A Kind Message (not attack) for Hatsune Miku-Haters

I've noticed some people hating on Miku because she isn't real. Some of you who've posted your opinions were immediately flammed Vocaloid fangirls/fanboys using they're almight ALL CAPS cannon. I'm here to explain to you all calmly why I belive Miku should preform.

First, let's take care of the obvious. She's not a real human. She's a computer software that enables the user to create songs. "How can you be a fan of something that's not real?!" you may ask. Well, my answer is simple. She is real. Not in the literal sense, of course, but in the sense that she lives in the hearts and minds of all of her millions of fans. Plus, unlike any other pop star or rock star, Miku IS her fans. All of her songs are created by hopeful musicians and composers who want to show that they can write amazing songs, even if they don't have the voice of an angel. This would be impossible without Miku. She gives these people a medium to create and explore the world of music, while finally getting some recognition. Miku couldn't exist without her fans, and vice-versa.

Next, how does a computer program preform? Well, this is the cool part. She gives holographic concerts, with an image of her dancing around and performing onstage and a live band in the background. A thick glass screen is put up, and a huge projection of the virtual star is projected onto this screen. Once she start to perform, the screen becomes nearly invisable due to clever light tricks. Currently they're working on the technology to make a real 3D holographic model for the concerts. They've succeded in making a Miku that's about 5 cm tall, but obviously, she needs to be a little bigger than that.

Finally, what purpose does a virtual singer like Miku serve by singing in the Olympics, and why would it be better than a live band? Well, the Olympics is about bringing the world together, and progress. What shows more progress that technology so advanced that it allows a voice synthesiser to not only create amazing and uplifting songs, but hold her own concert? Our generation is the generation of technology, and Miku could represent that.


I totally agree! :'D miku fans forever! <3 - visitor

I know right~
wouldn't it be amazing if she starts singing a popular vocaloid song and then Poof all the vocaloids come and sing together ;w;
Holy sheep yes. - visitor

You know if people hate Miku because she's a computers program, the they should hate dubstep and all those pop singers who auto tune their voice cause that's computerised too! I AM MIKU'S LOVER AND I FULLY SUPPORT THIS POST AND EVERY MIKU FAN OUT THERE! - visitor

True. I also heard she brings together people because she has fans that make music and sometimes the fans get other fans to help them, so you could get more friends by being a Miku fan. - visitor

The things you said are really sad. Really human being is going on that way? No more real singers? We'll lose all the emotions, the feeling and the passion that makes music real. Nothing against technology, but humans have something in common: a feeling heart. This isn't something that an artificial voice can warm. I think if world will stop having real singers, no one will keep listening to music no more, isn't it? After some time you get bored of these metallic voices. Guys, come on. Music is what feeds human hearts. If we replace it with a computer we'll start having babies with hard disk programs and our only company will be a technologic brain? What kind of predictions are you making? - visitor

Personally I find that when you say that Miku has no emotions, you are wrong. All of her songs contains emotions from the writers. There is emotion in every song. Thus you cannot say that is has no emotion. - visitor

Ok, we meet umm I guess we have to figure this out, we never said that we were going to uh replace r-real singers we are j-just saying that miku i-isn't as fake as y-you think she is ok?
(embarassed blush) not being mean sorry - visitor

I agree with you. Like if all the real singers music dies out, we will just be listening to computers, and that's just as entertaining as watching paint dry. Well that is after a while. I mean like I was a miku fan, and after a month all I listened to was vocaloids, Then the next month it got boring and I felt like I was watching paint dry. I would rather have real singers who can actually interact with the audience Perform at the Olympics, Instead of a hologram that can't be Interacted with. - visitor

Well a good portion of so called "real" singers don't write they're own songs anymore and most use autotune so the only difference between them and iku is that they are human there is no difference between their music anymore - visitor

First of all, this doesn't mean there won't be real singers-in fact, real singers are the best people to use voice samples of for the program. And people singing isn't something that can really die out. Next, the songs do have a heart-there are many feelings and thoughts put into the song. More than most american pop songs anyway(no offense). You want emotion? Prisoner by Kagamine Len along with Paper Airplane by kagamine Rin, which tell the same story from different sides, made me cry. And another thing-if programs become popular singing, then people would be listening, and, likewise, if people stopped listening to vocaloids, they would go back to real voices. Music can't just die out-it's an integral part of every culture. And finally, who said anything about predictions? Everything in the message was fact. No predicting that all songs will be sung by programs. Which, with auto tune, they kinda are anyway so... I would rather listen to a vocaloid than an autotuned human I feel the song by the vocaloid would have more work put into it. Likewise, I don't hate human voices-i simply prefer the songs Miku or the other vocaloids sing to many pop songs because of what they contain. Not that all of MIku's songs are safe but... Well, I hope you get my point... - visitor

