Why Hatsune Miku should be Performing at the 2012 Olympics opening

Here's my opinion.

I REALLY thing she should be perfoming on the Olympics this year.

In my opinion the main motive of why she's so loved, is not because she's cute, or because her voice is nice. The main motive for so many people love her, it's because she represent many many many diferent and talented composers!! She's their voices!!! She represents people who loves music, people who can create an melody and put their feelings on her voice, or in any of the other vocaloids (I'm a Len fan) and share with the world, she represent all those composers and artist feelings!! She represent us!!! How amazing and beautiful is that?

She's japanese? What's wrong with that? Since I know music is universal.

She's not real? Well that really depends. What is real? Yeah, I can touch her, or talk to her. But I can hear her, I can see her dancing and singing on an stage, I can see her on the TV, she can make me laugh, she can make me cry. My heart is touched by her voice and the feelings of everyone that she represents.

How that is not real? She's pretty real for me.

She is not human, but she lives in my heart in the same way as many human singers that I'll never meet and never talk, just like her.

That's why I think she should perform on the 2012 Olympics.



SORRY! I meant: I CAN'T touch her, or talk to her. - visitor

If you really love miley cyrus, can you touch or talk to her? You must either have a big money in your pocket or big luck within your life to do that. Isn't it? So what's the problem? - visitor

YA! MIKU! MIKU! - visitor


Touchable holograms. *me gusta face* - visitor

Crypton is making a robot of her I think... *me gusta face*
- visitor

Actually its true. What is real in this world? What is not real?

To me Miku is real. She is better than those fake smiles and fake emotions. - visitor

I am not trying to start an argument but it is people like you who piss me off! Oh, those singesr have fake smiles and fake personalities so they can't possibly have talent and be a genuine nice person. NOT EVERY SINGER/ARTIST IS FAKE! IF YOU EVEN BOTHERED TO LOOK, YOU'D FIND THAT MOST SINGERS/ARTIST ARE VERY GENUINE AND HAVE FEELINGS FOR THEIR FANS AND LOVE PERFORMING FOR PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC, NOT FOR THEM TO IDOLISE OVER HOW GREAT THEY LOOK! - visitor

I'm really agree. Miku IS the voice of all the compositers behinde vocaloid. I think a sing with her and all the voices of the people who use her will be beautifull - visitor

I use her, does that make me beautiful...? - visitor

I am so touched by your comment. - visitor

Thanks... & - visitor

She's NOT REAL, you understand me? It'll not win - visitor

Did you read my post. SHE IS REAL! You don't know how to define the world real. She's not human. But she is pretty much real for sure. But not in the way you're thinking. - visitor

And by the way, she's winning easily so far. And yes I know that this is unofficial, but you can see by it, how many people loves her & - visitor

Yeah we all know she not real but it will be intresting to see a nonliving preson on stage preforming (by the way she has the most votes =^-^ - visitor

It is really easy to love her and the others especially len. >. <
Her songs get me at ease... Does that sound weird? - visitor

All of you haters out there she might not be real but at least you don't see Miku having a feakin baby with some stranger she virtual pure being like the rest of the vocaliod most of the time because people make dirty songs but it beautiful unlike some haters that are like some trolls - visitor

I agree she isn't real, but her music is and that makes her real us fans of Vocaloids believe that they are all real they have voices and we listen to them sing. Personally I love Vocaloids they inspire me and I'm always listening to a Vocaloid songs. There are so many songs. (((((THE THING ALL YOU PEOPLE MIGHT NOT GET IS THIS)))): VOCALOIDS, SUCH AS MIKU, ARE NOT JUST MADE BY A GROUP OF PEOPLE THEY ARE MADE BY ALL THEIR FANS! VOCALOID SONGS ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER SINGERS OUT THERE! THEIR FANS ARE THE CREATORS! don't YOU HATERS THINK THAT ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WORKING HARD ON MAKING THESE SONGS, CONCERTS AND VIDEOS! - visitor

Si miku hatsune no es real es un holograma y eso es muy innovador ya es hora que en un evento a nivel mundial tenga algo diferente... Miku tiene millones de fans en el mundo y sus conciertos virtuales con hologramas hace notar que tan avanzada esta la tecnologia hoy en dia. Lo mejor de esta diva virtual es que sus canciones expresan todo tipo de sentimiento... No como los artistas convencionales (solo amor, despechados, odio, celos, etc. Osea no relacionado con el amor y sus derivados)Miku merece estar en la ceremonia de apertura. - visitor

