My opinions on Miku being in the first choice compared to others.

Let's see, music is by itself art and literature. It is meant to be understood by heart, not by other senses. Whatever language it is, as long as the music carries a certain rhythm that brings in the emotion, the song is considered very good. This will point out that language is never a matter in performing in the Olympics. Yes, English is a global language and Chinese is catching up whereas Japanese, less than 40% of the world knows it. However, I am pointing out that words are not the key to making what a song is, it is how you deliver the song that is what it is. That is how classical music flourish back in the past, its rhythm tells you what the song is all about, which is about the life of the past. I take any voice as an instrument, not as a form of communication. To me a voice is a woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and any other category of musical instruments that you all can think of just that it is of a special category.

People say she has no heart but to her fans she has one. You may picture her music as non-human-emotions but those who created the music are the ones who put the human-emotions into the song. If you ever say that Miku's songs are not having any emotions think again. The creators pour their heart and soul to make their song come true, of course with their emotions. You probably have to agree with me that many creators aren't born to make their song come true because of various reasons, and that is when Hatsune Miku comes into play. To help the creators who can't pay a large amount or make their music come true, to come true. Miku is a helpful "person"(I prefer to call her that way because I believe she is alive in every fan's heart and probably in another world).

She helps people all over the world to make music based on the people's feelings and thus she is telling us humans a lesson that we must help those who are in need regardless of their race. The music made by the creators all over the world with Miku's help also involves the creators' cultures as they grew up with that certain culture of music that exists in the country that they are born or grown up in. This is where, the Olympics theme comes into play, which is "unity". Miku sings songs made from all over the world and also helps people from all over the world. In a nutshell, you can say that Miku "her"self resembles unity.

She even resembles hope, hope for those who can't make it to succeed. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are people, not gifted by voice or appearance or money or whatsoever artistic talents, instead gifted by heart. Miku also resembles teamwork as Miku alone is just a "person" who can't speak. She originally obtained her voice from one person called Saki Fujita. The teamwork between two humans, the creators of the music and Saki Fujita along with Hatsune Miku(which is regarded not human as of today) shows that we should always show teamwork regardless of whoever the person is despite how strange that person may look.

Miku, the symbol of the future as her namesake says, shows how advanced technology is nowadays. Making people more aware of such technology gives others more ideas to expand technology itself and also speed up the development of technology. There are some people I have seen who said that she perform live concerts via hologram method and that is true. However, it doesn't mean that it is impossible for her to perform. Beijing Olympics performed their opening in the night, which is definitely pretty dark. Nobody says that openings must be in the day, it can also be in the dark. If it is not dark enough, the mobile roof top which was originally aimed to shelter from rain can be used to shelter from light too. If this is still impossible, then when there is a will, there is away.

People regard her as not original either, as the music she sings is not hers. Define original please. All of the music you listen to are derived from none other than classics. Classics are the root of all music and hence no music even now is original... except for those extraordinary ones like Micheal Jackson. I can even point out to you that tons of music from a certain group or individual singer is not made by that person or group itself. Instead they are made by creators who can pay or are paid by these famous individuals or groups to perform. Certain people like Sungha Jung and Andy Mckee may not be singers but they are creators and gifted enough to make their music come true.

Also I came across a reason that people will hate Miku more if she comes into the Olympics as many people who watches the Olympics are 20-50s range(Originally posted as group of 30s by another person). Now, think about it. Ask those who are in their 30s or 20s or 40s. Which music do they prefer? The oldies isn't it? So what difference is it if we put our current "overrated" or maybe not performers on stage other than Miku? I myself am 18 this year and I can say that the oldies far surpasses the current music now. The old Coldplay, Radiohead, Linkin Park and other bands of the past are much better than how they perform now.

So, if we search for a performer or a group that symbolizes unity, teamwork, hope and also the future, it might as well be Miku. There are certain bands that symbolizes future but do they symbolize any other that Miku symbolizes? A food for thought anyone? So basically in my humble opinion, Hatsune Miku is the best choice as she symbolizes so many things that are essential in sports and even symbolizes the theme of the Olympics itself. You may ask on what does "hope" have to do with sports. There is a point where many gave up but if they have hope in winning they won't give up and that is the spirit of a true sportsman. She also shows how far humankind has reached in terms of technology from years ago to now.

-Anonymous who claims to love all music except for the messy Jazz.