I just want to say something. Miku DOES have emotions, but their in her voice, her songs. And we're NOT against real singers. Lets just say, that people are attached to Miku in a way that makes her a human, you know just not literally. Fans can create her songs, and in a way, I feel she does interact with the audience. With their feelings/emotions, memories, ways of thinking, and many more. Besides, the people put their emotions into her songs, which go into her, and they work so hard to bring Miku to life, you might as well appreciate that. Sorry, I'm REALLY not trying to be mean, I'm sorry if I seem like that! - visitor

O - o there are no completly real singers any more almost all of them use auto tune - visitor

I hope you realize that HUMAN SINGERS record voice samples to make a Vocaloid. Besides, many songs are very deep and have lots of emotion that the composer puts into the song. - visitor

Okay you're thinking about this way too deeply. Miku is not going to completely change the world. Real people still have a passion to sing by themselves. The passion of music is going on and on and technology is not going to take all over that. We can still do things on our own as real people. Like exercise, eating, hand sewing, and all of those things that we don't need to do to make life easier. Still there's people out there who refuse to use all of the advanced technology, and that can still remain. Don't take the thought too much there's still people who are old school. - visitor

Miku's songs do have emotions. Those emotions are not only found in her voice. They are found also in the songs themselves. Those very people who wrote them. Her fans. They want to put their feelings across with their songs. Miku add to them. Real voices are used to create these Vocaloids. Sure, they aren't real. But, don't you see how they link up feelings? My feelings when I listen, to those fans that listen. Then, those composers and people who made it possible. All these feelings, don't they count? Of course, she isn't trying to replace real singers. I'm still a fan of Taylor Swift but I still love the vocaloids. The reason I think people are singing is to make people happy, let them smile, or they just plain enjoy singing. If listening to Vocaloid and singing it makes us happy, why not? I say she deserves credit for all these people she made happy, and for connecting the feelings of those across the world. - visitor

Agree at you - visitor

If I hadn't discovered Miku, I wouldn't had the value to keep moving on, her music connects my heart. Is that SONGS of western artists are focusing more on sex and bad things, MOSTLY. You don't have that in vocaloid. - visitor

This is true. Only Miku and vocaloid fans can understand why she's real to us. I love K-POP too but most of the groups use autotune. Practically every singer uses autotune and too much can lead it to sound like a robot. At least Miku is using her "real voice". - visitor

Totally agree. And Miku doesn't only represent technology, she represent creativity, union and emotion. Listen some of her songs and you can feel every emotion, because the writers and musicians put their emotions into her. Heck, I can even say that she has bring various people all over the world and united to help each other for real and not for money or propaganda. Tell me, what singers to this day has done that and can done what Miku does? - visitor

I wouldn't necessarily say that Miku/vocaloid fans can understand it, cause I'm not really a fan of Vocaloid but more a fan of Music, But I do understand why she is real to some people. And another thing does it really matter if there's a virtual singer or a real singer, I mean it's not like they will be replaced for a virtual one. Both will continue to exist. - visitor

My opinion is... Miku is only trying to give a new color to the world of music. Its not like trying to banish the previous music style which is performed by a real humans being (like the above commenter said &). Just give her a chance to be a part of the universal music. Or is music not universal anymore now?

actually, its alright for me if miku won't perform at this olympic games. Because the purpose of Miku and the other vocaloid singers for me is not to be famous all over the world, but to brings happiness to their fans through their songs. I think a true Vocaloid fans would prefer to help Vocaloid to be more loved the way they are rather than forced them to perform at that olympic but only got more haters here. It sad... - visitor

My opinion is... Miku is only trying to give a new color to the world of music. Its not like trying to banish the previous music style which is performed by a real humans being (like the above commenter said &). Just give her a chance to be a part of the universal music. Or is music not universal anymore now? Actually, its alright for me if miku won't perform at this olympic games. Because the purpose of Miku and the other vocaloid singers for me is not to be famous all over the world, but to brings happiness to their fans through their songs. Come on, I think a true Vocaloid fans would prefer to help Vocaloid to be more loved the way they are rather than forced them to perform at that olympic but only got more haters here. It sad... - Reita22

