am just pissed that she is doing it by herself, she may need a partner so there, many people are saying that there is a problem, I do not mind, people who have never watched vocaloid wouldn't know awesomeness if it hit them in the face - visitor

I agree 100% It should be len! I'm a huge len fan! And most people are hatsune miku and kagamine rin or len fans! - visitor

Looks like their are more Miku fans than ELFs. In my personal opinion I agree with all the way. Some people may say it's because "I'm asian" or "You're an Otaku". But Miku has the right to sing even though she may not be real and this is coming from the biggest Super Junior fan, BIG BANG FAN, and a SHINee fan. I like Miku cause her all her songs aren't about love, partying, being cool, or girls. Her songs are words with meanings that have feelings and she sings them better than anyone. In "Love is war" and "World is Mine" she screams emotions in her songs (literally screams). And this generation is all about TECHNOLOGY and how far were into too it! Miku is pure technology/software at it's finest! - visitor

Miku hatsune forever<333 I hate how people think she shouldn't sing because
1: she sings japanese
2: she's a computer
But someone had to write the music and design her and program her dance moves etc... So I think
Hatsune miku should be picked - visitor

I think that you are being selfish, you just want to see your little robot prance around the stage. Yes she is Japanese, THIS IS THE LONDON OLYMPICS NOT JAPANESE - visitor

Above me: tell me exactly in detail how that's selfish and how saying "JuSTIN bEIbER hazz to wiN because it'll make meh so HAPPY! " isn't and second she isn't a robot! I'm tired of people saying that. She is a synthesizer not a robot and not a hologram - visitor

I'm Agree! - visitor

I'm 100% AGREE! She's really amazing! Hope that she will perform on the olympic - visitor

I don't hate Miku, but I hate the way you guys LOVING HER too much that you FORGOT other Vocaloid. Vocaloid is not just Miku, you guys! There's Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, Meiko, Gumi, Gakupo and tons of them! Without them, Miku wouldn't be THIS popular, so Miku shouldn't be the only one who stands out. Miku is already popular, so don't make her even MORE popular than the other Vocaloid. At least you make the other Vocaloid as popular as Miku is... She keeps overshadow the other Vocaloid that actually SAME LIKE HER! - visitor

Ahh shut your face - visitor

I would prefer an english Vocaloid because it is Britain
- visitor

Hatsune Miku! <3 Hope she wins! - visitor

I kinda agree with you! I want miku to perform, it's just once people see who she really is people miku actually make fun of miku. -. - I've had enough trolls around youtube... - visitor

I hope hatsune miku wins why because the tecnology and art so amazing maybe she not real but I love her because we can look the great technology animation honestly I'm kpop lovers but I vote miku because I'm ottaku too, so everyone don't fight because we have a different opinion & - visitor

I agree - visitor

Personally, I love Hatsune Miku. Sure, you can have Kpop or Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift(I love her too, though) but what are the chances that you have Hatsune Miku? Everyone who puts her down, I want to tell you, you make me cry. Not just because you bore me to tears because I've seen insults about her time and time and time again, but because you are destroying the dreams of true rockhard Hatsune Miku fans. I can't even begin to tell you how many millions of her fans who would die to keep her going haven't even seen her outside of a tiny screen with the word Youtube written in the corner. When you put her down, do you even know how many dreams your crushing? Yes, she isn't real, but does that even matter? She is real to us and if you even try to insult her against something as vulgar as that, then you have even less of a heart then her. Sure, the internet technically isn't real, it is just a clear screen and box with wires running through it, but does that make it any less real to us? She does sing from the heart, even if she technically doesn't even have one. She truly tells happy, sad, heartwarming, and even mad story's in her music. Usually the only things America sings about now is songs about love, drugs, sad things, and thing that could "change the world". I am listening to her right now and I'd have to say it's much more than I ever here on the radio. So give her a chance. She is real to us. If you want to take her down you have to go through us. We are her fans. We keep her going. We are her. Goodbye. - visitor

Please you guys. REAL!?!? I honestly don't see why it's absolutely nessisary that the singer be 'real'. If you think you don't like her because she sounds like a computer, then look up some of the Vocaloid 3 voices. They sound just as real as any other artist I hear... Especially the auto tuned singers. What about them huh? Taylor Swift is just as computerized as Miku, yet I don't hear people dissing her and saying she's not a 'real' artist. We use electricity and technology in EVERY SINGLE song ever written! Miku is no different! As for the older audiences, there's not stopping their opinions, and I'm pretty sure they would have similar comments on whoever performs if it was somebody else. Some of these artists I've never heard of, so I don't think they will have either. It's just the opening cerimonies anyway, if you really don't like it, change the channel. - visitor

I love miku & - visitor

Hatsune Miku is the best singer ever I love her songs! - visitor

DUDE, this is the LONDON OLYMPICS, not Japan. From what I'm concerned Miku is JAPANESE. Yes I would like to watch her perform but I would rather watch a person who is representing their country than a robot that isn't even related. If they were going to put something that is vocaloid related they might as well get the voice actor of Oliver.
- visitor

You are 100% correct my friend, this is exactly why miku should perform, she is the object that defines the progression of the world, she can be used easily to bring the human race together, her songs are fantastic, and it would just be magical
- visitor

I am japanese she is japanese
She as a high pitched voice I have a high pitched voice.
We are so alike she should sing please help make the votes official! - visitor

Without Vocaloid, not just Miku, I don't think I would be here right now. Maybe in a mental hospital, or six feet under, or at in a psychiatrist office, but I'm not. I'm at home, on my desk, and still breathing.

