Please read- mabye it will change your mind about the awsome Hatsune Miku :)

Miku is an amazing thing. She is an actual singing computer that anyone can use to get their songs out in the world. She is my favorite singer ( next to the Kagamines XD) and I really think she is a good choice to sing. She has touched so many hearts with her songs and I hope once you listen to her she will touch yours too! This is not a post asking for some hater to say bad things about her but a post to at least make those haters respect my and many others favorite singer.

She is unique and not like any other singer in the world. I am not saying that the other singers are not good because they are- but it wont be as memorable as it would be with a singing computer- Hatsune Miku. I think she has got some real potential and I hope you think so too :)


Me agrees with you. Actually Len is my favorite vocaloid, but if we had to chose just one vocaloid to represent all of them, it would be obviously Miku since she's the most popular and I really love her too &

I made a post about her too. What do you think?
Http:// - visitor

Hahaha... Len's my favorite too! And Rin as well!

But like what you had just said, if only one was to perform, it'll probably be Miku because she's the most popular among the whole Vocaloid family. - visitor

Yes . Kaito is my favorite vocaloid, but of course Miku was the first ever vocaloid to be created, and most popular, so she really should sing. - visitor

@3rd visitor &
meiko was the first japanese vocaloid actually, not miku - visitor

I absolute agree with you. Actually my favorite vocaloid is Len But if we need to chose just one vocaloid to represent all of them, it should obviously be Miku, because she the most popular and I love her too &

I made a post talking about this too... I can't put the link here, but if you be able to find, is the one called: Why Hatsune Miku should be Performing at the 2012 Olympics opening
I was talking, how amazing is the fact that Miku represents many talented composers and artists. That's why she's so loved &
- visitor

It would be amazing to see hatsune miku perform at the 2012 olympics!

- visitor

I would watch the video thousands of times if it goes on YouTube like seriously, I hope it goes on the worlds book of records 2012 I would buy it... - visitor

5: LUKA 6: NERU 7:TETO - vocaloidFOREVER

I really like Rin but I love Miku's hair and she IS the best to represent all of the vocaloids! - visitor

... I hate to say it guys (and I do love miku myself and all the vocaloids) and no offense to anyone but miku is just a computer... Her songs ARE great, but if she gets to sing in the olympics, then instead of seeing a live person there, all you will see is a large flatscreen, just like sitting at home and watching her on youtube. You don't have to change yiur minds but please consider this. - visitor

If you really love her that much than you must know this is a great opportunities to break the glasses of human's stupidity. Who to consider, me who lives in the modern world technology in 2012 or you who still have 1933 mentality? - visitor

@ Visitor above: 1933 didn't have holograms. Seriously though, you're hoping that our future singers are computer programs? Seriously? She's a computer program, she can't even sing with emotion. It's like you're saying that future musical performers like opera singers and violinists should be computer programs. - visitor

They can make her a hologram - visitor

Actually, they made her a hologram already once during one of her concerts. You guys need to watch it! - visitor

Well, think about it. You're not really seeing her on a flatscreen. I man yes she is on a big screen, technically, but you are seeing her with your own eyes. It's because you're in a crowd so close to feeling her music. What your saying is basically like saying you're watching some real singer on the computer. But when they perform it makes so much of a difference. True, but it's the same with Miku - visitor

I agree... Her songs can touch million of hearts (if they know the meaning) of her song. Personally I prefer Len and Rin, but to represent the whole Vocaloid group? Definitely Miku.. - visitor

GUMI and lily.. I wish they were popular... - visitor

same here - visitor

Hatsune miku MUST sing! She sungs beautifully... I wanted that all of them sang together (vocaloids) VOTE HATSUNE. MIKU!
- visitor

Len. Should. Be in that list. Totes.

The purpose of getting Miku to perform in the Olympics is not jsut seeing her on such an important event, but also give a chance to the rest to listen to her voice. People who are interested in the Olympics will see it, the elderly, youngsters, middle-aged people... And she will eventually become more famous within every other Vocaloid out there. - visitor

Guys... Seriously? Saying things like, "OH Rin and Len are my favorite but... " and "Miku isn't my favorite but.. " isn't going to make people want to choose her? - visitor

Yeah, if your a fan of her or (them) you gonna have to make more friends and make them otaku's (a anime freak like I am)or go up to a random person and say "I love vocaloid, please vote for Miku for the London Olympics. " and walk away or something like that...
Don't be BAKA'S (idiots)and give her a try... - visitor