How will she not win you Bastard? She's winning right now. - visitor

I'm sorry, I understand that some people really find her awesome and inspiring... But... If she really did this, you know that she would be taking the place of actual performers that perforsing/dance? For these people, performing is their lives! I suppose that it is nice that she represents her fans and the people that made her... But what about REALL people with reall talent? Hers was just created. I sing Opera professionally, and if holograms started to take all of my singing opportunities... I'd probably go insane. Why do preformers sometimes seem fake? Because the media trys to force them to be people that they aren't. They aren't fake, they just might not be what other people want them to be. They still have dreams. - visitor

You know, for many of them, composing is their life, and they never had a chance to express themselves with theeir own voices, they always need to find some singer for that. Miku is their chance. That's what I'm saying. They don't need to rely on someone, but they can make Miku be their voices. And again. Explain to me what is REAL? This world is more complicated than that you know... She's not human, I agree with that. But she IS REAL. - visitor

Testify TESTIFY (I'm sorry on hiked up on sugar and I'm a cosplayer of alice from pandora hearts) - visitor

You say media trys to force them to be people that they aren't

So why would they do that? Even they know that they forced to be people that they aren't

Why don't they just act like what they wanted?

If people really like them, people will don't mind about "real" them...

That's why I said that the were fake

(i'm sorry if my enlish bad I'm still learning) - visitor

Actually, please hear me. Fans and haters.

What is real?
What is not real?

Do you consider,
That real person. Alive
With a fake smile,
And a fake emotion,
A real person?

Do you consider,
A vocaloid, hologram,
Which is virtual
Which inspired millions of people arould the world,
A fake fantasy?
A fake illusion?


I love Miku because she never betrayed me.
In times of hardship. - visitor

Exactly & - visitor

Yes she has cheered me up with my cat she is like a pet can Justin beiber do that to you hug you no you have to some type of disease to meet him or trow your away your money To go to collage to see him but you can go to YouTube pick out a heartwarming song from Miku or rin or gumi or luka and feel better - visitor

This is so true. I hate when people say she's not real, but they worship these fake popstars, with their speeches that were written by their managers, forced smiles, and artificial "love" for their poor fans..

Miku really should preform. It's about time the world knew her. & - visitor

I love Miku Hatsune but she will not performance at least someone tells Danny Boyle who is the artist director of the Olympics or all fans of Miku put in the wall of his facebook page something, something like "we want Miku at the Olympics" millons of the same comment in his wall. I write in his wall last night but my comment was eliminate, try eliminate millons of comments . Sorry my poor english. - visitor

I love miku n when YOU SAID that bout 'force' in't true. In my life, I never went to miku's concert because I live in far country n what can I do just buy the CD. When I look at the miku's live, the band also happy when play Miku songs I remembered that the pianist beside miku was happy n also dance in "popipo" song n I also watch the making of thank hatsune miku party in sapporo n tokyo. Why their make the song n make miku sing their song? Because this their chance to make the world listen their song with miku's voice. I love miku n vocaloid - visitor

"I'm sorry, I understand that some people really find her awesome and inspiring... But... If she really did this, you know that she would be taking the place of actual performers that perforsing/dance? For these people, performing is their lives! I suppose that it is nice that she represents her fans and the people that made her... But what about REALL people with reall talent? Hers was just created. I sing Opera professionally, and if holograms started to take all of my singing opportunities... I'd probably go insane. Why do preformers sometimes seem fake? Because the media trys to force them to be people that they aren't. They aren't fake, they just might not be what other people want them to be. They still have dreams".

Really, I couldn't say it better. At this point I have to say that I like Miku too. But I can't understand how she seems 'real' to some. Composer here, composer there. I really don't want to offend anyone, but Miku doesn't deserve to perform at the Olympics. A digital figure against humans... This is really ridiculous.

- visitor

That's why vocaloid exist to replace fake singer in earth.
But not every singer is fake. They can stayed. - visitor

I love this comment! I completely agree with you! Real people with real talent shouldn't be chucked aside because of some digital figure that doesn't have feelings! Performing is their lives and if that was took away from them they'd be so upset and probably feel so guilty and bad for the fans that love them! - visitor

Preforming is their lives but what would happen if the preforming went away - visitor

Why not Len? O-o
I perfer listening to Len more than Miku ;p - visitor

Len is my favorite vocaloid. But I must say that if you need just one vocaloid to represent all the vocaloids, it should be Miku. She's the most famous one. Unfortunally despite Len having tons of fan, it can compare to Miku. - visitor

