Why SHINee Deserves To Perform at the 2012 London Olympics

The very concept of the Olympics is unity around the world (as shown by the Olympic flag, which features five intertwined rings to symbolize the unity of the five inhabited continents). If a Korean artist such as SHINee were given the chance to perform at the 2012 Olympics, they will be able to open the eyes of others to not only Korean, but also Asian music and culture. Doing so will help promote UNITY AMONG DIFFERENT CULTURES, which, as mentioned, is the heart of the Olympics.

Now one might argue that SHINee is not the only Korean artist in the world. This is true, but I also believe that SHINee is the best choice to represent Asia for the following reasons:

SHINee, unlike most KPop artists who play safe by sticking to pop formulas, is not afraid to take risks in terms of music. In their almost four years in the KPop scene, they have managed to impress people from around the world with a diverse set of music genres. SHINee's music represents Korean music at it's best.

SHINee as a whole group is also one of the most sensational and well rounded performers in KPop. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin are all talented in their respective fields, but when they come together and perform as one, they become a formidable force: SHINee who puts in 200% effort into every performance, and can dance well, sing beautifully, rap powerfully, and more.


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SHINee should obviously get a chance. SHINee FIGHTING&^ - visitor

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In Poland, to such statements we say "Dobrze gada, polać mu! " Hell yeah, I absolutely agree with you! They are absolutely gorgeous artists and people should give them a chance to perform. SHINee fighting! Shawols fighting! - visitor