It's just opinions! K-Pop, J-Pop or Western Music, Virtual or Real, nothing matters!

Guys, guys. I know that all of us (including me) want our favourite singers to perform but the ones who will decide things are not us. This list is just for us to voice our opinions (and there are even people who cheat on this list). There is nothing to fight for about the places of the singers on this list. The host country decides the winner in this performance war and it will be strange if they don't pick someone from their country. I personally am an Asian and also a big Vocaloid fan but I don't wish to see people getting riled up because Vocaloids are not appreciated by many people. I also don't really like K-Pop but they worked hard and it's their style so even if I don't like it, I still appreciate the hard work anyway. Western people try hard, too. Being a singer is not easy because fans get riled up over trivial matters so easily that it ignites a long, long and endless chain reaction. I think Vocaloids are really lucky because they don't get framed into scandals by paparazzi or have to listen to complains and bad words from anti-fans nor get bothered by haters.

Like I said, I'm an Asian and I prefer the Kagamine Twins but I don't fight because Miku is on the top, not them. I like Kagamine twins doesn't mean I hate Justin Bieber or Super Junior. We are being stupid here fighting because of this UNOFFICIAL LIST. I don't say that you can't hate but hating becaue of this is quite unfair for both the singers and the fans. I don't mind if why you hate is that their songs have bad lyrics, tune or bad meaning (This doesn't apply to Vocaloids since they don't write their songs nor get to decide whether they will sing it or not) but if you hate the singer just because of their appearance or their choreography then it's quite unfair since their job is "Singer", they are supposed to sing not dance or looking good or get picked to sing for the Olympics openning ceremonies. If you don't like their voice, just stay at "Dislike" and don't move to "Hate" ("Anti" is even worse). If you simply just hate the singers because they are more popular than your favourite singers or have bad relationship with your favourites (Doesn't apply to the Vocaloids either) or because of where they came from then that's CRAZY. I can understand your mood but it's simply's just unfair. This also apply to people who hate the Vocaloids just because they are not real. They are not real but they can really sing and create real music.

I will remind you that THIS LIST IS UNOFFICIAL. It's just somewhere we can voice our opinions and see the others' opinions. Fans of real singers should get more riled up than Vocaloids virtual singers' fans because real singers age and die so they might not be able to perform for the Olympics openning ceremonies but for the virtual ones, there's always the next Olympics or Worldcup for them and their voice get better as time flows and technology advances, too. They have all the time but real people don't. Let them have the spotlight once before they disappear as time goes by. Any good, proper performer should have the chance once in their lives.


So true. I also personally prefer the twins better & that doesn't mean I don't like Miku! And because it's the LONDON Olympics, it'll just be silly for them to not choose a homegrown star. People are just so defensive about protecting what they like even fun polls like this breed hate and disgust among people. Just respect other people's opinions. No one's gonna stop you loving your star/idol, so your haters screaming at you won't make a difference to what you love.
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