Why Super Junior should perform at the 2012 Olympics...

Okay first I'll make clear that I do love Vocaloid and Japanese music but I also love Kpop, it was a hard choice but after some thinking Super Junior came in 1st place for me. I have to say Hatsune Miku is good but I think that only people who are there can actually enjoy her think about it, every single concert by Hatsune Miku is just a 3D hologram of her on a big screen, people watching at home wil only seen the screen with some character walking on it, they can watch her on the internet like that... An actual group or band will be more special.
And I know fans will say 'but that isn't true think of the future etc. etc. etc. and it's the same with everything', but that isn't true an actual group can interact with the audience and is more spontane and can react when something happens, their smiles are real, their singing is actually REAL live and for their fans it's fun to see them in real life, Miku will still just be a hologram which isn't actually singing... (but I won't go on since I do still like her but just don't think it's fair, and the time for her, and I think the Olympics are more suited for something like Super Junior who actually age (so don't always get the change) and deserve it, Miku can come anytime since she doesn't age and one day when they are further with their technique I think it will be better for her to come, she isn't ready yet)...

First: I've known them for only half a year now (about 6 to 7 months) and at first I didn't really like them either since the first song I heard was Bonamana and it's strange if you don't really know Kpop... but after hearing it more I started to love them, at first sight they are just like every average Kpop group only with a lot of members, but they are different, their songs are really theirs, new and innovative.
They have a lot of different songs and let us hear that they can do about anything and not only simple pop. It's not for nothing that they received awards and made a lot of albums and are becoming more and more popular after years even though they have so many problems. They are loved by all generations, work hard, have their own style, care for their friends (that's why they're called ELF's (everlasting friends)) and also their members, and even though a lot has happened and members of the group have to leave for the army (even after the others will finally come back) they still go on.

Also their concerts are amazing, even if you just watch it on a screen it's already amazing,I myself really wish to know how it is to actually be there. For a far as I know and have read and seen on the internet, they have GREAT and AWESOME concerts they don't just sing and dance, they pull the audience in, while performing they interact with them and show their love, their energy is great and they can sing live and good not just like any ordinary group or singer, the really have great voices and can sing well live and in harmony. Even people who don't really love them have to admit that they are actually amazing.

Even though they are Korean and people don't know what they are saying, they have fans all around the world and not just thousands but millions. I myself am from the Netherlands I also have some friends who love them and I know that there are more people in every single country. And even though they are Korean they also do their best to actually speak some English (or other languages) when they go to concerts in Europe, they work hard to make their fans happy and proud even if it's just with a few words, so it's guaranteed that if they come to the Olympics they'l try their hardest to make everyone watching happy.

Last, they can be placed as role models for everyone, they are definitely not perfect, sometimes they are even far from that, but they show us how to enjoy every single thing in life, they show us how to work hard and go on even during the hardest times. They make mistakes too and show us how they too are human, they failed a lot of times and also have to endure bad things, from a single mistake during a concert to friends at the point of dying, but they go on every single time. They keep on believing in their dreams.

They have had a lot of concerts and they are sold out every time, they worked hard to get here, endured a lot and have fans all around the world waiting for them, they deserve this change so I say ELF's and people who read this and think I'm right VOTE please make sure they can come!!! This is their change to show the world what they are made of and that everyone can unite their dreams, they stand not only for Korea but for the whole WORLD!!!

(still not convinced, I'm bad at writing things like this so it isn't all that great but I know that I'm right so read this: http://www.the-top-tens.com/members/visitor/blog/why-super-junior-should-perform-2012-olympics-5588.asp, these arguments are better but since there aren't enough people reading I also wrote one XD)


Wow... Thank you for referring to my blog post at the end of your own. Yours is also great and I hope our boys would read them (laugh out loud... Maybe not)
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No problem I just thought everything you said in your post was completely true and clear so if people still wouldn't understand they would after reading both =3
And don't think so, but would be truly amazing but I think they would be kinda sad that Miku is above them, because it is (even though they wouldn't show it)
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Let's give asian performers a chance this time. SuperJunior is the best choice. I listen to vocaloid miku but we need real people for opening a big event. On the side maybe the organizers can have a hologram. This boy band can give a super performance. I've been to one of their super show concerts. Awesome! - visitor

"every single concert by Hatsune Miku is just a 3D hologram of her on a big screen, people watching at home will only seen the screen with some character walking on it, they can watch her on the internet like that... An actual group or band will be more special. "

People at home will still see everything as a flat 2d person on a screen...