My opinion is... Miku is only trying to give a new color to the world of music. Its not like trying to banish the previous music style which is performed by a real humans being (like the above commenter said &). Just give her a chance to be a part of the universal music. Or is music not universal anymore now? Actually, its alright for me if miku won't perform at this olympic games. Because the purpose of Miku and the other vocaloid singers for me is not to be famous all over the world, but to brings happiness to their fans through their songs. I think a true Vocaloid fans would prefer to help Vocaloid to be more loved the way they are rather than forced them to perform at that olympic but only got more haters here. It sad... - Reita22

LIKE* TT-TT thank you - visitor

If they like or using miku. Why people want to have advanced technology Whereas Hatsune Miku is an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY
are they want to go to ancient age again?
i bet they didn't think about that
sorry this massage not an attack massage to miku haters
- visitor

Miku is already 20% so there is really nothing Miku haters can do a vote is a vote. - visitor

I couldn't have said this any better myself. I commend whoever made this. Also, for those who believe that Miku is only a robot and can't express emotion, you're dead wrong. She expresses emotion through her music. Also, Miku isn't going to completely BANISH real people singing onstage, but instead is instead shedding a new light on music that many people enjoy. Also, many famous singers use Auto-tune, which is essentially Photoshop for singers, covering up mistakes and glossing over flaws in someone's voice. This is basically the equivalent of cheating in the music industry. It can also ruin a (failed attempt at a) song. See Rebecca Black's Friday? Auto-tuned so much her voice sounds disgustingly fake. Eugh. Do we want to see just another generic real-life singer covering up their true voice with lies? No!... I apologize for the rant. I'm done now. Miku deserves to have her chance to shine, and show the world what she's got. - visitor

SO AGREED - visitor

These are some pretty good points. Personally, I like Kaito a lot but Miku is still cool - visitor

Hey, Miku is great! But, she already has enough fame! Vote for Kagamine Rin! Forever Vocaloid! - visitor

This is what hatters need to hear. - visitor

"She lives in the hearts and minds of her fans"? Are aware of how lame that sounds? Dear god. - visitor

Then? - visitor

Shut they tried - visitor

So the HELL who cares - visitor

As lame as it sounds, its true. - visitor

Hey how come the comment and replies are missing words? Just thought that was weird - visitor

Well I agree it sound lame... But you know...
even epic horror characters like Freddy Kruger uses a quite similar
terms like that.
Remember that he became weaker because teenage are forgetting them? - visitor

Personally I like the Kagamine twins and Miku is alright but If you actually listened to some of the vocaloid songs you'd realize they have a lot more meaning than most of this random crap people sing about drugs, sex, and partying these days. They have deeper meaning and connect to a lot of people. You need to stop being so immature. People can believe in that they want and singers these days don
t really connect to anyone or most people. However when I go on youtube and read the comments on vocaloid songs they are all touched by how much it relates to them. WHICH IS WHAT MUSIC IS SUPPOSE TO DO. I rest my case. - visitor

This could be said for all other Vocaloids.
However they aren't 5cm laugh out loud. They're actually pretty huge, bigger than a normal person. Otherwise how will all the fans be able to see? They're much larger in concerts ^-^ - visitor

Whats makes Japan unique? One of the answers is Hatsune Miku. If haters are trying to report copyright claims at youtube and deleting miku from the world. Doesn't that means that Japan will lost one of its unique thing? Secondly, regardless of English Pop, Korean Pop, Japan Pop. The most important fact is that the lyrics are able to touched a millions of people hearts. Ultimately, the respect will go to the songs writer who produce these music. So stop hating. As all the singers want is for people to enjoy their music. - visitor

I agree with this I think Miku should sing in the olympics. And Miku haters, Read this: Please leave the fans alone for they love Miku, And give it a chance to her. And quit trolling on people please
- janellevillagracia

To all Lovers and Haters...

This is true to me... Hatsune Miku Change my life a lot... Since I heard her song, Melt(Meruto), "From y to y" and more, it make me feel what the writer wrote or express their feeling... Slowly I like Her and the other Vocaloid of course... U may call me Vocaloid-Lover, Miku-Lover or Any u want... BUT Don't Insult Any one of Vocaloid... They Exist for a reason... Some may think is stupid and say "She fake" or "She not Real"... But tell me Is Musics or Songs Fake?

Non-Real Artist or Edited Voice Artist(I can't explain but, Is the one where they Tune their Voices) for me is real... They Both got their Strong Points and Weakness.. But More important is their Song... Song that change people! Song That Save Hope and life. Song that Remind someone you have lost.. Song That Push Forward or never Give UP!

To all The Haters and Lovers of all.. Please stop this useless Argument. You only will hurt each other.. So Give Chances.. Accept it or just go with the flow... Well Thank you for your time reading this.

If you wish to fight back or continue this argument... Please Stop.. I myself Don't like how both the lovers and the haters Fighting...

