Why FT Island should perform at the Opening Ceremony

Like many other people who have the time to vote for their favorite singers, bands, idol groups and even vocaloids, here is another person who wishes to express their views and opinions on their favorite band.

FT Island consists of a five people, their music is light rock. They have debuted in 2007.

After growing up from Korean roots I watched many performances and at a certain age came to find most Korean songs boring. Yes, most are catchy and the people/idols who sing them are cute or handsome, but I felt that's all they were. Just visually appealing and catchy. And over time I felt that those who sang in idol groups were supressing their real vocal capabilities. Take Big Bang for instance. Their recent song Fantastic Baby is a fantastic example of a catchy dance music. And when I listened to this song, I felt sorry for the memebers, who I felt showed their real singing abilites for only up to 10 seconds in the song. Another point which bothers me about the whole idol business - do the groups or members themselves even take the time to create their own songs? And not just something their companies came up for them?

Unlike these groups, FT Island creates songs which are also catchy, but on top of that they show their full vocal and instrumental capabililties. Watching their performances, they also show deep emotion and dynamics every time they performed on stage. Whether that stage is taped or LIVE, their music abilies are flawless. They also tried new and different types of singing. For example, in their song "Be my Girl" they show every member of the group singing a short solo in the song. They also makes great remakes of past Korean songs, such as "Like the Birds" and others in music competitions in which they participated in.

Another thing which came into mind is the whole deal of connecting with the audience. In their performances, I noticed that their fans or the audience sings along with the band, and FT Island also encourages the audience to sing with them. Now, I know that most K-Pop songs involve the audience to stand up and dance with them, but does anyone actually ever sing along with the group's songs itself? Another group within the same company, CN Blue, debuted two years after them as a result of FT Island's talents. And when I first of them, I thought they were considerably better than Island. I listened to their songs only to be disappointed. They had amazing songs as well, but they also turned out to be greatly lacking in the connections department, and in the end in my opinion turned out to be another boring K-Pop band.

Why should FT Island perform at the Olympics? Flawless and dynamic performances, great music, idol-like looks and amazing audience connections.

They are not idols, but rather musicians.

If Hatsune Miku can sing Japanese and Super Junior in Korean, then FT Island should be given a chance to show their talents and exciting music as well.

-No offense intended by using other groups as examples-


Hatsune miku will win - visitor

Of course, She is the ultimate and the obvious winner because she is the very best Miku to us - visitor