What should happen in the Olympics : Kagamines.

They need to perform in the olympics. They sing the best songs ever. Instead of them being like Miku and singing songs like World is Mine, etc, they sing about REALITY. AKA Orphan. They sing a viriaty of songs. Lovers, twins, friends, or mirror images, they can sing with any of these traits.

The Kagamines are amazing. They make beatuiful songs. Migikata No Chou, Paper Planes, Prisoner, any song they make is amazing. Len will protect Rin for anything. Even if Rin was selfish and mean, Len protected her. ( AKA Servant of Evil, Daughter of evil ) Rin always regrets what she did, hoping to see Len again. ( AKA Regret Message ) Than Rin's wish comes true. ( AKA Re_birthday ) That whole seiries was sad, but beautiful.

They can sing many diferent kinds of songs. Rin : Enka, Pop, Rock. Len : Dance, Pop, Rock. They can sing more than that, but thats all I remember. - LOL - They have amazing voices. They both had their voices done by the same person; Asami Shimoda. They need more fans. Rin and Len are very amazing when it comes too songs. They sing about many things. Paper Planes, Prisoner : Love from people in two different worlds. Migikata No Chou : Love. Pantsu Nugero Mon : Wanting to be an adult, but then thinking its time to wait.

They need to have more fans. Please vote Rin and Len. We need them in the Olympics.


I don't really understand what you mean by 'instead of them being like Miku and singng songs like World Is Mine'. With Vocaloid, it's all about what the composers write. World Is Mine just happens to be a popular song (not one I particularly like) which happens to be sung by Miku. That doesn't mean Miku only sings those types of songs. Ever listened to Eden, Funeral Nocturnal Luminescence, Sleeping Beauty or Time Machine?
Vocaloids do not make songs, they only sing what they are programmed to sing, so comparing them by their most popular songs isn't good. Miku is the most well-rounded Vocaloid2, and is essentially the ICON of the whole Vocaloid fanbase. Having the second Vocaloid2s singing would create confusion, since Miku is far more widely recognised. Miku is responsible for the sudden success of Vocaloid, so she's the best choice if Vocaloids were chosen to sing at the Olympics.
Sorry for my rant, I am a massive Vocaloid fan, and I just hate it when people compare Vocaloids as if they were humans. Because they aren't. I love them a lot, but they don't choose what they sing. They sing whatever is inputted with their voicebanks, and whatever the composer writes. Miku isn't even my favourite Vocaloid, so it's not like I'm being all ' Miku-chan is way more kawaii than the Kagamine twins! " I'm talking logically. I really do like the Kagamine twins AND Miku! It's just that there is no reason why the Kagamines would be picked over the most well-known Vocaloid.
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I mean, I don't listen to Miku much. I don't know many songs sung by her. I like them both, and I think they should both perform. These are songs sung by Miku that I know : PopiPo World is mine Triple Baka and Full course for Candy Addicts. I think both Miku and the Kagamines are kawaii. - visitor

That 's right
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I agree with this person, they need to be number one. Yes, Kagamine Rin and Len are my favorites out of Vocaloid itself. But I mean seriously, they're in the 14th spot, below: McFly, Justin Bieber, TVXQ, 2NE1, B2ST, Lady Gaga, One Direction, JYJ, Girls' Generation, SHINee, BIGBANG, Super Junior and Hastune Miku. Come on, really? Justin Bieber? Kagamine Revolution fighters: GREEN IS THE EMEMY! Vote for them please - visitor

Yes! Vote for the twins~! - visitor

Miku gets a lot of attention already! Let the Kagamines have a chance! Plus they sing about so many different things and put so many emotions into their songs. ^. - visitor

I like the kagamines and miku people like miku more for I really don't know she just more favorite with the fans of Vocaloid even I like miku better them the kagamines we still love them and I don't know why luka insist on the list and why the kagamine are in 14 place and that f
N JB is betting them even if I like miku better than the twins I have a little crush on RIN even if I like miku songs better but everone loves them too so don't be so down about it and I don't get it green is the enemy are you saying you hate mikus leeks or that you hate miku bacause her color is light blue not green just saying this is KISHO THE FOX I'm out I'm going look for luka on the list PS. I have a crush on RIN - visitor