-To your Faithfully-
~NekoMancer~ - visitor

My god, finally someone with the brains to end this arguement. And also haters, there are real people behind the development of these songs, the animation, the holograms for the concerts, etc. When you say Miku is a s***head, you are calling everybody who spent their time and effort to create that song a s***head too. So everybody, just stop this once and for all and listen to the music. People could never be permanetly replaced by a virtual diva. - visitor

As one of the commenters said above singers this days use too much auto tune and its like listening to dumbasses sing about drugs and fridays - visitor

Even thou I'm kagamine's fan, you're right in one thing: VOCALOIDs DO have hearts. The emotion is not actually depends on te singers if its real or not, you know.. Listen to Himitsu ~Shiro no Chikai~ or Kokoro Kiseki if you want what you guys call 'emotion'.. That's all - visitor

Cool I'm agredd with that &
- visitor

I agree... Many people don't like her just bacause she's not real..
i have two question to all haters:
if you like dragons, avatar, star wars, marvel superheroes and supervillains, aliens, are they real?
and the other question is: the ideas on how to make them, the imagination, the creativity, aren't those real?
that's the point of it all, creativity and imagination... Emotions are only for the emphasis of it all.. For example, there's this song.. It has a lot of emotions, but the lyrics are the same as many other songs... Which will you prefer? A song that has all the emotion of three people combined but the lyrics are garbage; or a song that only has one person's emotion, but the lyrics could tell many stories, could connect to other's feelings... If you don't understand the meanings, then google translate is just a waste of internet...
that's all I'm gonna say.. This is my own selfish opinion, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone... - visitor

I love miku she's they absolute best! - visitor

I must say, I AGREE! Me and miku fans have loved miku for a very long long time now.. So why can't we switch things over? Please don't put the hating on miku. And, forgive me if I have offended you or anyone out there.. - visitor

Alright. I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these comments. We got haters and Miku lovers... I refuse to state where I stand( don't need people trashing my opinion) but here's the thing, no matter where you go, no matter what it is, you will always have the two sides. It's like Light and Darkness, one can't exist without the other. Can we all agree on that? Maybe I like LIGHTS... Are all you Miku fans going to kill me? And maybe I like Meguring Luka... Vocaloid haters gonna kill me for THAT? I can't help it if maybe I like both, I just like rythym. I like thecnology, I like synthesia, I <3 Skrillex... And that's just my preferances... Sorry. And now, you may trash my preferances if you need to be that immature. - visitor

I agree. So far, this poll is unffocial, but hopefully, Miku(or any other vocaloids) WILL perform. Let's not forget the other Vocaloids though, like Rin and Len or Luka - visitor

Yes she is not real but she have the talent and no matter ef she is real or not and I'm totaly with you - visitor

I'm a Vocaloid fan, so I must also therefore be a weaboo who shuns human singers. If I have Creeping in my Soul after American idiot after Aku no Musume, I'm not a real fan of any of those singers.

I did a sponsered silence, during which I sat don for an hour listening to My Chemical Romance.

Oh, but I can't be a Vocaloid fangirl, can I? And I definitely can't be a cosplayer of Gumi. - visitor

Enjoy usic when ya have it - visitor

Okay, so I have a few things to say (I'm not attacking anyone). Miku IS real in her own way, because her thoughts and emotions are those of her fans. She gives us all a voice, and so do the rest of the Vocaloids. Everyone's entitled to their own oppinions, but haters stop and think:are you hating her because of her background or because you honestly just don't like her music. If the second reason is how you feel, I'm completely fine with it. Your oppinion is your oppinion, but if you hate her because of her background and because she isn't real I'd like you to read this. Again, just like many comments hve said, she gives everyone a voice. I mean honestly, how many of you think you could make it as a song writer on your own - visitor

Great speech! That should convince some Miku haters! - visitor

The whole point of vocaloid is to give people a voice and a way to express themselves through music. Why can't people understand that? You can hate her all you want but its never going to accomplish anything so wake up and face the music - visitor

Totally agree!
Why people do not want to understand? Vocaloids have emotions in the song and writer's emotions. Miku and Other Vocaloid give a better future and a new color to the music! So why listen to live groups like old generations?
(I am attacking anyone, it is just my opinion) - visitor

But I think Miku singing in olympic is weird(I am not an anti of Miku) - visitor

As said many, many times before, Miku isn't going to REPLACE 'real' singers. They use voice sample things from 'real' singers. So if they're going to make vocaloids, we'll always have to use 'real' singers.