How is an actual band special when it's been done since the beginning of music?

Shouldn't a hologram be something even more special? It's something new, it shows how far we've advanced in technology, and it's not time limited for breaks and can continue singing as long as the power allows it where real bands need to take breaks. - visitor

Yes I see your point, I see that Miku represents how far we've gotten in terms of technology and stuff like that. But still... I think it's more fair to have a real "person" on stage. Honestly do you think people would like it if a hologram performed at the Olympics. Don't get me wrong but I've seen a Miku concert and it was great. I watched that so I could see from your point of view. It's great and everything but I think other groups deserve this better. If you still don't get us ELFs (Super Junior fans) and why we think they're deserving try watching their concert on the Internet and you'll see what we meant by their concerts being AWESOME!
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I agree! Super Junior members are real people! I think it'd be better to see someone real instead of a holgram. Another thing, Super junior actually can sing well live while dancing so it would show the world how amazing they are! SUJU FIGHTING! <3 - visitor

I totally agree with you Nothing can beat humans - visitor

Super Junior are amazing, they deserve a broader recognition and the London 2012 Olympics would provide that
I'm actually live near London and though I haven't known about SuJu for long, I'm already convinced they really deserve this - visitor

We need to get more voters for our favorite kpop group though perform in the olympic. They deserved it very much. They've gone through rough times so many times, family members doesn't aproved them being a singer, almost fatal car accident, loosing their members and members serving their country. It's time for them to be recgonized for their extremly hard work. Please vote for them. We need to put Asian power out there too... God Bless them all.. Cutie babie Kyu! - visitor

They are amazing and I really want to see them performing on the 2012 Olympics
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I would be able to die happy if they got to perform at the Olympics.
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I would get a ticket straight they have to come don't they know that there some E.L. F's that want them to come not all afford to go Japan Korea or China I think that suju think that they don't have fans in the UK so they have to come and see!
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That I would be happy to die!

Love they burst! I am a Chinese E.L.F

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They are amazing, we cannot image how lovely they are. Super Junior are the Best! - visitor

Super Junior are the best band, according to me, and they are definitely worth to perform at the Olympic 2012 in London - visitor

They would certaintly get the crowd going and amaze them with their talent and music instead of hatsune miku who is well.. It abit too weird - visitor

I agree. I would definitely regret coming to the Olympics if some fake hologram performed for us.
Although it's a group I don't know, I would appreciate it, since REAL singers try their best and worked hard to achieve their goals, whereas a HOLOGRAM was CREATED by humans to fit their liking, program it to look cool, and do whatever special effects to it. I vote for Super Junior! And I agree with the comment on top, a real person with a real motivation would set people off. While Miku or whatever that is... Will be a bit unfitting. - visitor

REALLY!? Some people gona vote for honagram than real live people.. What is this world coming too?. The next thing u know human doesn't exist anymore. I take Suju over any popular technology anytime. Suju r the real deal group to seeperform in the Olympic this year. What more ca u ask for, they sing, dance, rap, play instruments and kind hearted.. They showed respect to their elfs.. See if a technolgy do that without human controling it.. Just saying.. Suju.. Human..forever.. - visitor

But whatever you say, her votes are way better than SuJu now. Though, this is not a unoffcial poll, it is not related to the olympic. Who knows, maybe neither of Miku or K-pop band get to perform at this stage? - visitor

YES! I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! <33333333333333333333333333
too bad my stupid sister is obsessed(spell wrong? ) with the hologram things... - visitor

YES! I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! <33333333333333333333333333
Too bad my stupid sister is obsessed(spell wrong? ) with the hologram things... To the person that type that YOUR AN INTIOT NOT YOU SISTER! She would be turthlly happy to know THAT YOUR VERY STUPID NOT HER

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No no I desagree I relly hate kpop so he can't (and evreykpop artist ) performing in the 2012 olympics sorry - visitor


I think kpop can't performing in the 2012 olympics... Well... The one who wanted see them is their own and beloved fans... But well... You see a few months ago the kpop fans erased many of hatsune miku's video on youtube... So I really disagree if they can performing in the 2012 olympics. - visitor