Vocaloid really opened my eyes. I saw life in my perspective through their music, not some cheesy love song, not any stupid melody about breaking up with 'the one'. I saw hard reality in those songs, the songs with no good endings and little happiness. I also listened to some that reflected my life so sharply that it actually stunned me stiff.

This is because Vocaloid music was created by normal people with normal lives. They are written in the middle class perspective. Songs like, 'Hello/How are you? ' or 'My True Self' made me see what I was like in a third person's eye. I didn't want to be like that. So eventually, eventually, I changed. I learned how to write, and I vented all my negative feelings through there. Of course, I still loved Vocaloid to no end.

Even now, I'm a changed person because of Vocaloid. No other band/singer/group can ever compare because they don't see life as we do. We don't have luxuries, we don't go through limos, we don't have money to spend, we don't get favored, we don't get liked. We are the unfortunate end, and Vocaloid is our voice to our emotions. That's why I've always been a fan. Vocaloid will always be able to connect with us, they will always be our screams, our tears, and our happiness.

I am for Vocaloid and Miku all the way until the ones with the money, the fame and the glory can see and express our true pain. Until that day will come, I am forever for Vocaloid.

Ps. I'm not saying that real singers don't understand us, I'm sure they do, but I don't get why none of them take time to write a single song about being ignored by society, or feeling dead, or having to hide feelings so that they may be accepted. Maybe it's because those kind of songs won't popular? I don't know, but I wish they did sing of that genre. It would mean so much more than just love, lust, money, booze, fashion, rear-ends and female chests. - visitor

And this here is the the true meaning of vocaloid. Thank you. - visitor

Miku is like, the greatest revolution in music industry, seriously. WHY DID THE L.O. dISMISS MIKU LIKE AN INTERFERENCE I AM UPSET CAUSE any miku fans are going to be disappointed... Missed opportunity for miku.
It truly is.

laugh out loud - visitor

Hell yeah!
- visitor

I would like to see Miku (Len and Rin more though), but if Miku have really been chosen for this, not much people would actually watch this. Most of the people who would watch this would be people who love her. Like one of the comment above said, no adult(not including ones that know her, etc) would watch her on stage or wherever she's performing.
And it would take TONS of effort just to get the computer screening and music done. Also, she wouldn't be able to perform in the daylight, right? - visitor

It doesn't matter who sings, as long as it's not Justin Bieber. I'll turn off the T.V. the moment he shows up. - visitor

I understand some of the meaning on above *theblog* well my english is bad &a
but I can't help myself when I see 'miku doesn't put her emotion'. N I ask U. Do you know your favorite singer do put their emotion while they are singing? Do you know it rightly? There's no way we could know it. Isn't it same with miku as well? You said miku doesn't put her emotion in her songs but even you don't rightly know about your favorite singer.
miku isn't real. Yeah it's right, n what the connection towards she can't perform at the olympics? Is 'mustbe a real person' included as a rule to perform? No, isn't it? Indeed this olympics is in london, but why if it's london, the japanese can't be there?

by the way karakuri pierrot, moonlit bear, one of repetition has an overflowing emotion -3- - visitor

All I have to say is this. Hatsune Miku has changed how I look at music. Her music speaks out to all. It is hard to think that how just from watching a youtube video covering an anime convention that an awesome song playing in the background opened my heart and soul to the next generation of music. The song playing in the background was po pi po or the vegetable juice song. Just from discovering the name of the artist changed my life. Within the 2 days after I would listen to hatsudes songs non stop. You don't have to be only listening to vocaloid music in order to be a fan of it. I am also a big fan of green day. To be honest, some of hatsudes songs have a great co relation to some of greendays songs, this being that both express great emotions and feelings that most artists around today can't. You can disagree with me if you like, it would not affect me or my love for hatsude mikus music in the slightest. I greatly hope that hatsude miku can be given this once in a lifetime/ career opportunity. Lady gaga and justin bieber etc. Have gotten enough credit for their false successions, it is time for lady gaga to step down as a diva and make way for the worlds #1 virtual diva. Any and all arguments detesting my claim will be ignored. Besides all is fare in love and war... AND LOVE IS WAR.. HATSUDE FOREVER! - visitor

Oops I spelled her name with a D instead of an N in hatsune. X) still miku and the other vocaloids deserve this chance to show themselves and their wonderful music to the world. VIVA LA MIKU!
PS: if girls believe that justin bieber is so cute, then that makes hatsune ADORABLE! - visitor

