Just an Opinion but I Think Super Junior Should Perform

I just think this because Super Junior is the best and one of my first favorite K-pop groups. They've been through things as a family such as losing members, practiced, sang, played games, trips, performing concerts, etc. They let their fans be happy about what they perform. They've been awarded for many things.

Their voices make people want to get up dance and sing their songs. Some cousins showed me for the first time and I just fell in love with these K-pop singers. Super Junior gave me chances to follow up on their concerts, songs, and albums. Many fans around the world love them and if you love them vote! They'll probably give it their best performance in the London Olympics 2012. Super Junior are the best singers i know.

Super Junior has so many songs you'll just love. They have their ways of singing and dancing. The songs are energetic and fun to dance and sing along. So come on and join the Super Junior fans and vote!!


When I mean "lose members" I mean they resigned... - visitor

Super junior is the one... They re the best - visitor

thanks - visitor

Super junior is great but miku the greatest. Her songs all have meaning. - visitor

Super Junior should perform rather than hatsune miku come on! - visitor

I vote for miku her songs are better them junior and way better then that infidel justin beber - visitor

Ill say I vote for miku because I had a hard time picking so I look up miku and id really like her songs so I pick miku - visitor