Please Read, Support The Kagamine Twins

guys, first of all miku is already at the top of this list and i don't blame her for that. the kagamine twins aren't as famous as the k-pop sensations like "Super Junior" and "Girls' Generation" but they're really great! they're voices are very beautiful and heart touching. count on both of them for sad songs, happy songs, saddest songs you name it! i only made this to support the kagamine twins, not to pressure you guys.

i'm also doing this not because i like the kagamine twins, but i do love them. but this is not the place to show it. please give them a chance. this not they're first time performing live yes, but they're not as famous as all the stars in the real world like "justin bieber", "Lady Gaga"or "jonas brothers" or "demi lovato". yes they're not human beings, but they are singers! they're alson known by the world! there are many kagamine fans out there across the world, but not as many as the other stars right? help them rach stardom! help them gain more fans! if they perform at the 2012 london olympics opening ceremony, i'm sure it will be a great performance!

a lot of people out there have never seen them perform live right? even i never have! maybe the've seen them in youtube, but that's not the real thing! we all want to see them sing in front of our own eyes, and hear them with our own ears and feel their songs with our own hearts! at my school so little people know about the twins or even vocaloid, they never even heard of the name vocaloid. they say that the j-pop will not beat the k-pop, i want to prove them wrong. i want to prove that the k-pop and the j-pop is equally great! they're both awesome! but the vocaloids especially Rin and Len needs more attention buy people around the world! they need to be known! they need to prove that vocaloids exist! and Rin-Len will help the vocaloids to prove so. help them be known worldwide, help them gain the spotlight for a change.

The kagamine twins are really cute in my opinion, they're voices are too. but when they sing they're append voices you'll be in speechless mode. try listening to "soundless voice" the append version by Len-kun. it's really great. and try hearing out "Kokoro" by Rin-Chan, it's also great and makes me shed a tear (even tears/cry). or "Glow" and "hope" by kagamine len append voice! or "startline" by kagamine rin's append voice! maybe "hello again" by Rin-Len append. rin can be a little high-pitch but she can also be really sweet, and len may sound really soft but don't be fooled! he can be really boyish even manly sometimes! they're most like append voices is the POWER append.

try hearing them sing! try feeling they're singing! and hear they're songs right from the bottom of your heart, close your eyes and don't stop the music until it stops! try hearing "butterfly on your right shoulder", "Soundless Voice", "Kokoro", "Kokoro Kiseki", "clover", "new millenium" all the kagamine twins songs out there! i hope it changes your opinion about them! if you don't like them so much tell me why, tell me why they shouldn't perform, tell me why you don't think they can sing.

this is a good time to also prove that technology around the world has improved. they're not like any other singers yes, but wouldn't it be great if there are singers that are different? that are unique? this post maybe not as encouraging as the hatsune miku posts. but this is the best i can do. the kagamine fans wants to make the crypton future media proud and not regret they're decision/plan of the making of the kagamine twins. try voting for them please, the kagamine twins will surely not let you regret your vote for them.

go to google/youtube or even any other websites NOW to search for their songs! don't hold back! close your eyes and feel they're voices flow within your heart, let yourself cry from the bautiful harmonies! don't stop listening until the song stops! and also WELCOME YOURSELF TO THE KAGAMINE WORLD!

(i made this on the behalf of the kagamine fans, if you vote for them i thank you)


Please read even if it's long/a little too short. This is the best I can do. Please support them! *bows* - visitor

How do I vote for them too? :O - visitor

Yeah, I've been trying to vote them 2 times. It's really frustrating! - visitor

Have you vote for them? I managed to vote them. Maybe you have to wait for a couple of days. I check this website like everyday to vote for them - visitor

GASP. FINALLY A POST ON THE TWINS. A TIP OF THE HAT TO YOU, BRO. I love the twins and they are my favourite vocaloids I've been following Rin and Len's songs for 2 years now, and I'm so proud of the Ps who have gave them the best songs ever Personally, I think ALL vocaloids should perform together, (which would not happen LOLOL) not just Miku only. It's a bit tiring seeing her bagging the spotlight and it's time for a tiny introduction of the twins, or even Luka or Kaito or Meiko. Everything about the twins is awesome, and I can't thank anyone else for creating and singing beautiful, emotional and meaningful songs which made the songs in my phone have more variety and colour. They DO actually touch your hearts and make you dance and bounce on a swirvelling chair like an 8 year old So it's time for a GEKOKUJYOU and let's make the twins shine and at least become minor equals to Miku! Come on guys, it's not just Miku only, vote for the kagamine twins! Again, thank you to the person who posted this and brought the subject up - visitor

Thanks for thanking ^_^ I think all the voca to perform is a little hard don't you think? Yeah Rin-Len are great, I dunno why some dislikes or even hate them. I don't really think they deserved to be hated. And yeah it's kinda makes me a little sad for miku to get the spotlight (it's natural for her to get so), but the kagamine twins are as great as miku aren't they? And they're songs are also touching! Try searching at youtube for the 3 most tragic kagamine songs, it really makes me cry like a a little girl begging her mother to buy her a toy . But I really did to be honest. Have you heard prisoner, servant of evil, or proof of life yet? They REALLY make me cry! And hearing they're other songs like migikata no chou? It's really cool! Yeah, let's support them and make them shine as the other stars! Maybe shining more brightly! Again too, thanks fro thanking. The kagamine's really need some support so I made this post to do so ^_^ - visitor

