Why we ♥ JAY CHOU.

Amazing is an understatement. His achievements go beyond what the traditional Asian singers has gone through. His music covers all sorts of Genre. Pop, Ballad, Rap, Rock & Traditional Chinese mixed with Western Genre. Not only that, he continues to innovate his songs as well as his performance. For other singers/artists you see the same performances all over again and people tend to just appreciate that, but Jay Chou? You must watch his performances from his first concert "The One" then 2nd concert "The Incomparable", major improvements in performances, musical arrangements and effects. Up until his 2007 The Jay Chou World Tours and the recently-ended The Era Concert, his improvement in stage performance, songs and visual effects were incomparable. With the help of his JVR Music team, he has created much more than any of the artists in HK, China and Taiwan.

His music attracted many Non-Chinese speaking individuals who were just amazed at how he composes and arranges his music. Help from Mr. Vincent Fang Wen Shan for lyrics has made him Jay's partner is writing and composing. Mr. Fang's poetic lyrics with Jay's cool music has brought such big impact to all his listeners. It's a fantasy music!

For first timers, you won't seem to like how he acts so 'cool' in his interviews, pictures and videos. He is in fact a soft-hearted, diligent and filial fellow. He has a golden heart, I believe his greatness has come from the roots that has nurtured him with what he is now.

Mumbling words. Yes he does mumble, but he doesn't realize that 'coz if you try to listen to his songs, it's one chord + 2 words at a time. So it's like trying to fit 7 words in 3 chords. Amazing right? Had an experience before that a colleague said she doesn't listen to Jay Chou 'coz of his mumbling, so I told her if she has tried to read the lyrics, after reading the lyrics, she got interested and started singing along with me whenever I play Jay's music at work. :)

Interesting Lyrics. Some of the songs I'd like to introduce are:

1. William's Castle- Here, Fang Wen Shan wrote about a castle wherein there's a pig caretaker who speaks French, a fat witch who doesn't know how to fly a broom, a vampire who likes to snore after drinking blood, and Princess Caitlin who only drinks blood from a male rat with AB Bloodtype.

2. Cowboy on the run- Lyricist Huang Jun Lang here describes a weird personality of a Cowboy, he only drinks milk in the bar coz beer can harm his body, he only rides the pony 'coz he can't get on a horse and while he stumbles along the grass, he makes it a point he doesn't pull the grasses off the ground. ^^

3. Hydrophobic Sailor- Again, Huang Jun Lang describes a Sailor who treats his cabin as his home, pees into the sea, is allergic to seafood and only eats congee with a bit of seaweeds. He's always late for work, goes to the seaside and buys shrimps so he can free them, during fishing time he doesn't fish for fishes but mermaids. XD This song is quite for the kids, but really cute and funny.

4. In the name of the Father- A very scary composition with Huang Jun Lang as lyricist. This covers a Godfather trying to know who betrayed him and the song depicts how a scapegoat is going to die, everything ends in tragedy. Very cool music, must listen!

Interesting Music.

1. It rained all night- The transition of a ballad to a traditional "Er Hu" after the first chorus has really caught my ears. It was just amazing.

2. COmmon Jasmine Orange- The Banjo. That's it!

3. Free Promotional Video- Oh the lyrics here is quite hilarious with a touch of blues, you'll remember Elvis himself but instead of Blues sued Shoes, it's a RAP. He can incoroporate blues in the lyrics and talk about cows in the end. :handsdown:

4. Herbalist Manual- He just raps about all the Chinese medicines and doctors. You'll be healed when you listen to this song. Very nice composition as well.

5. East Wind Breaks- A mix of rap and traditional Chinese music. Very soothing to the ear, very nice. <3

6。Give me a Time of a Song- R&B to it's finest!

Interesting MVs. I would suggest you go to youtube and copy paste the characters I'm going to write below:

1. 退后 Retreat

2。搁浅 Lingering

3。迷昏曲 Inception Song

4。以父之名 In the name of the Father

5。夜的第七张 Twilight's Chapter 7

6。青花瓷 Porcelain Vase

7。蛇舞 Snake Dance

8。疗伤烧肉粽 Healing through Gluttinous Rice

9。黄金甲 Curse of the golden Armor

10。水手怕水 Hydrophobic Sailor

Try some of those songs I mentioned above and I think you'll understand what I'm talking about in no time. :)

Check youtube. They're a must.

Hope u guys enjoy!!!


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I love Jay not only for his music, but also for his personality, he is such a nice guy, kind, cute, shy, creative, hardworking. He is really the respresentative of the young nowdays. Jay Chou, we all love you. Just do what you want to do, you are our superman. - visitor

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