I used to think kpop had the most rapid, obsessed fandom who get offended at every criticism, but now vocaloid is going down that path too.
Do you really think they're gonna let a piece of software perform in England? They need to make the preparations for the holograms and it'll be much more difficult than a real bad performing on stage.
And think about how the people will react when they find it's a vocaloid performing rather then their favorite British band. It'll look ridiculous to them.
They should just wait for the Japan Olympics. The whole thing with miku performing sounds silly to me. - visitor

You would have to wait at least 8 years for the next Japan Olympics.
That said, she may not be ready until her upcoming English vocals have gained momentum. Since many people in the US (myself included) don't understand Japanese, she may sound best as English with a Japanese accent. - visitor

(raise leek) - yongwenkang

Also, you haven't mentioned that unlike the real singers her voice doesn't get tiredness and does't lack the best performance every time. - visitor

... Ok, the only excuses (There are ONLY 2 excuses from haters... ) there are, "Miku isn't real" and "Miku has no emotions" Is just repeating over and over... READ THE LIST UP TO DOWN, THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN, YOU ARE JUST HATERS, GET OFF NOW! She does have emotions, it's only 2012 and look how DANG GOOD SHE IS! 12 years later, how "Emotional" and "Real" Do you think she will be?! ... I agree that Miku should be in the olympics. - wom1234

Are you people (Haters) simply just stupid?... So she's fake, but guess who else is and the London Olympics are going wild for?! MARIO AND SONIC, DUH! The "Fake" thing can go now... - wom1234

Thankyou, I am truly glad that there are people like you, I am head to toes for hatsune miku. I yearn the same as you - visitor

I hate all these Miku isn't real statements, she is as real as real can get in this day and age and I think the better statement is "she is not a living human" which I still hate seeing because she takes on the personality of the artist who wrote the song she is currently singing at the time or whatever personality the song is trying to express. I guess I'm trying to say is everybody needs a chance to perform at the Olympics even a blue-haired virtual human girl who has a multiple personality syndrome. I hope I served Miku well with this comment. I love you Miku! - visitor

Hatsune Miku doesn't train. Kris from Exo says that they don't consider a session training unless they've sweat through at least 3 shirts.
In a practice video, Kim Heechul puked blood and kept practicing afterwards.
Recently Gongchan (Gong Chansik) had his kidney removed. He was hurt weeks earlier but refused to get treated because he wanted to finish promotions from his groups' song without worrying the fans.
SM Entertainment idols have trained for on average 6 years before even debuting... That's before they get in the agency. Who knows what kind of training they do pre-audition?
You've got to be effing kidding me if a hologram is winning against Suju. A group who's member almost-died in a car accident on the way from working at a radio show.
You've got to be kidding me. - visitor


This votation is fake. Hatsune Miku don't will sing for Olimpiads London... ;___;... God, why?!?! - visitor

- visitor

I can kinda see how she wouldn't be performing at the Olympics. Neither as kpop(not bashing nor hating). The Olympics are watched by the older audiences. Some younger ones to, but mainly or majority of the older ones. But I still think it would be nice for her to sing there even though shes not real. Shes real in the fans hearts and that what matters. And I AM NOT BASHING OR HATING ON KPOP! I do listen to kpop; at times but not all the time either, but when you think about it, kpop is mainly targeted by younger audiences, like teens to early 20's. (seen a concert online and that's what I saw) So please stop bashing for no reason I think that it would be cool. Please do not say really, really mean negative comments, (especially kpop) I respect everyone opinion. - visitor

It's not possible because in the London Olympics, they are representing our language, english and so english songs. I also wanted them to! But they could perform in the O2, Wembley or Olympic stadium for christmas or new year. - visitor

I don't understand why peaple hate Hatsune Miku... They don't like her voice? I'm a big Mikus and Vocaloids fan, I like their voices. They're just interesting! Miku isn't real, but she's in everyones hearts, who love her! And if you say, that Miku isn't real, you brake many hearts. I have only three things to say:

Haters gonna hate

Sorry my bad english -. -


... I LOVE MIKU 4 EVER! ^. ^ - visitor

No offense to anyone but Miku is as real as the next person you see. I mean would JB be real if his fans weren't there to support him? No one would exist if people didn't believe in them! Oh and let's take a car for example, so with a car it's not real it's an object but after a whole we bond with the car we rely on it as much as it relies on us. The car becomes real to us it becomes part of our lives same goes with Hatsune Miku or any other pop star in the world! I am deeply upset that Miku didn't preform at the Olympics and if you have heard she won't be performing in the UK and her last preformence is near the end of this year😢 but I still say HATSUNE MIKU I believe in you and your as alive to me as anyone else in the whole wide world! Thanks - visitor

She's fake however the people who make the music are the real musicians not that dancing cartoon. Have a real artist like have Robert Plant sing his music is amazing. I looked up Miku, and I don't know why people would pay to see a screen which wouldn't be that hard to do at home. Real > Fake - littlemonsters