Hatsune Miku IS my favorite Vocaloid. I do not care for the Kagamines much. There? Satisfied? Anyhoo, yes, I do believe Miku should preform at the Olympics. No, she should not preform at the London Olympics because I have a feeling people would throw angry rants about how unacceptably awful it was... However, if she were to preform at the Tokyo Olympics, everyone would be familiar with her and cheer along happily to some of her hits which are well-known and beloved there. - visitor

I love Miku, her songs and her voice - visitor

Hatsune Miku, ROCKS! - visitor

I would like to see kaito in concert >_> - visitor

Ikr? I'd like it if all vocaloids sang in a concert - visitor

@visitor above : yea, me too - visitor

I've heard her, and was impressed a computer could sing like that, yes, but it's still not a real voice with real emotion.
I'm still voting Laura Pausini, the only one on the list that meets these qualifications in my opinion. Why don't y'all giver HER a try? She sings in her native Italian, fluent Spanish, beautiful English, and more. - visitor

Please don't advertise other singers on a Miku post - visitor

Yeah, Miku thread for Miku only. If you want another human perform, just join other thread or create your own. Seriously. - visitor

Maybe, but it's a hell of a lot more emotion and more touching than ninety percent of human singers. Vocaloid for the win! - visitor

Miku RULES! She is the best! I absolutely love her cute high-pitch voice. She is my favorite Vocaloid. She is not only my favorite Vocaloid, she is my favorite singer! - visitor

Your so right! - visitor

I rather every vocaloid to sing (even the Utau if they have to)
MIKU YOUR A GENIUS! (the crypton of course, thank you for making Miku, thank you... <3 - visitor

I LOVE MIKU-CHAN! AND VOCALOID! Here is my favorite vocaloid 1:EVERY

I rather see Luka but MIKU IS THE MAIN VOCALOID - visitor

Miku really should visit Germany! - visitor

YEAH! Just let Miku perform for the opening.
No more arguing.. - visitor

Dude, it's a machine. Calm down. I mean, I respect other people's music likes, but really come on. Miku shouldn't even be classified as music.
Super Junior Fighting! - visitor

So? Techno is music. Electric is music. Hatsune Miku is more music than your Korean rap group. Please leave your conservative stance at the door, burn it, then shoot yourself. - visitor

She is music but not a human and the majority of the world likes humans singing it makes it sincere not just a hologram trying to be real otherwise then hologram singers would be more popular. The world isn't ready for technology to take over EVERYTHING.. The point of the Olympics is to prove human skill... And I am a VIP, ELF, SHAWOL and I like some vocaloid songs but I wouldn't go to a CONCERT for it.. - visitor

How can you say SuJu is music but Miku isn't? That's just irrational. And I'm a SuJu fan too, so I'm not it's being biased, but it's just bigotry to say Vocalois isn't music. - visitor

The definition of musi The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
Vocaloid falls under that category. - visitor

A teachar, question, how is miku in your words "Miku shouldn't even be classified as music. " ( ps I have notenig againts super junior - visitor

Dis. Re. Spect. Ful.
If you're not here to SUPPORT this cause, gettheheckouttahere.
I have nothing against Koreans and their music. In fact I know someone who loves Mblaq and is Korean (well big surprise... ). But my friend said she loved Miku and K-Pop BOTH. *OH MAH GOD PEOPLE. *
Back to the topic...
How can you say Miku isn't music? Just, how? Oh, so rapping is classified as music when it's basically just talking quickly and monotone.
- visitor

Dude, she's a 16 year old anime, & yeah, Her song are classified as music! - guanniantan

Love hatsune miku
but I love kagamine len so much... - visitor

I agree - visitor

Wow she's a hologram if you go there to see her perform all you'll see is a screen with her on it because she's NOT REAL Super Junior deserves this chance they've been through so much for there ELF's it's the least we can do for them if you would actually type them in Youtube, Google, or even Wikipedia you'll see the talent and hard work that they put into there concerts, SJ fighting forever! - visitor

I-If you don't like m-miku-san then don't c-come to a miku thread f-full of miku's fans (pout) (embarrased blush) sorry don't wanna sound mean'
- visitor

Perhaps she is not real, but the people who write her music are. Personally, I don't find SJ's music to be of very much standing while a lot of Vocaloid producers have a lot of increadable talent. Vocaloid software writers and producers have been through one hell of a lot as well. Think of the resistance and criticizm they have gotten over the years but look at was an amazing fan base they have created! Miku's fans have been through a lot due people like you, as well! Please, don't post comments in a place where you know that your going to get someone's back up! >. <;;; - visitor

I for one have heard a lot of Super Junior, and a lot of Miku Hatsune and either preforming would be great but it would be awesome to see Miku preform at the Olympics BECAUSE she is a program. - visitor