It's not like vocaloid is hurting anyone. - visitor

Hatsune miku isn't copyright, not replacing true singers, and can also touch people's hearts with the lyrics. So stop hating, if you don't like hatsune miku then don't get involved in it. ( hating ) - visitor

Dude, you're awesome - visitor

Vocaloids are for all ages 11+ just the weirdos on youtube/NicoNicoDouga make everything odd - visitor

I love vocaloid. I love the twins the most, and I listen to Miku songs as well. Although this is a pretty late time to say this, but I'm getting sick of hearing her name OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Why can't anybody say, 'All Vocaloids have emotion etc etc'? All I hear is MIKU has emotion. MIKU is the fans. MIKU is real. MIKU is queen. MIKU this MIKU that, it's getting very frustrating. Yes I agree she's the representative of vocaloid, but Miku fans talk like she's the only vocaloid that exists. She's literally hogging every single Vocaloid's spotlight, and I think it's extremely unfair for the composers for Luka, the twins, Kaito, Lily, Meiko, Gumi, Gakupo, IA etc because they put hard work into their songs as well, and all they get is crickets. Since everybody is fanning over Miku she gets all the attention, leading to the composers ditching the other Vocaloids and using Miku because they know their work would be noticed if they use her. I'm not a hater. I love Vocaloid, but I don't like the way Miku is treated by the fans. All Vocaloids should be noticed, not just one. - visitor

You know, you got a point. Miku is pretty much the big star of the vocaloid program, but the twins and luka and everyone else should get their light too. Not Kaito, I just can't stand that voice. It's so, like, weird. - visitor

I love miku! Why didn't she preform?!?!? She won the most votes! One direction preformed instead! Why?! I am one angry fangirl - visitor

I guess they wanted a HUMAN to perform... 😞 I can't believe people now a days! - visitor

I love Vocaloid and Miku because some songs have a deep stories/lyrics, and I never get bored of them, sometimes I got easily bored of western songs

No offences, i"love" Demi Lovato but little by little I'm not really love her again just "like"

But this is differences
I never get bored of vocaloids, I'll always watch vocaloid songs in youtube everyday and I never get bored of it

Vocaloids changes my life - visitor

I don't hate Miku, but she isn't really a singer... It's more of a computer program that makes songs. So technically, a computer is singing, not her... And technically, the songs have real instruments in them with a computer that makes the words (and sings them). So technically, Miku fans like the music, probably not Miku herself... Unless you like Miku as a character. That's how I feel about her and the other vocaloids, I like their character. I like the music and the people who make it. It's like being a huge fan of One Direction, you would be a huge fan of a computer. So Miku fans like myself actually like the people who make the music and the music itself, not the computer program making it. I mean, you could say, "Hey, that's an awesome computer thing that they use to make that music! ". You could also enjoy Miku and her character. Just not the program itself... Gosh, this is so hard to explain I'm getting myself confused . I don't know how to be any clearer, but maybe you guys can figure it out... - visitor

Fanboy Eliot
I don't like mrimtheleader1 on yt. Miku hater Anyway Thank you for explaining to all those haters out there - visitor

Everyone has a valid point about how Miku and other Vocaloids deserve respect and everything, and I agree, but...

Mothy. Machigerita. Yuyoyuppe. Hachi. DECO*27. Powapowa. Scop. Nanou. Manbo. The list goes on and on. All of these songwriters/composers, and many more that are just as important. Not to mention all of the musicians who make the music used in the song, the dedicated artists who make amazing music videos... A lot of people are involved in the Vocaloid world.
That doesn't mean real singers are going to vanish. DECO*27 uses Vocaloids as well as real people for the vocals in the songs he/she creates. Yuyoyuppe does sing and cover songs on his own while using Vocaloids to sing many of his origInal works. These are just a few examples, and there are many more who do the same.
These people create incredible songs with music and lyrics that touch people's hearts, but that doesn't mean that there are no Vocaloid songs about sex or drugs or whatever. There are. Plenty. Many people who listen to the music just tend to be the kind of people who DON'T prefer to listen to songs of that nature.
Music is always going to evolve, just like it has. People haven't stopped playing violin or piano just because electric guitars or computer generated sounds were more popular. All types of music exists, and I don't bash other types just because I don't like them or I can't comprehend how somebody else could like them. All I ask is that other people do the same.

Now to massage the cramps my fingers have from typing all of that out. - visitor

Well, I do love vocaloid, I only hate miku. her voice is too happy and too squeaky and high pitched. also her voice make my ears and head hurt. - SakuraYumi24

It changes when you realize 50% of haters hate her for starting weeaboo parties and such, and also promoting racism (like the whole Leon vs. Miku). - visitor