Why Hey! Say! JUMP should perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Hey! Say! JUMP is one of the most amazing JPOP boy band. They really famous. This boy band consist of 10 members. They debuted in 2007 with the average age of 15 with the oldest at that time was 17 and the youngest is 12 (elementary school). They are young with the oldest right now is 22 years old and the youngest is 17 years old. They have been trained in music industry by their agency since elementary school. They really talented, they can:

  1. Sing

  2. Dance

  3. Tap dance

  4. Act (since 10 years old)

  5. Play instrument (base guitar, guitar, piano/keyboard, drum)

  6. Compose songs

  7. Writing lyrics (Dreamer, Infinity, Shinku, Smile Song, Time, SCORE, Dash!!, Thank you: From us to you, Chikai no sora)

  8. Rap (rapping) (compose their own rapping part)

  9. Arrange songs

  10. Acrobatics

  11. Tightrope walking

  12. Flying trapeze

Moreover, they all friends since small and they already like a family. They really funny and cute. They so cute in their chidhood days. They already on TV show since 10 years old. They also brilliant students who also really concerned about their study. Two of them get admitted into university, one of it get accepted into Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, one of the top-rated international universities in Japan, he can speak English fluently and will study in the university with English as the main languages in the class. Also, one of them who just graduates get certificated as one of the best student for his batch. They're really talented and really deserve to perform in London. Their music is different from any other kinds of music. Their music make me and other people smile everyday. Between, their popularity had increase lately (2010-2012), they even beat their own seniors from the same agency. They also gonna have their First Asia Tour 2012 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok and Seoul Korea.

Thank You... Sincerely from a JUMPER... :)


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ToT nada me aria mas feliz que ver a hey say jump creecer cada vez mas que sea mas conosido espsro puedan ir a londres deseo que lleven sus buenas cancones de esperanza alegria
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Love hey! Say! JUMP! They make me smile and laugh all the time! <<<<33333 - visitor

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Yappari... Hey say jump is better.
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