Seriously... Why are there Super Junior fans on a Miku Hatsune thread? O. O - visitor

THANK YOU, logical thinker! - visitor

Yea, I TOTALLY AGREE with you! - visitor

They are piss... What are you looking sj fans - visitor

Ikr I agree I LOVE Miku! I also love the kagamines! WHY ARE THEY ONLY 0.1%?! - visitor

I love HATSUNE MIKU eventhough in real life she is only a" hologram". Her songs are cool and rocking so she deserves also the chance to perform at the Olympics. I also love Kagamine Len and Rin, too

@ visitor who said " Wow she's only a hologram thingy": Yeah SJ worked hard at their concerts but I think Hatsune Miku worked hard too not Hatsune Miku personally but the "COMPOSERS and CREATORS of HER SONGS, HOLOGRAM FEATURES AND DANCE MOVES " because it is hard to make a song, turn the song into the Miku's voice synthesizer, make her physical/ hologram body, and make her dance moves for the song and I forgot to mention the editing of the overall song.

@ visitor who said" why are super junoir fanso hatsune miku's thread? " : I totally agree with you. - visitor

Miku is utterly amazing! I absolutely love her but more talented are the people who write the songs she sings! ^. ^ What song (or which producer) do you think should be featured if she does sing? - visitor

It's kinda annoying with Kagamine and Super Junior fans on a MIKU HATSUNE thread. Yes we get that people may like Rin and Len more, but saying that repeatably isn't going to exactly make people wanna vote for Miku. Also people who keep saying that Miku can't sing with emotion you're wrong. Her songs are composed by millions of people who write these songs from their hearts. So Miku uses her voice to bring them into reality. Oh yeah and Haters? Go hate somewhere else. - visitor

Miku is cool she good but she is animation - visitor

Miku is amazing. She and all of the other Vocaloids are the start of a new, synthesized, music generation. Denying her right to be on stage denies the future. Miku is the most popular Vocaloid and while some people have different favorite Vocaloids, she is the most common symbol of Vocaloid.
Having Miku in the Olympics would spread the fandom (maybe even cause Vocaloid to become mainstream) and people would stop asking me "what is Vocaloid? " every time I mention it in conversation.
Her songs contain brilliant emotion and are AMAZING. She really deserves this, and so do the producers of what ever songs end up on that stage with her. - visitor

Miku has emotion. You just might know that she's BY A REAL PERSON. My entire school can rant on KPOP all they want, but seriously just give Miku the chance. - visitor

Yeah Kagamines are my favorite too.. Perhaps they would go to the top tens.. But really I would love to see miku's performing too! GO NEGI! - visitor

Same, the Kagamines are my favourites too, but for the Olympics, Miku is the real winner! Go, go, Miku! - visitor

She is not a singer. She is not real. Honestly, people are worshiping something computer generated, its ridiculous. I have no problem with it, people can do what they want, but getting her to sing at the olympics is denying a REAL artist or group the chance, and that's really sad. Do you think that Hatsune Miku is going to appreciate it? No. - visitor

Where did u know that Miku is not gonna appreciate it? Wow, you're awesome, dude! Tell me how, tell me where~ XDD - visitor

You know I was thinking that if there was enough time we wouldn't have to fight. Everyone could perform. All the viewers would be happy. But there isn't enough time.
I think they all deserve it, and us hating and spamming and fighting over it is just wrong.

- visitor

I loovvee vocaloids if she actually performs I will be so happy so I'm on team vocaloids <3 <3 - visitor


Miku is the best! Even if she is a hologram, that doesn't mean that the performance would be rubbish. Her songs are beautiful and filled with emotion - they have meaning in them too. - visitor

Cussing won't help... I like j pop too but I wouldn't offend my uncle ( he's Korean, so any of you that offend then shall get hit by a lazier when I find one) and to every one that is saying " posting stuff like kagamines and Jairo wont help" you do realize that anyone ( even an idiot ) that has heard Thier songs and actulyUSED WIKAPEDIA would realize that they are all vocaloids... Rin made my cry of emotion, luka made me want to spin around, gapuko made me dance with a fan, Jairo made me laugh, Len made me suddenly want to start singing peanut butter jelly time, MIKU helped me with holdingonto dreams. They are all important and is you are simply going to spam this with fighting and saying " stop saying kagamines" please do realize that you arnt helping ANY VOCALOId with all of that. People create then and work hard on them and won't be pleased. Just spread the word, go up to your friend and say. " hi! Have you heardof vocaloid? " just spread the word! This is not just a miku thread, this is a " vocaloid thread" ok? - visitor

