Why I think Big Bang should perform at the Olympics

Hello, everyone! My name is Kate, and I'm a 14 years old girl. By reading that last sentence, you might have already said "Oh, another immature child that thinks they know good music", and I won't stop you from saying that. However, I think you should consider Big Bang.

Why not Hatsune Miku? Most people that are interested in anime and Japan know her. But do you think everyone that will watch the Olympics will be that happy with seeing a holograme singing? I don't hate her, I used to listen to her 1 year ago, I can say I love her actually. However, even though I won't deny that Miku's voice can portray emotion well for only being a robot, I don't think that she'd be a good candidate for this spot. She's still only a holograme, and even as amazing as this may seem, some people may not be pleased with this. Not everyone likes or knows Miku.

Why not Super Junior? I love Super Junior, I really do. I'm a hard-core ELF (Super Junior fan). But, there are too many people in Super Junior. Even though us fans got used to it, if you are an international ELF you'll know how hard it was for you at first to tell them apart. Don't lie, we have all done this. Having Super Junior singing will only make people think "all asians look the same" and we don't want that, do we? Super Junior IS an amazing group, with amazing vocals, amazing dances and such, but sadly they do look alike for people that aren't used to kpop or asian people in general. I'm not being racist, I'm just being honest.

Why Big Bang? There are only 5 members, with different styles, and they're really easy to tell apart. They have really good vocals, and their songs are somehow similar to American music, so it's really easier to listen to their songs if it's the first time you've heard Kpop. They know how to connect with the people in the audience and give their soul on stage. They can transform so well. Off-stage, they're cute and dorky, but when they're on stage, they have charisma and personality. Even though they aren't as popular as Super Junior or Miku, they are amazing. You don't believe me? Look up their live performances, you can see how it feels more like a family reunion (and I don't mean one of these boring ones!) rather than a performance. They would probably be so moved about this, especially after last year they won MTV EMA 'Worldwide Act' which was a shock for them. I really wish everyone would give them a chance, because they are really special and inspirational.

This is only my opinion, of course you can agree or disagree with it. But I just wanted to say all of this. Because Big Bang is worth it.


For Hatsune Miku

-SHE"S NOT A ROBOT! But do you think everyone that will watch the Olympics will be that happy with seeing a holograme singing? YES! Not everyone likes or knows Miku. WELL I SHONE 21 POEPLE MIKU AND MOST (20)OF THEM LIKED IT. SOME EVEN CLAPED AT THE END OF THE SONG! ~DIVAMIKU~ - visitor

You dare juge the power of miku away with you infidel - visitor

I agree with you completly BigBang are amasing and many people got to know them becouse of the fact that they won that award on the EMAS (it was a beutyfull moment & ) and the rest that don't know them should really give them a chance becouse they're songs are awesome and so are them and I think it would be very very very nice to see and hear them sing on the olympics *. * - visitor