This is a very sophisticated and well-down post. Good job!
I agree with you 100%. - visitor

Thanks, I appreciate it. - visitor

Thanks, I appreciate it - GoSu`Z

Well, err. I think it's " well done " not ' down " professor dog IQ... - visitor

Me too, 100% agree - mrlam224

Thks! - visitor

A red a small part because its so long but I agreed go miku!
- visitor

Totally agree with this! Miku MUST perform at the olympics! - visitor

If only this was official... - visitor

Official? What do you mean? - GoSu`Z

He means that this would be the actual list of performers at the Olympics. - visitor

Gosu he/she means that this isn't umm like really the actual list of the people performing for the uh olympics (embarassed blush)
- visitor

Ya know, even if this wasnt official, it would b pretty bad for the olympic 'organizers' to ignore this list... Lots of people would b mad at them and so this wouldn't b good for popularity, so I think they might even consider it when inviting the next singer for this year's olympics - visitor

... You said everything I have in my heart. Your post made me really happy, to know that I'm not the only one who think about the vocaloids like that... I know some people doesn't like Miku but like other vocaloids. My favorite vocaloid is Len, but I must agree that, if we need just one vocaloid to represent all of them, it should be Miku, because she's the most popular, and I do love her too &
Thank you so much for your post. - visitor

I'm totally agree with you, nice post - visitor

I still don't think a program should replace a human voice, it's not fair to REAL mucisians. But that's just my opinion - visitor

How is it not fair her music is made by real people so technically they ARE real musicians
- visitor

You see that a program replace a human voice is no fair! Then you blame Miku Hatsune.

let see in different point view.
ex : You have spirit to make music. You have talent to make a music. But You are ugly. And You are pretty bad singer. You said it's not Fair! Then you blame God. God give you a girl named Miku Hatsune. Your pour your music and emotion to her. And you'll able to make a great music. Then there's so many people said that her music is not original. There is no emotion from the music.. Then how do you Feel? Think about it
- visitor

^ Miku isn't real, she's not a girl, it's a singing program. - visitor

Well written - dominictang

To a visitor's comment up there:
"I still don't think a program should replace a human voice, it's not fair to REAL mucisians. But that's just my opinion"
And who do you think that create her songs? And it's not like human voice and vocaloid can't coexist cause they can, which is pretty fair. - visitor

Miku will never grow old or take a bad toll to her popularity. She will never hurt others or cause problems in the world. She brings music and joy and happiness. Her music is good even if we can't understand it. She deserves to be in olympics then more then any of those other people. Her concerts are made for chairty. How many singers do that nowdays >_>. - visitor

YEA! Go Miku and Miku fans! Hatsune Miku for the Olympics all the way! - visitor

Miku, for me, is the perfection itself. She will never betray us, she won't get old, she won't die. She gets better and better every second. That's why I like her.
Some people says she doesn't exist, but that ain't true: Each one of us is a part of her soul.

Sorry for the bad english. - Suiginki

After I saw that... I want to die! If this is the world where I live then I want the doomsday and free the universe from the kids like you - visitor

Scared of progression are we? ] - visitor

Are you scared of umm change? If you uh don't like it then just don't listen to it (embarassed blush) not trying to sound rude sorry - visitor

Ok. Go hang urself then :| but if he/she is dead by now she wont be reading this anyway... - visitor

I agree with this post and I would LOVE for Miku to perform at the Olympics but I believe that they should allow someone from the United Kingdom to perform. I would be 100% for Miku if this was an Olympics hosted by Japan, but it's not. Miku fans should wait until Japan has an Olympics for Miku to perform. I really want Miku to perform and all but it's just that lots of people wouldn't look too kindly at her being anime and older people wouldn't understand it. I know she is real in our hearts and all but that doesn’t cut it for a lot of people. This would anger a bunch of people because they don’t believe in this kind of stuff. Also she sings Japanese, I know they are working on English, but all of her good songs are in Japanese and it would make it hard for many people to understand it. I'm sorry if I offended anybody. Honestly, while I'm writing this I have Vocaloid songs on all the other tabs I have open but I just believe that she shouldn't perform this year. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me but that’s how I feel. - visitor

I agree 100% :> - visitor

agree - visitor

Agreed 100% and relax you didn't offend anyone & - visitor

I do agree with this post. I for one am a huge fan of miku, and I'd love for her to go to the Olympics. But, if she goes to the Olympics she will have way more haters, I believe. No one would understand her, and usually when one doesn't understand, they don't like it. I really Wang miku to go, but I don't think she'll perform, due to the fact that "she's not real" according to the haters. I agree with the person above me, I guess I feel like she shouldn't perform. No hate comments please, I really love miku Q^Q - visitor