Hey! You people should like the kagamines more! - visitor

I agree with u - visitor


My favorite VOCALOID is SeeU.
TO K-POP FANS: Hey guys, SEEU IS KOREAN (and Japanese and soon getting an English voicebank)


LOOK EVERYONE: she would not be performing on a large flatscreen... If u were a huge miku fan (like me) u would know that at all of her concerts she is a hologram! I know because I have serched her for a live concert on several occasions... And she was a hologram - visitor

Miku can sing with various music
while K-Pop almost always using dance and rap... That's boring - visitor

Rap is basically fast talking, whats the point - visitor

PeOeple if you hate miku its not her problem its us the fans of miku.. I coukd not believe she was not real at first after listening to Melt which was introduced by my friend. When I googled about miku, I could not accept the fact at first but I managed to accept it over time. Soon peopld you will all realised that miku is the future And the rest of miku fans just wait till she is accepted by everyone esle. If your a true fan it does not matter if she is real or not because we know that in our world she is REAL - visitor

So, I'm not leaning either for or against Miku right now, because I haven't heard a whole lot of her music. Can someone just clearly explain to me WHO is singing? Is it actually a computer? Or is it a recording of someone put with Miku? I don't understand this at all. And if she is simply a singing computer, props to her, that's really cool. However, those fans who are saying stuff like "Miku is the future of music" (if there are any), are really making me kind of sad. I believe that music should be made by people who have the talent for it. Not by computers who are programed to sing perfectly. If Miku is a person represented by the hologram, well then, props to her for being a good singer. I am perfectly willing to give her music a try though. I have heard excellent reports about it. I'm just rather confused. Thank you for posting the original argument because it did make me think a lot about why I was originally just completely against Miku, and I have now reconsidered. - visitor

Her voice is a humans then edited to give her her own unique voice, And VOCALOID is a computer program people use create songs and inspire other people to do so to. All the VOCALOID song are made from people all over the world so she really is the WORLDS diva
- visitor

Saki Fujita is the root of her voice. So thinking about it, it's HER singing. - visitor

PEOPLE just shut up bout super junior and how they're so much better. I men, come on, miku's music has a really clever sound and plot. To be honest I live in USA and I think she is better then the artists over here (Drake, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Nicki Minaj etc. ) I'm a girl that loves music with good flow. Sure I love rap but Miku had way better music. It actually has a meaning. Really people, do you have any idea how hard it was to get her voice to actually sound good? They started from scratch! So what she's a hologram? She has no emotions? No, she sings a story, a touching story. Miku rocks - visitor

*They started with voice samples.
They worked hard, but so did other artist. I don't see an argument there, all music involves hard work. Super Junior's music and performace come from an entire company working. Miku's technology and program has taken years to develop, just to bring her alive... But Super Junior trained for years also, so they can preform with the excellence that they do. All great things in music take time and hard work, including but not limited to Miku.
- visitor

Olympics are over. Miku did not perform. And us fans are okay with it, maybe she'll appear at Olympics if they were in Japan, right? But what we're NOT okay with are comments like, and I quote: "She is not a singer. She is not real. Honestly, people are worshiping something computer generated, its ridiculous. I have no problem with it, people can do what they want, but getting her to sing at the olympics is denying a REAL artist or group the chance, and that's really sad. Do you think that Hatsune Miku is going to appreciate it? No. " Jesus, you guys know nothing. MIKU is not just a program. She's thousands of people. The thousands that put hours and maybe DAYS into her songs and art. The thousands that took the months to make her games. And the one person with a dream of a voice program that would let anyone sing in Japanese, whether they knew it or not, or even had a good voice themselves. So if she performed at the Olympics, thousands of MIKU around the world would appreciate it. That beats 4 or more or less people crying with joy at the opportunity.

But the one that would appreciate it most would be the person with the dream of MIKU, KAITO, MEIKO, the KAGAMINES, and LUKA.

Thank you. I am done ranting. - visitor

I am a boy that loves vocaloid so what make fun of me. But while you guys / girls start to crash from a loss of support do not talk to me. To: stupids that never even heard of hatsune miku and are still ranting about how stupid it is. Thank you and good night. - visitor

Hatsune miku fans should not want her to sing at the olympics. How do you think evryone will react to her? - visitor

The Olympics can't perform without modern computer technology nowadays. Hatsune Miku is a great computer feast combining countless human effort. I one hundred percent support that Hatsune Miku should appear in the future Olympics. I hope the Hatsune Miku community begin to create more beautiful songs for Olympics. - visitor