Damn! I mean can't compare with Miku. - visitor

You just can't compare Miku to Len by fan she has fangirls and fanboys Len only has fangirls and that boy I know that happens to love Len (he licks the poster of Len in his room and other thing to his plushie) - visitor

If anyone wants to see len and rin kagamine sing and be on the top 10 people have to start voting for him more, and don't forget luka - visitor

I think you got that the wrong way round I think you were saying
"Why not Miku? O-o
I prefer listening to Miku more then Len ;p" both of them are great... You
Gotta admit. - visitor

People say she will replace "real" people... So?... I don't see any problem. In fact, this would be an improvement to me. In my opinion the music industry is going to ****, Miku and similar music are the only things I listen to. Besides a couple oddball songs that AERN'T even from any popular artists. - visitor

Royal, not royal.
What does more give? The important thing is that she sings brilliantly and enclosedly better than some royal singers.
Miku, I hope that you win and sing World is mine or Love is war, it yes that would encourage the sportsmen otakus. - visitor

I think she's good if sing Wolrd is Mine..! Yeah world is your, Oujo-sama (bow to Miku) laugh out loud - visitor


I do understand where you're coming from, I really do, and I actually do like Hatsune Miku but... Her voice, even though based on real people's, isn't all that nice to listen to, especially when she hits the really really high notes are impossible for a actual human. Even though I like her, it's not fair on all these other people who have worked their butts off training their vocals, and getting into shape to fit the idealistic idol look, and having to wake up at 5 in the morning only to finish at 11 at night, learning all these complicated dance moves, and then not even being able to show their talent off at something as big as this because a computer program has beat them by doing absolutely nothing! Okay, maybe not English artists because all they sing about is sex and how they broke up with someone... But, JUST FOR EXAMPLE, take Super Junior who is currently in second place. Some of the members in Super Junior have spent SIX YEARS as trainees so they can be singers and follow their dreams, and even afterwards, they've gone through lots of hard times as 2 of them have gone off to the Army, and some got into accidents but they work really hard so their fans can be happy and are willing to work til their ill so that they can present us with awesome music and great concerts. Miku doesn't have to do any of that, when she's live at a show, her voice will still sound the same, the only people who have to practice are the guitarists, drummers, pianists etc. So although I like Miku, I don't think she deserves to sing at the Olympics. Besides, if there's and electrical problem, she'll disappear, if the lights are too bright where she stands, she'll disappear. If let's say, there's and electrical problem for (AGAIN, EXAMPLE) Super Junior or Big Bang, they can still sing without the music, still dance without the music. So this is why I believe Miku shouldn't sing. I DO LIKE MIKU! AND I LOVE VOCALOIDS! THIS IS JUST MY OPINION OF WHY I THINK SHE SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO SING! IT ISN'T WHAT I THINK IS FAIR! DON'T HATE ME PLEASE! The last thing I want to do is offend anyone TT'_'TT That is all - also, can we please not get into a massive argument about this, I mean, we are ALL expressing our opinions, right? - visitor

People STOP THIS! My haert will stop beating if you guy shut up!
- visitor

Miku is awesome and so are the otter vocaliod and the real singer are biting the dust with the tabloids and such Miku can't be in a tabloid with the rumor of having a baby with a stranger because she is like um a HOLOGRAM - visitor

Actually Hatsune Miku is actually doing more hard work than a human singer.
Well with a "real" singer they have everything they need for there voice so its a bit easy for a human singer.

With Hatsune Miku you actually have to put hard work in there. You must add the lyrics, pitch, voice control, harmony, sympathy, voice range - if you want her to sing high, low, etc -, & lots more.
Then there's MMD where if you wish for her to dance, you must add SO MANY things to make her dance.

So yea with a Human its easy, but with Hatsune Miku its difficult.

Thus Miku & her composers are doing the most work.

Music is Music, A singer is a singer real or not. - visitor

I totally agree with you... =v= I have Vocaloid program too in my computer, and it's really really hard to make the song... - visitor

And come on do you know how long it takes to make a Vocaloid?
If they wanna add another voice bank per say English, 3-6months.