Want* - visitor

But it's Olympics, not some IT-opening/display. Olympics show the performance of world's best athletes, who trained hard and excelled in their field of sports. Similarly, it'll be good to have performers who trained hard, and showed the spirit of endurance/teamwork/coordination etc on stage. If people want to see how advanced technology can go, then Miku is the choice. But if they want to see human's abilities and fruits of their hard work, then real singers/performers! - visitor

Please do not say "real singers". Miku is an real singer too. Don't agree with me? Than define "real". You can say, that she's not human, but you can never say that vocaloids are not real.
I don't get it. "if they want to see human's abilities and fruits of their hard work", that's apply as well to the vocaloids. Do you think it's easy to make an projection concert? Do you think that the composers and artists did not worked hard to make the songs, videos, concerts, albums, artbooks, etc... Do you think that the composers and artists did not show their abilities through the vocaloids? What's so difrenent about an composer showing his talent through an piano or an vocaloid? I'm sorry but everything you said here about human performers, applies perfectly to the vocaloids including Miku too. Have you read the entire post? Miku doesn't represent just advanced thecnology. - visitor

^they are not singers, they are a singing program and they're not human. Real, actual artists work hard while vocaloids just don't sweat. And the people doing the work for them are just producers, not the actual artists. - visitor

Your wrong vocaloid has creators song writers composers and they work hard too - visitor

*CAN'T never say that vocaloids are not real. I type too fast... - visitor

She isn't the only vocaloid! To be honest she has a way too high voice. Gumi should be there instead. 1. Her voice is soothing and smooth, not to mention she can reach high and low pitches and still sound amazing 2. She is not as self centered and she is unique, shy, and sweet unlike Miku who acts like the most common type of anime heroine. 3. Gumi is much more beautiful and you can purely hear the emotion in her voice, also she can adjust her voice more smoothly so that all - visitor

Eer well yesh! Gumi is very awesome! But I think Miku should perform, just because she' Vocaloid's heart and soul. I think she would be the best representative for Vocaloid. - visitor

Sadly.. Gumi never had a concert before, her model's not ready by this time... My friend also said that Gumi should perform, but still, sadly, she can't perform, and I vote for Miku anyway! - visitor

Miku is too chipmunky, but, I don't think Gumi would be good either. ( People wouldn't understand what she's singing )
I'd prefer an Engloid to sing.
Like Oliver.
At least people would understand what he's singing. - visitor

Posted before I could finish also for sensitive ears in the crowd Gumi would not damage their ears or hurt them, plus people who own vocaloid software say Gumi is by far the easiest to use so lets let the programmers have some compassion by voting Gumi and making it easier on them and pleasing to a larger majority of the crowd - visitor

... I totally AGREE with U. At the end, why don't u put world is miku's? Nah, that will be too selfish - visitor

I honestly can't stand the attention she gets... I agree with your post, but for once, I would love to see the Kagamines get some well-deserved attention. They harmonize perfectly, with voices that can basically reach any range, as opposed to Mikus. People don't like them because of the Story of Evil or whatever, or because their avatars aren't 'sexy' or whatever. Please, someone just vote for these two? - visitor

Everything you said is true! They are always in Miku's shadow! The deserve to have their own time to shine, before I started listening to Vocaloid, I always gave them the wrong name, or forgot who they were when my friend mentioned them, but now, they have grown to be my favorite of the Vocaloids! When many of my friends think of Vocaloid, they think of Miku, but I think of Rin and Len. I find them easier to listen to. - visitor

Truly a well made blogpost which means a lot. And you know where to find the essence of the music. Well done! - skywarior

Some comments are inappropiate, but still very good argument. - visitor

Well! What I think if she is not been chosen for the olympic 2012. It would be great for all fans to organise somewhere on the planet a spectacular events for the VOCALOIDS that would be in competition with the Olympics? - visitor

Well, maybe. I hoped that too. - visitor

This is a very good post. Me too, I want Miku to perform at such stage like olympic london. Personally, I think that the people between the age of 40s to 50s will prefer miku to K. Pop ( not that I'm a kpop hater, I'm a fan of bigbang too ). Just like the writer of this post wrote, the 30s, 40s, 50s like smt more classical than the others. They wont like the music of the young ones nowaday, espeacially the lyric. A lot of kpop song's lyrics are about drugs, sex, alcohol.... Don't get me wrong, I don't want to insult them or anything. And well, how they dance and clothes is a problem too, too fancy clothes and dance will leave bad impressions for a lot of people.
I know that some people don't want a program to perform at olympic, 'cause she is not real. But, whatever u say, miku is the crystalization of people's feeling, inspriration, emotion. There are ones who can't become musicians for a lot of reasons. Miku is a helper to those people. Her songs, imprinted with those feelings, touch people's heart, made them cry, sad, laugh,....
But I think its kind of unfair to others bands too. Well, after all, this is not official, but if possible, I want miku, along with others singers, perform at olympic london.
- visitor

