Alfie Boe


I can't imagine a better representative of England. He will capture the hearts of the world with his voice, his presence and his smile. How can you not share this national treasure with the world?

Alfie Boe is an incredible singer who appeals to a wide range of audiences. He has two albums he's released just this year alone along with starring in "Les Miserables" at the Queen's Theatre as a complete and utter success. During his run in Les Mis, he continued to perform at many other engagements to crowds that routinely rose to their feet in praise of his performance. He is beginning his sold out UK tour "Bring Him Home" and will begin a tour in the US next spring.

He is a humble man, very connected with his fans and continues to be genuinely surprised at the response he receives from those he meets. He is a devoted father and husband. The UK couldn't pick anyone they would be more proud to have represent their country both as an artist and as a human being.

There is absolutely no one better to represent the UK to the world than Alfie Boe. It has been said that he is "Blessed with a voice from God. " His voice is truly amazing in its power, dignity and beauty. And he's a lovely, charming man who loves his country. He would do England proud. Don't miss the opportunity to have the very best.

Alfie couldn't be a better representative of England, extraordinarily talented, and one of the most genuinely humble and charitable people the world could have the privilege to see. Alfie has already captured the hearts of the young and the old, in both the UK and America, but it would be wonderful to introduce the rest of the world to his incredible voice, amazing personality, fascinating story and joy that he brings to life. Everyone needs to vote for Mr Alfie Giovanni Roncalli Boe!

Alfie Boe is one of the best British singers ever. Born in Fleetwood, he started as a car mechanic, then received his training at the Royal College of Music and the National Opera Studio. He was picked by Baz Luhrmann to star on Broadway in La boheme and was honored with a Tony. He has sung in both opera and in the West End as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. Appearing at the O2 arena in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Mis, he was rewarded with a standing ovation by over 18,000. People. Singing at the Olympics carries a message to the world that this is who we are and what we are capable of. Who better than a singer from humble background who has risen to be one of the leading singers ever. Alfie Boe should sing at the 2012 Olympics.

Alfie Boe needs to be on this list! After the tremendous success of his run as Jean Val Jean in Les Mis & before that... His STELLAR performance at the Les Mis 25th Anniv. Concert @ O2 arena... & now just having finished his "sell out" UK Tour... He would be a FANTASTIC representative of the UK @ the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. He would be a NATURAL CHOICE! I would hate to think that "politics" would cloud the judgement of the folks who make the final decision!

Alfie's glorious voice would certainly showcase the best in Britain. His journey from car mechanic to the best tenor of his generation epitomizes the spirit of the Olympics - that talent, hard work, dedication, and determination will win through. Through all this he has maintained his integrity. He is an engaging, down to earth personality, and his kindness and humility shines through in both his music and his interviews. He would be a great ambassador for team GB.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this country to shine around the world and it is a time to be the best we can be. Alfie Boe is one of our greatest talents and is a shining example of this country at its greatest. He should definitely sing at the opening ceremony. He has the presence and vocal skills that will make the required impact. He has represented this country on a number of important occasions and always performs at the highest level and never fails to impress and inspire. Anything he sings will speak to the hearts and souls of everyone one around the world.

As so many others have said, Alfie Boe is incredibly talented, has been blessed with the most amazing voice, and sincerely cares about his fans. People are naturally drawn to Alfie because his loving spirit comes shining through all that he does. I can think of no one who could better represent the UK for the Olympics than Alfie Boe. He has the potential to be a great ambassador for the UK. I hope you give him this opportunity he so deserves.

Alfie is an amazing singer with the ability to sing just about anything. He wowed the O2 in 2010 during the Les Mis 25th Anniversary concert, has just had a sell-out stint in the west-end and is about to embark on solo tours both here and in the US. He's a proud Brit, humble, sincere and just about the nicest guy you could meet. Alfie would burst with pride if he had the ability to sing at the London 2012 Olympics.

The Olympic committee will be happy they nabbed this British TREASURE on the cusp of his superstardom! One of the most heart-felt, chocolatey velvet voices around - (and one of the most genuinely kind and together human beings), Britain and many across the pond fell in love with him through Les Miserables; let Alfie make history at the Olympics the way he did on the West End and will soon in the world!

Alfie will give 100%, he's from England and has proven time and time again that his voice is spectacular. I would think that you would choose someone from your country, a citizen of England, or why have the Olympics if you do not choose one of your own. Your Olympics should have entertainers from your country, and Alfie is one of the best. It's your decision, but remember Alfie will do your country proud.

Alfie has the most beautiful Tenor voice and he would be such a fantastic choice for the opening ceremony. I was lucky enough to see him perform at Plymouth last week and I was amazed at how funny he is on stage and his voice sounds wonderful whether he's singing opera or rock. He also really makes his audience really feel part of the show. Come on everyone vote for Alfie Boe.

Britain's most treasured talent to show off to the world! He embodies all that is great in England: opportunity to improve your life, freedom to explore different career paths, pay-off of hard work and dedication, nice guys DON'T always finish last, to give is better than receive, etc. Even the Royals invited him to sing at one of their weddings. He's THE BEST!

Always giving 100% in his performances and life, just as an olympic athlete does. Through dedication, drive and yes humility Alfie Boe definitely embodies what the Olympics is all about. Swifter. Higher. Stronger. A great role model and an international fan base that is growing daily. It would be heavenly to hear the English Tenor sing the Olympic Hymn

From the United States - Alfie Boe transcends country boarders, bringing together those of all races, religions and creeds. His voice and personality launches an overwhelming wave of emotion that I guarantee will bring together the nations and will be your best representative. I am truly jealous I will never get to have Alfie Boe represent my country... Don't waste this precious gift that has been so graciously bestowed upon you.

This golden-voiced tenor represents the best of Britain. As an American, I would expect to see British talent and none represents that better than Alfie Boe. He is a charmer and a remarkable talent.

Because No One else has a voice like Alfie Boe! His voice should be shared with the whole world and what better venue for that than the Olympic Games!

Best tenor on the planet! Alfie Boe would be the best Ambassador for British talent of any kind, his performance would be Gold Medal quality.


Alfie Boe is a British treasure and should be a performing in the London Olympics. He has all the qualities that are important to all the athletes competing in the games - drive and dedication to strive and achieve his dream against the odds. He wows all his audiences with his voice and personality. We need British singers of this calibre to show the world the talent we have in our country.

Alfie Boe is sensational. Not only does he have an outstanding voice but he has a brilliant personality to match. Added to this is his wonderful but wicked sense of humour and his excellent rapport with his audience.

The London 2012 Olympics MUST have Alfie Boe to represent us musically because when it comes to 'a voice' of purity, passion and power Alfie Boe is my gold medal winner

This man could sing the telephone book and the audience would be awed. He just finished a sold out run at the Queen's Theater as Jean ValJean in Les Mis. His UK tour, sold out in less than a week. The purity and power of his voice is astounding. He is known as the Nations Favorite Tenor. Every note he sings is sheer perfection, and isn't that what the Olympics strives for... Perfection.

Alfie's gorgeous voice has brought many of us across the pond already, to then discover your wonderful country. He's a born ambassador and brilliant talent, who genuinely loves England and people of all kinds from everywhere. He's creating Anglophiles everywhere!

Please, please, please. The relatively low voting percentage does not reflect how talented Alfie is, and what a shining example of British character he exemplifies. Choose Alfie and the world will know what a wonderful country is hosting the Olympics.