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Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.


Adam Lambert is one the best singer in this generation and real indeed!

Very strong performer and the quality of his voice is unbelievable!

He came from planet fierce indeed!

Adam's extraordinary gift to entertain from his first singing on american idol every week making cover songs as his own unique style.. Fusing all genres jazz, blues, pop/rock, and disco, ethereal velvet vocals has gone onto international tour of glamnation, nominated for grammy, his fanbase is globals since performing with legendary band of Queen on EMA's, humanitarian heart for countless charities donors choose.Org for music education and schools, trevor project, clean drinking water, advocacy for equal rights, no more h8 campaign and now future 'Trespassing cd due in spring of 2012.. What more can be said.. Adam Lambert is a legend of our millennium who touches people of all ages, races, genders, and nationalities. So yes Adam Lambert has one my heart to sing at the Olympics!

A mashup of Adam Lambert's "Sure Fire Winners" & Queen's "We Are The Champions" would be the perfect collaboration for the spirit of the Olympics! The world needs this!

Adam has the best voice in pop music today. Check out his performance with Queen at the MTV EMAs. Truly jaw dropping. Looking forward to his new album TRESPASSING to be released in Spring 2012. New single coming in January called BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF.

Adam Lambert is the most accomplished singer in music today and has probably the best voice ever heard! Everybody in the world needs to hear the voice of this generation and there would be no greater platform for Adam to show his stratospheric talent than on the Olympic stage. Adam will be an icon and a legend and is a superstar in his own right! I want everyone to love him as much as I do!

His voice soars, it is made for a stadium like wow! So unique, inspiring, a champion who always picks himself up and show others that a winner is one who does not give up. Didn't win the medal? No problem, but finish the race, and do it with class and dignity. That's what he did, is doing and will teach others to do, not only music-wise but in life.

Adam rocks my socks! He is the best all around entertainer and will be a Megastar and loved by millions around the world! Glambertmania is about to commence with his new album Trespassing! I predict this new music will catapult his career into the iconic realms only previously occupied by Elvis, Michael Jackson & Madonna. Adam doesn't follow trends, he creates his own! He will be on T.V. , movies & top of the music charts, and I am loving watching his star rise. Vote for Adam!

There is NO ONE out there with a better voice than Adam Lambert... No one. I think everyone would like to hear him sing... His collab with Queen at the EMA's was amazing. The man can sing anything!

Not only is Adam an amazing singer and entertainer but he has a huge heart. He has, so far, helped raise over a million dollars for charitable campaigns around the world including giving up birthday presents from family, friends and fans to give to Charity:water which brings fresh drinking water to people throughout the world.

Adam Lambert, in an Olympian heartbeat... His stratospheric, other-worldly vocals are perfection! The best artist in the music industry in a very long time, Adam is definitely the best in today's industry, by far. He lives with such personal integrity and honesty in his own life and provides a very positive role model for all of us.

I'm not a fan of the Olympics but if Adam Lambert performed I'd certainly be tuning in. In addition to wowing the crowds with new music off his next album, TRESPASSING (due out spring 2012) he could also sing with Queen... We Are The Champions! I think that's a great opener or finale right there!

Absolutely the most talented singer/performer out there. And if you are talking about a live performance, there would be no contenders.

He was born truly gifted but throughout his life and growth as an artist he has perfected his instrument and become a master at his craft. His live performances will leave you breathless and weak in the knees.

He epitomizes hope and the future, and his voice is second to none. He's a young American who was inspired by the most iconic British artists. He would be a very exciting, surprising choice for the 2012 Olympics.

The world's best vocalist to match the worlds best Athletes on show for the whole viewing world. This man outshines all others.

Adam Lambert is the best live singer on the entire planet! He's exciting and has this mega voice box that is made of Gold, he is a ratings boost and loved by the world, love to see him perform!

Such an amazing talent, so gifted. Great guy, great singer and his music shines through everything like a beacon of hope. Isn't that what the Olympics are about? The joining of different people in spirit?

The best singer of this current generation, and also a great showman. He has the whole package: voice, look, fashion, dance moves!

Queen and Adam Lambert killed it at the EMAs! Another epic moment yet to come.

No one can command the stage and connect with the audience the way Adam can. He has the most beautiful voice, his vocal range and technique make professionals take note, and his face is as beautiful as his heart... With the release of his 2nd album Trespassing slated for early 2012, the timing is perfect!

Definitely Adam. A lot of the figure skaters already use his music to skate to, would be nice to hear him live.

Adam Lambert is a unique, exciting and passionate performer who can get any crowd on their feet with excitement and energy. His incredible voice, with its multi-octave range and supreme control and just powerful beauty is unparalleled and perfect for the powerful emotion that drives the Olympics. I believe Adam is the Olympic gold champion of entertainers, putting 1000% into any performance he does. I have seen him in concert 19 times and wish it could be much more. He is someone the world is talking about and wanting to see more of. Would love to see him perform and really feels he belongs on the world's stage.

His vocal range is nuts! Haven't heard a range like that on a male singer for decades. His performance ability is fantastic.

Love Adam's voice! He is amazing! Really looking forward to Spring of 2012 and the release of his upcoming album "Trespassing! " He is the most entertaining singer/performer I have had the pleasure of seeing in person in my life!

Adam Lambert was asked by Queen to perform with them at the EMA 2011, the performance was epic. Brian May and Roger Taylor and lots of people in the music industry speak very highly of Adam. Roger Taylor said Adam is one in a 100 millions.