Just a Hatsune Miku opinion...

Okay, I'm not an anti OR a fan, but I personally think Hatsune Miku should NOT perfom in the Olympics.

They show an image of her singing and dancing, if I am correct? Do you think the players would like to get cheered by some image person? No. This stage is supposed to make the players happy, so they can play well. And, it is sung by some computer software, right? i think the players would want to get cheered by a real person with their real voice. Look, I know you fans are going to say something like, "She is real in our hearts!" right? Well, what IF they're NOT for the players?

Look, this stage is made for the PLAYERS, not you guys. Let's think about THEIR opinions, too.

P.S. I am NOT HATING,okay?


The long speech by the IOC president has more of a detrimental effect on athlete's morale than any virtual singer would have... - visitor

I know that but stil she gives us inspiration she was the FIRST Vocaloid so actually shes really special - visitor

She Was the First? Lolwut? Are you new to Vocaloid? Come ON, people, Wikipedia and Google are your friends. Fans should NOT get basic facts wrong. This infuriates me to no end. Here's some trivia for you about Miku:

Was NOT the first Vocaloid. That honor goes to Lola and Leon, released together in 2004. Miku was released in 2007.

Was NOT the first Japanese Vocaloid. That honor goes to MEIKO, released in 2004 a couple of months after Miriam, the third English Vocaloid.

Was NOT the first female Vocaloid. That honor goes to Lola.

Was NOT the first Japanese Vocaloid. That honor goes to MEIKO.

Was NOT the first Crypton Future Media Vocaloid. That honor goes to MEIKO.

Was NOT the first Vocaloid to be released using the Vocaloid 2 engine. That honor goes to Sweet Ann, released a couple of months prior to Miku in 2007.

Was NOT the first Vocaloid to feature a character on the software package. That honor goes to MEIKO. However, MEIKO's box cover was not initially intended to represent the voice. Later it became offical after Miku's super stardom began.

Chronologically, Miku was the 7th commercially available Vocaloid product.

Crypton's third product. KAITO was the second.

Was the third product to feature a fictional character on the software package. Perhaps the fourth if we consider Sweet Ann's bizarre box art "character".

Was the second Japanese female Vocaloid commercially sold.

Was the third female Vocaloid. Second was Miriam.

Here's what Miku was first in:

First Japanese Vocaloid 2 product.

First Vocaloid 2 for Crypton Future Media.

First Vocaloid in Crypton Future Media's CVS series.

First Vocaloid to feature a purposely made cute styled voice, hence the Character Vocal Series.

First Vocaloid to spread like wildfire around the world.

First Vocaloid to appear in concert.

First Vocaloid to acheive a virtual diva status as described by some media outlets.

First Vocaloid to spawn a rhythm game featuring Vocaloid music. - visitor

"Was the third female Vocaloid. Second was Miriam. "

Quick correction - Miku is the 5th female Vocaloid - visitor

Agree with comment above. Miku was most definitely not the first Vocaloid to come out. - visitor

I agree with this post. Some people who don't even know what Vocaloid is would be quite shocked to see a physically non-existent singer singing in a huge giant stadium. They'll think they've been ripped off to watch a hologram when some real person can show off British talent could easily be chosen E. G Paul McCartney - visitor

You have no idea what your talking about here, do you have any idea how well she sings and yes some of us believe she is real to us literally. - visitor

I agree with you. It'll be so weird watching a fictional character performing on stage. I'm not an ANTI, 'kay? I just prefer REAL people singing. -coughKPOPIDOLS! Cough- - visitor

Enough people like her to the point that it will be possible. And plus if Japan gets the Olympics for 2020, I'm sure she will be there to perform. :p - visitor