What Should Happen For the Olympics: Vocaloids

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

A lot of people like Miku. I understand that. She is one of the most well-known Vocaloids and she has been out for the longest time. A lot of people don't know as much about the other Vocaloids. Every single one has a different voice, and even though all of them won't be able to go to the Olympics, I would really love to see another Vocaloid(s) at the Olympics.

They are amazing, considering that they are technology and light. The world needs to learn more about them, and I think that Miku shouldn't be the only one performing. I personally think that she sounds really good with Luka Megurine and the Kagamine twins: Rin and Len. Of course, it's all your own opinion. Just please consider what I've said and vote for the other Vocaloids- Miku isn't going to drop out of first place any time soon. She is in first place by ten percent- it would take a lot of votes to topple her down, if it's even possible.

So please, just vote for the other Vocaloids as well.

Thank you so much.



I agree. Miku is a queen; she won't topple.
PLEASE VOTE FOR THE KAGAMINES! (They're the next Vocaloids after Miku. - visitor

Ay I'm not visitor I'm Alyssa-Chan but I agree - visitor

Finally a meaningful post including all the vocaloids I agree as well. I like the twins better than Miku, but I don't hate her. It's just a bit tiring after seeing her having the spotlight the whole time. Vote for the Kagamines! - visitor

I agree 1 trillion % - visitor

You can say that again! - visitor

You right bro - visitor

All the vocaloids are awesome and I wish the votes were offitioal - visitor

Miku is a queen she won't go down she'll be like remain in 1th place forever if we can try our hardest voting for rin and len kagamine there AT THE 23TH Place we can give it a chance to beat miku I mean there the 2th best vocaloid after miku (in my opinion) and they put so many emotion into there sogn that y I love there songs >. < - visitor

I think Rin and Len are the best vocaloids ever! Then Miku. Just my oppinion but if the Kagamine twins don't make it, at least let Miku perform... - visitor


I want Rin and Len to perform!
Their so cute! - kyaracalderon

Rin and Len for the win~! Vote for them! - visitor

Rin and Len for the WIN! - visitor


I do agree with you that the other Vocaloids need more support as well! They all have their own unique voices, and blend well with each other based on the conduction of each song. However, one thing I do think should be pointed out is that Miku is the most popular, yes, and she is definitely one of the oldest, but she is not the oldest of the Vocaloids. Meiko and Kaito came out before Miku did, and even before them, there were other English developed by a different company. That having been said, I do believe that other Vocaloids should be regarded as well! - visitor

I agree with you infinite % - visitor