Trust me, bro. I've heard every single popular by the twins. I'm just one of their casual fans - visitor

Please, kagamine twins are one (two) of the vocaloids that DON'T need more fans. What about Yukari, IA or Iroha? - visitor

Tell that to the Miku fans :/ she literally has millions of fans and the twins only have thousands. The polls prove it. The reasons why the twins are more popular than yukari and iroha is that yukari and iroha weren't even popular to start off in Japan. IA is now so much more popular than the twins in Japan because of her voicer who is one of the popular j pop stars. It basically all revolves around which voicer is popular. Now gumi's popularity is on par with Miku in Japan, literally, because of her voicer, who is like IA, is one of the famous jpop stars. Miku's popular because she's the first gen 2 vocaloid to come out, and the twins' voicer was kinda in the shadows because she didn't have enough popularity as a real person/artist. She's only mainly known for voicing the little boy who grew up with Alois Trancy in kuroshitsuji season 2. The western society is so obsessed with how the vocaloids sound like, not what is really happening to the popularity status of the vocaloids in Japan. - visitor

I support all Vocaloids. I like the Kagamines best of all. Miku takes the popularity from them. I vote Rin and Len each time I come on this website. This is the only post I've seen about the twins. They need to perform in the Olympics. Miku has millions of fans and Rin and Len only have thousands. I like Miku, but I love the Kagamines. Please help them get into the top tens.

- visitor

Yeah me too! Well, I made this post because' the twins needmore love~dechu! - visitor

Some of the "Minor Characters" need a chance to be in the spotlight. Sure, they aren't real singers and, and sure they themselves aren't even real, but heck! Miku isn't real either. Rin and Len Kagamine deserve to sing at the 2012 Olympics!

Who Agrees!? - visitor

Laugh out loud I have been voting every other day just to get them into the top ten and to see how far they have gone makes me happy. Thanks for making this its shows how much support you have given them. But it does seem like some people have stopped voting for the twins. Hopefully they can get into the top ten before the Olympics arrive. Please everyone keep voting for the sake of all vocaloid fans out there. ~SEKAI (>. <)/ help the Kagamine twins. Orenji and Banana for the win! - visitor

I agree but I don't like saying that miku is bad, I would love it if al of the vocaloids perform together. I am actually really happy that the kagamine twins got to the 18th place! At first when I checked out this website the kagamine twins are at the 20th place :'(. I REALLY don't like it when the others who are not fans of the twins or not the fans of vocaloid or even the haters say that the vocaloids are nothing but just digital or virtual things that move around dance and sing just because of a humans planning they're every step. Even if that it's true, even if that they are just a program build by the crypton future media working together with yamaha to produce their voices, THEY ARE SINGERS! And every single music lovers on this world should know that! The kagamine twins are not as famous as the other sensations, I will never let them be said that they are just mere programs! My friends at school always say that they shouldn't perform, they always say that the k-pop sensations should ALWAYS perform! But I will NEVER approve of that! Yes they are just holograms, but is it really bad if they DO perform!? Do you NOT want them to perform? Do the haters of the kagamine twins doesn't want the twins to reach stardom like the other stars or even reach higher then any of them!? I will always vote for them, and I will never approve of them to lose. VOTE FOR THEM IF YOU AGREE! - visitor

WOOTS! The twins moved from rank 18 to 14! Thank you everyone! KEEP VOTING! Let's show everyone what we're made of! WE ARE KAGAMINATION! - visitor


Yeah! But sadly I can't vote these days! They've made it to the 14th place but they're not going upwards! At the top of them is a shining idol right now. PLEASE KEEP ON VOTING FOR THEM! - visitor

I love the Kagamine twins (Len is a sexy beast. Woot. ), but does anyone here ACTUALLY believe that they (or Miku, or any other Vocaloid, or even a K/JPop group) are really going to be playing at the Olympics? Come on. The majority of the world isn't open-minded enough to give that a chance and the people managing the Olympics are going to want a sure-fire act to draw in more people. I wish people weren't so closed-minded and stubborn, but they are. Besides, it's more likely that they will be looking for UK bands to play, since it will take place in London. I'm betting on One Direction, even though I'm not really a fan. That's just how it is, friends. I wouldn't waste too much time on this. It's an unofficial list, anyway. - visitor

We know that it is not official, we vote just for fun, and to show Bieber fans Rin & Len are better ^w^
- visitor

Wow! Last time I checked- the Kagamine twins were at rank 72! I'm so happy!

Orenji and Banana are my favorite. They deserve more recognition. I will keep voting in the meantime, and I hope everybody else will do the same! - visitor

I love the twins and it would be a dream to see them singing live in my T.V. not just on youtube and I vote for them every time I go to this webiste I usually go with everything electronic so that I can vote many times for em P: goo Kagamine family revolution for the win! - visitor

HOLD UP people OPEN your EYES IA, YUKARI, KAITO IS NOT MORE POPULAR THEN THE TWINS like the top 3 vocaloid's 1. Miku 2. Rin 3. Len should have enough fans already geez ia is like the 9th popular vocaloid so don't say that she's like 2nd popular. Sorry if I hurt anybody's feeling but people get or stinkin facts strait ia isn't stinking popular then rin and len geez NOW don't TALK BAD BOUT ALL VOCALOIDS because IF you DO I WILL SMACK you IN THE FACE I think all vocaloid's should get love and not get hated on ia is my favorite vocaloid by the way then seeu, then V flower - visitor