Why big bang is the best choice for the olympics.

Be real now, although I am also a fan of Hatsune Miku, she is a computer. I totally respect the Japanese industry for thinking of such ingenious technology BUT for performers in the London Olympics.. I think it would be much more exciting for a real group to be performing, one that can actually interact with the audience and feel the moment. I think it is no fair for a robot to get the glory and honour of opening for the olympics if that robot isn't even going to FEEL anything. Really, I have no hate for her but it's not fair. It's like passing up an amazing chance for real people who would actually give their ALL to the ceremony to a voice synthesizer that is programmed to sing and dance by humans.

Now for the real important point.

Big Bang is extremely talented, I'm sure Super Junior is talented too but Big Bang's music can reach more international fans. If you see their live performances they are amazing, and they really connect with the audience. Wouldn't you rather see performers who live for the moment of pleasing fans than.. you know the rest.

That's why I think you guys should vote for Big Bang.

You'll truly and dearly regret it if you don't.


Well VIP is the best!
and if they didn't happen to perform too bad for LONDON - visitor

I realyy hope big bang wins because they are the best


I hope they could stand on the stage in front of the world. - visitor

Awesome... I agree 100%
a true VIP - visitor

Big bang is the best. Their performance is magic. - visitor

Big bang is the best group ever! No doubt... - visitor

Bigbang is amazing! They deserve to perform. <3 - visitor

They have great music & they're awesome performers. - visitor

The new style of "hiphop"... Check their MV, and listening to their music.. You will love it! I'm Indoesian VIP.. Please come to Indonesia! I lobe BigBang damn much - visitor

VIP all the way.. And I completely agree I think a HUMAN should perform at the Olympic's instead of a computer... Plus, I think everyone will enjoy it no matter who's watching it.
- visitor

BIGBANG is best ever... If the 12boy win... U can see only 2 or 3 just can sing and the other just dance... Hakhak.. - visitor

bigbang is the best because
they awesome
i don't know why people don't vote for them

they are amazing! - FanOfBigBang

Yes Big Bang fighting! I also like the vocaloids but you make an excellent point as to why they are not the best choice for something like the Olympics which is an organization to bring humans from all over the world to perform together. I would be so happy to see Big Bang perform, I am an honest music lover of all genres and I truly think that Big bang has real talent and totally deserves this. <3 Big Bang - visitor

Yes. And they can good in English. Super junior can't speak well in English. - visitor

I hope I can meet them n ask them to sign for me. I love them so much n I hope I will. Bigbang should win! - visitor

I agree! Miku shouldn't really win, and SuJu doesn't speak English that well... BIGBANG NEEDS TO WIN!
Me, my family, my friends; we would all be out if they performed! We all love them! I really hope they win! - visitor

I'm a HUGEE fan of Big Bang and SHINee. SHINee and Big Bang hwaiting! - visitor

I love them and they got a MTV EMA Worldwide Act award - it's a big thing and I think this and their talent is enough to let them perform there, oh right and they have fans all over the world

VIP's FIGHTING - visitor

- visitor

I totaly agree! Whats so great about a computer generated pic? Big Bang is the best! Love U TOP! - visitor

Big bang I love daesung I love
- visitor

BIGBANG! THE WORLD WILL JUST LOVE THEM! <3 taeyang and all the rest - visitor

Big Bang fighting! I love BIG BANG - visitor

Bigbang is definitely the best choice~ I love them - visitor

Bigbang is the best!!!!! - visitor

Omo imagine singing along to GD ♥
Nananananana Wow, FANTASTIC BABY!
I really hope a group from Korea performs. I mean I like Miku and all but K-pop is number 1 in my heart. - visitor