As an ELF I agreed with you until you said "Kpop song lyrics are all about drugs sex and alcohol" I'm sorry, but the closest thing I have ever heard that fits even one of your claims is Mr. Simple, that has one or two lines about alcohol. It says something along the lines of, if you're stressed, get some friends sweep it off with a drink. I don't know about you, but I don't think this is telling you to get wasted every weekend and be irresponsible.

I personally do not think you are a Kpop fan. If you were, you would know that Kpop songs are not all about drugs, sex and alcohol. This highly infuriates me. While Kpop artists may not sing about 'meaningful' songs like Miku. I myself have not heard anything related to drugs or alcohol and I know for a fact they definitely would not sing about sex. They wouldn't be allowed to either by Korean law. So please get your facts straight before making assumptions and wild accusations. - visitor

Amen. - visitor

AMEN - visitor

Miku is just a piece of work. The producers are the actual artists. And what you said about what she symbolizes and all that, I think you're going too much into it, like how someone would overanalyze a book. It's just a singing program available for everyone to make. And do you realize how much trouble people have to go through to put her on stage. England won't be happy about that. People should just wait for the Japan Olympics and put her there. Plus, technology just doesn't appeal to some people. - visitor

I don't have a problem with her not being real at all. In fact, I'm a huge fan of the vocaloids myself. However, I don't believe she has a place in the Olympics. Personally, if I went to see the Olympics, I would want to see bands from the UK perform instead of singers from Japan. I mean, its the LONDON Olympics, you know? The opening act is supposed to be about their culture and what they can offer for the world to see. So yes, I like Miku and all, but for her to be in this Olympics is just too inappropriate, I feel. And it would not feel fair for the other countries too if they only let a product from Japan take centre stage. I think they should just stick to their local bands for the performances (they'll probably do that anyway; its not like they are obliged to follow this list). - visitor

Personally I wish for Rin and Len to perform but I to agree that miku should be there since she is one of the most well known vocaloids. I mean shes the first vocaloid I heard about and brought me to vocaloid. If it weren't for her I wouldn't know what vocaloid was. Plus I'm tired of seeing the same old English artist singing on stage vocaloid deserves a chance for once. - visitor

I think the Kagamine twins should perform they are so cute and I love they're songs. They are awesome! - visitor

Jeez this person who wrote this writes like Miku is the only vocaloid =__= I agree with the comment above mine! Kagamine twins should perform! :D not like they're going to but hey! - visitor

I guess this is well written, you can tell this person really cares for Miku, even if they might be overanalyzing and generalizing. Miku just might not represnt that to everybody.

It's just, are they saying they don't like Jazz in the end? You can dislike jazz, but calling it messy and clearly pointing out you don't like it? I don't know jazz but seems more heartfelt than Miku's music, which is fun and befitting of her image, but you can't disregard an entire genre of music that is part of history.
Its just, I would be able to take this a BIT more seriously if they had only said that they claim to like all music, without adding that second bit about jazz.
Or if it was me, I would have said that I may not like all types of music, but I can apprecate them if they worked hard with good intentions. You don't have to like it to appreciate it.
But whats up with that? - visitor

I don't just like Vocaloids, I LOVE Vocaloids. However, there ARE reasons why she shouldn't perform:
1/ She's Japanese. I'm not trying to be racist here, but it's the LONDON Olympics. It would be more culturally appropriate for the UK to have a band/singer from their country to perform.
2/ She's real, but not human. I love the emotions of many Vocaloid songs. However, Vocaloids are replacing human singers, like how computer-generated music are replacing human musician. Besides, for those who want to convey emotions but can't sing, that's fine by me. However this is the Olympics! It's about chasing your dreams and the limits of humankind... - visitor

Woah... That just... Wow... That just said my heart there, actually. She does exist in our hearts and may be "just a computer" to people who don't understand, but maybe... (ewe I'm turning soft in this part) MAYBE SHE'LL BE REAL ONE DAY- //shot

But anyway, this is what Vocaloid is about~ It comes from the writer's emotions, thus it is original and it DOES have emotion inside of each and every song she, and the others, sing. Well written PRUSSIA AWESOMENESS. (Sorry, I's a fangirl) - visitor