I love them! They are very beautiful and lovely. Listen to their songs made me feel very very energetic and very enriching! Everyday they are laughing to show their songs. And they never feel tired because they want to give the Japanese with vigor. I hope that they can use their spirit spread to the world!

It will be fantastic if AKB48 can perform for Olympic

The girls are very energetic...

Their songs and dance will hold you breath!

If you want to see them, just vote for them

Trademark of Japan. Can bring people laugh and happiness

I don't know why so many Korean group on the top,
They DON'T deserve this, just the silly fans boosting the votes

Japan's number 1 idol group right now. They broke lots of records in just one year. If not the top, then no one should go.

No other reason, just like them. What I love is not only the musics they created, but also the Japanese spirit they show to us forever. Please support AKB, please support Japan-our beautiful homeland!

It will be a miracle if they can perform for Olympic I love AKB48 They are represent the new generation of Pop, Entertainment, and Hope.
Imagine so many energetic young girls singing and dancing for you, everyone will be affected by the positive girls!

The best idol in japan, and in the world.
Their song change myself become better, and their sale over one million in one day. I never became a real fan with other artist but not this one, they can change me to be better in my life..

I'm actually a really new fan of this group, but I do think that they're so good, both in vocal and performance-wise. They are the best in Japan, and the world has the right to see how great they are and in turn to love them as well.

AKB48 is a charming team in Asia and their songs are energetic and lovely. The large amount of members in AKB48 will perform wonderful effect on stage. Their teamwork and efforts can represent the spirit of Olympic Games.

We will always support you'%%
And let the whole world know that there's a group of girls working really hard to achieve their dreams!

AKB48 is a Japanese idol group, but their CD sales volume was the world number 1 last year. The lively members work very hard. Since 2006, their fans are from 7 to thousands. Their songs are pleasant to hear.

Lovely! The girls in this group are very diligent! I want to see them in London!

I like them very much. They are so lovely. Especially, Mayuyu is my idol. I listen to their songs, watch the programs about them and play the games about AKB.

AKB48 is the best over the world
Not about their songs
Fans love watching their performance and they work hard to their goal
An excellent idol

They are very hard group of girls. They have their own dreams, and has been working. They are even made a great influence in my life. Each of them will be a dynamic performance!

I love this idol group and I think it's value to listen some songs they sing. They're cute and great. I like the girl mayu watanabe, she is the member of AKB48I love she very much.

It will be a miracle if they can perform for Olympic!
They are represent the new generation of Pop, Entertainment, and Hope.
Imagine so many energetic young girls singing and dancing for you, everyone will be affected by the positive girls!

They have a unique charm to attract your attention
And we can learn many things from them
Their efforts of the spirit within the Olympic theme

AKB48 is a great Japan idol team, they are young, full of energy and have a great team spirit. All team members have their own special characteristics, they try the beat in each performance and believe dream can come true. They have similar spirit as Olympics spirit. I am sure they can give a unforgettable performance in the opening ceremonies!

Listening to AKB48's songs can bring power and energy to all the athletes. They work day and night only to show awesome performance. Their spirit and hard work are the same with everyone who participate the Olympic.

AKB48 is the most popular idol group in Japan now. Not only are they accepted by various age generation of audiences but their song are also encouraging and inspiring to everyone. Other than that, AKB48 contributes a lot to charity works and helps people bring back their courage and ambitiousness. They have held live events in worldwide areas such as China, Singapore, the U.S., Russia, Vietnam, France, etc. I personally believe that AKB48 should definitely be presented to the world in the Olympics games!

For an event as large as the Olympics, a large group of girls whom represent the popular media so largely in such a small country such as Japan and beginning to perform internationally is the type of group that I, and many other fans, believe would be the reason that AKB48 is the best suited to perform at the Olympics! Each girl not only compete yearly in order to get into the Senbatsu group someday, and their efforts as well as the passion for their job is inspirational to see; much like the dedication required for every competitor within the Olympics. That's the reason I'm voting for AKB48 for the Olypics music artist, and I hope that more people would pay attention to these girls not just for their wonderful performance, but for their hard work they give everyday to get them to become such wonderful singers, dancers, and overall, PERFORMERS!

They've been all over the world, and their music is very amazing, and can really touch anyone no matter where they live. I think the point of the Olympics is to bring everyone together, no matter their culture/way of life. And I strongly believe AKB48 has the potential to really show this. They also have all worked especially hard to get where they R. I realize they will likely not make it, but I really believe in them, and that's why my vote is going here.

AKB48 are a 'National Idol' girl group in Japan who has 48 members and distinguished in 3 subgroups. They had visited many places including New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. , Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai... Etc.

AKB48 always sings and dances with enthusiasm, wonder as well as discipline. They has recently started to perform the live show on youtube and google+.

For London Olympics Games 2012, there is no other choice better than appointing AKB48 to be one of the performer of London Olympics to perform with team spirit.

The most people like idol group of Japan. You can see them everywhere in Japan, even they have many oversea fans, and AKB48 have many fan. So if you decide a Japan singer to perform in London OLYMPICS, AKB48 must be the best choice