Why SHINee should perform at 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

SHINee is one of the best K-pop groups there is. Not only do they have exelent harmanies but the members are so lovable. Everyone just has to fall in love with these 5 amazing idols! They are sweet, cute, and awesome people. And to top it off they really care about thier fans! Every performance has 110% of their effort put in it and it is always is a spectacular act. This is a huge chance for SHINee to spread the Hallyu wave even more!

There are a lot of close minded people in this world that are not open to hearing any other music but the music in their own language. And this is a chance to show those close minded people the glory of Korean music and how beautiful it can be. SHINee has worked really hard to get to where they are. And they couldn't have gotten there without the help of dedicated Shawols. Shawols that have always been there for SHINee and will always be.

Shawols will be so proud of SHINee if they get the chance to perform at such a respected place.

Even if they don't Shawols will always be proud of SHINee!! They will always love and support SHINee always!!


Shinee is the best and deserves this chance!
- visitor

I totally agree they really deserves this chance. - visitor

I simply love Shinee - visitor

I love you SHINee! I will always cheer for you - visitor

SHINee! <3 - visitor

We Saranghe Shinee <3
¡¡SHINEE! - visitor

SHINee is the youngest but their talent is the biggest - visitor

SHINee *____* <3 - visitor

SHINee is the BEST!
(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) - visitor

Humanoid vs Vocaloid

- visitor

Let's go Shawols. It's our kind versus a hologram. Not to mention SHINee don't take drugs, sing about sex or partying. They are great role models that should be singing for the world!

(No offense to Miku lovers. I like her too, but I prefer live human beings. ) - visitor

SHINee is the best <3
- visitor

Come on shawols! Let's tell the world about how amazing SHINee can be.
And if you are not shawol please support SHINee and I can assure you, you won't regret it - visitor

Please vote more for SHINee! - visitor

SHINee fighting! <3 - visitor

SHINee deserves the recognition performing at such an auspicious event will give. They have worked so hard, are working real hard and we SHAWOLS will definitely believe that they will work even harder, the best they can give towards great performances. - visitor

SHINee all the way! They are full of energy, they would give an great performance! And I'm not giving up, please vote! - visitor

SARANGHAE shinee! They deserve the opportunities, thanks for making this. - visitor

SHINee are beyond amazing - visitor

Saranghaeyo SHINee. You've got a lot of fans here in England. I just turned all my friends to shawols. Come to England please. Hwaiting! - visitor

I agree... SHINee is the best
- visitor

They totally deserve this chance - visitor

I don't know about the others but to me SHINee Oppas are always the best. There music has always been awesome and I know that they will not disappoint the audience. Shawols are always proud of them. Oppas hwaiting! - visitor

Shinee should do it! They are great! And it would be a good chance for them! <3 - visitor

I like Hatsune Miku but I like SHINee better. I only used to listen to Jap. Songs but after I listened to SHINee I've been listening to them and korean songs like everyday. It shows u that if u try something different u m1ght just like it. And 4 me it was SHINee. So I hope SHINee gets to sing at 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. - visitor

I'm exactly the same as you. I only used to listen to Vocaloid songs and J-pop songs. Then my friend introduced me to SNSD, Super Junior, and SHINee. Now I listen to them everyday.

Here's a list of K-pop songs you might want to try:

1)Super Junior's BONAMANA



As all the artists, they give his major gratitude to the fans, but something does that it is different. They say that they need his fans and that without them they cannot do nothing. That if it needs, they will learn the language of the girl to whom each one should give his love, it already is beautiful in yes, but it is that it is not the only thing, with his album "ROMEO" they distributed roses, overcoat in the feminine universities to give them force and to be grateful to them that they were listening to his music. As I have understood, they practise both the singing and the choreographies up to the point of which JongHyun without wanting it wakes the others up because he sings the songs while he sleeps, and that have been to Taemin practising while the others could not breathe. And when they stop doing his work whatever it may be, which more you are going to hear is " thank you, please enjoy the song, Love us very much, listen very much to the song, we will continue straining every day more". And this way until you die of love for these boys who for my to seem are very near to the perfection

SHINee are very sweet with the fans and the fans fall in love with them!
They are 5, but none of the five are similar. Each of them has different tastes, but they have the magic of doing all the Shawols let's love them and let's support them equally, for if same they shine, but when the five are it is when they shine indeed and because of it, I believe that because of it we love them.
Sorry for my English, I'm a Spanish Girl! - visitor

SHINee should perform! I love super junior, hatsune miku and bigbang but my heart goes out to SHINee more! I love all their pesonalities, but if it came to any other bands I'd hate one or two but with SHINee they are all amazing! They have amazing voices, they are unique, full of energy and so cute! SHINee fighting! <3 love them! - visitor

SHINee deserves this chance!
We will always be by your side!
We will always support you!
Argentina and Latinamerica are with you!
We love you Oppas! - visitor

Don't forget my family from
and Germany!
We all love SHINee! SHINEE FIGHTING! - visitor