Hatsune Miku deserves to sing, just because she's a Virtual Singer doesn't mean that she can sing? That's completely stupid.
Doesn't say anything in the "rule book of singing" than a singer has to be real just to sing. - visitor

Can I say something? (please don't hurt me... ) but, technically, it wonk be Miku performing. At least, she WILL be the one people will be paying most attention to (i think &') but what about the other people? Like the guitarist and bassist for a song (i'm pretty sure I've seen them in one of her performances recordings x) They're perforoming too! (though I know this happens with all other performers, and I've only just realized this again :)so yeahh my original though was that 'shes not the only one making music' but since that happens with everyone else, I guess my thought was lost.. :| so, never mind xP - visitor

This guy just made my day > boom baby! - visitor

Miku Changed my life PEOPLE! SHe shows me a bright path to new thing like singing. I wouldn't hurt Miku If I had to. Miku pealse just please win the "contest" or the other side off my life will fade into ANGER, SADNESS, AND MY DARK SIDE. And I would Help Miku as Much as I can. Miku Fans FIGHT THE HATERS FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT THEM UNTILL THEM GIVE UP NOT YOU THEM. USE THE SAYING 'NEVER give up! " - visitor

I know that you mean on other Miku dabates and she chandged mine too.
^T_T^ - visitor

Miku can win. She doesn't swear or rap just to make herself cool. She is powered by a real humans voice. Plus, She's much better than anyone else on the list. Why? Because there has been more effort put into just one song / hologram for her. It involves Modelling the actual model/hologram, getting the voice perfect, making animations smooth and much more. Whereas lets say Super Junior, since they're rivaling Miku, all it takes for them to get sorted for a show is outfits, people, music. DONE. See? Miku should win cause more effort has been put into her shows, and she is an IDOL. - visitor

Miku will win
- visitor

Miku! < 3 she totally deserves to win, she has an amazing voice (who cares if she's not real?! ). We'll show the world who we love guys! KEEP VOTING! - visitor

MIKU touched my heart. Who gives a flying duck if shes real or not the songs she sings are beautiful. And for all those people saying "shes not real, shes just a hologram" for 1 she is real! I can hear her and see her so she must be real, her voice is based of an ACTUAL person. Same with most of the other vocaloids. And 2! She is not a hologram but a projection on a glass, this gives the effect of a hologram for her live performances to seem more realistic. Miku changed my view on the world. I seriously think the world need to hear her she inspires many and if you don't like her it dosent mean you cen talk about her. GO MIKU! I also support SUPER JUNIOR and SHINee! - visitor

Miku fan ever, if not miku luka she is good in english 0_o - visitor

I like Miku. I really do. I just don't think she should perform at the Olympics. It's a huge honor and she can't appreciate it (since she isn't real). It isn't fair for the other artist who have worked so hard. And yes, I know her programmers work hard too, but do you really think of them when you see her? Probably not.
Personally I want SHINee to perform. They always put 110% into their performances, and really care about their fans. Which is Something Miku can't do. I'm not one of those people saying her music sucks because it isn't real, half the music on my iPod is vocaloids.
The Olympics are a show of true human ability and strength. I think humans who have worked to perfect their art through training, effort, and time deserve the honor of performing. Isn't that really what the Olympics are about? A hologram just can't understand that. - visitor

Well, I love Miku. I appreciate her music because they always get me down in the happy mood. She might not be real, but a least I have a heart to BELIEVE she is. I mean, so what? I'm black, I can be a bit ghetto. I want her too be in the Olympics this year. So all u dream crushers, shoo!

~ KFCMiyu - visitor

MIKU IS THE BEST DIVA <3 - visitor

Sorry to disapoint but I don't think Hatsune Miku deserves to be the opening act. The whole point of Britain hosting the 2012 Olympics is to showcase BRITISH talent in the media and to have some Japanese novelty act opening the Olympics is unrepresentative by a big margin. - jezza0

I don't think hatsune miknu should perform at the Olympic games because she's just a hologram and it's not right for someone who's not real to be singing at the Olympics when there r many more talented singers like Shinee and big bang - visitor

:( Dream crusher!... - visitor

, I totally agree with you. Miku should perform.
I am also a Kagamine Len fan (I Cosplay him with my friends, it's a little weird cosplaying a boy but it is just for fun)
To all those non-anime and manga fan don't post mean comments towards this, it is her opinion not yours, there are no wrong or right answers to letting Miku perform at the Olympic games. - visitor

I totally agree with you, she should perform at the London Olympics. It's going to be the only reason why I'm watching the opening to the Olympics. I am a Kagamine Len fan as well (I Cosplay him with my friends…it's a little weird cosplaying a boy but it's just for fun)
To all non-anime and manga fans don't leave a mean comment just because you think she shouldn't, it is just one persons opinion not your opinion. - visitor

Even if she's not real. She don't even have a voice actor. It's made from computer so it makes her real - visitor

Its very complicated reading this thread when everyone's name is "visitor" - visitor

MIKU is the BEST! :) - visitor

Jordan wieber is the best you are all wrong - visitor

Seriously? God.. - visitor