SHINee HAS to win, if they don't make it then, I'll never see them live in concert because I live in Canada! Please vote! VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE! You're breaking a 10 year old girls dreams!
Other reasons:SHINee does the best dancing EVER!
SHINee Members are good looking and ADORABLE!
SHINee members are epic singers! (All of them)
SHINee music is catchy and fun.
SHINee works hard to please the audience and fans
SHINee has a nice upbeat and positive personality
SHINee has many fans and even non fans will become fans after they preform! PLEASE BOTE FOR SHINEE!
Here, I'll even include a cute emoticon owl;

, ___,
(0, 0) -vote for shinee!
/), , ) - visitor

How do you vote? - visitor

Goo SHINee I lloveeyouu! Hope onew gets betterr soonn! I'm suree he will be able to perform on that stagee! SHINee FIGHTING! - visitor

Please vote more for SHINee we shawols, beg you because they totally deserve this chance, come on people! - visitor

Vote shinee - visitor

I wish more than one singer/band can perform, like maybe the top 5 could perform, it would make the oplympics even more memorable than it already is! - visitor

They are the legend of awesomeness, they got the voice of angels and dance of heaven. They show us their true colors, they are unlike any others. They do their best in their debut or any other live shows only for us shawols! (even though I never see them live) SPREAD THE WORD! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE FOR THEM! THEY DESERVE THIS CHANCE! SHINEE WORLD. - visitor

Definitely SHINee - visitor

SHINee Like Oxygen! LoveYa <33333 ♥____♥ - visitor


SHINee have to perform.. SHINee has fans all over the world. They are talented, adorable and we love them like seriously love them! - visitor

Vote--shinee! For their talent they totally deserve a chance! Love u shinee<3! - visitor

Shinee totally deserve it, not only because they just made their comeback, but because they deserve it for all the love they give their fans!

Shinee is one of the best bands ever and their dance moves and sensational.
such them up in youtube and you wont regret another thing!

SHINee! Fighting! - visitor

Amen... Everything you said... Well I couldn't have said it better myself. Shawols, come on, lets blow up sites by voting for SHINee as much as you possibly can! - visitor

SHINee are an amazing group, I was never into boy bands until I listened to them! Look them up on you tube and I promise you won't regret it! - visitor

SHINee you are the best I don't know where I will be without you if only I knew them during their debut days and they should perform because we love them - visitor

I've never liked a band so much before this. SHINee all the way! - visitor

I love shinee to bits as well, I don't think I can love any other band like the way I love shinee because they are simply awesome, so people vote for SHINEE because they totally deserve it
- visitor

Not to start an argument but the chances of SHINee are kinda slim. If you take a look at Hatsune Miku's rating she is currently 20% and the number is still rising. Sorry to disappoint fans but Miku is most likely going to preform. Don't take it personal, it's just many people like Miku. - visitor

SHINee has fans allover the world. The summer olympic is going to be seen nationally, and it would be a great chance for them to be known worldwide.
They won't dissapoint. - visitor

SHINee is absolubtly amazing, just heard of them 2 days ago and I'm pretty much in love with them! They all are just so funny and they love their fans. And just because they popstars known worldwide, doesn't mean they are not regular people. They eat just like us, shop like us, play like us, and sometimes, they don't even carry money with them! So to sum it all up, They are EXTRMELY talented popstars, but they also lead a normal life just like a regular teen would! - visitor

SHINee please! And/or girls' generation or even sistar. Or mabee even Utada but mostimportant SHINee - visitor

Go Shinee!
I think that they deserve a chance, they are so funny and lovable, they do deserve this chance as the others do too.
This is good, that means Shinee is still popular even after their hiatus! - visitor


SHINee is the best! They REALLY deserve this chance! - visitor

Omigosh I agree~ <3 SHINee totally deserves a chance to perform~ <3 - visitor

Agree 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000& HAHA. I really love SHINee! Shawol since 2008. - visitor

I've just found out about SHINee two months ago and I already know their favorite things, what type they prefer and what they like to do in their spare time. I might sound like a stalker but I'm just trying to face reality of love at first sight and unrequited love. - visitor

Agree! SHINee should get a chance to perform. Even though I kind of know I wont ever meet them, it's nice to know they are spreading across the world. - visitor

I agree - visitor

Shinee is best team,and they are so outgoing and funny, GO GO SHINEE! - visitor

SHINee is the best K-pop group in my heart, they are very hard-working,
Forthright and sincere.
I fell in love with them when I watch them on computer for the first time. They are really dazzling, I can't take my eyes off them. All the members are lovely and modest. I am a Chinese fan. And I know SHINee have a lot of fans around the world. They should get a chance to perform at 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies.
I will be proud of SHINee if they get the chance. I will also love SHINee forever. - visitor

Sorry, but I like Mayday best. - visitor

Shinee is truely awesome people, vote for them because they deserve it, - visitor

Vote for shinee the awesomeness band in the world, that's all! (⌒▽⌒) - visitor

SHINee FIGHTING! - visitor

SHINee I LOVE YOU... Have the best performance - visitor

You are so right! We will support SHINee for ever! They are great and everything you say is right! - visitor

You can tell that SHINee will not disband because of their relationships with one another. They rarely fight and if they do, they'll make up and keep on practicing and performing. They are not greedy for popularity or use sex appeal to the fans. In all, SHINee is a brotherhood of five boys that are extremely talented and have wonderful charisma.

SHINee Fighting! - visitor