Arashi is, for many people, like a safe harbor in the storm. They are always encourage us to 'do our best' or 'keep reaching forward'. Many groups do this same thing, I know, so whats different you ask? Well, with Arashi, it feels so honest and sincere that you truly WANT to keep reaching, pushing, striving ever forward.

The love they put into their music, they way they push through adversity, and keep trying to stay positive is amazing. Its true that we may not all know the language, but we can all feel the emotion in their words. They aren't worried about losing face, they show us their humanity, and they encourage us to feel our emotions, whether good or bad, and use that energy to better not only ourselves, but the world around us.

Even among themselves, they are amazing individuals who each excel at their own dreams, but as a team, they go beyond expectation. Teamwork, support, encouragement; these are things that they teach as well. And one of the reasons why I ...more

Many would say that their respective idols are the best among the rest. Well, we all know that it's just a mere superlative that is definitely not true. ARASHI, on the other hand, sure made waves, created storms, and made people's lives better""with so much influence that its own country takes pride in everything they were able, and are still able to do, even up to now.

True enough, they wouldn't be considered as JAPAN'S NATIONAL IDOL for nothing.

And they wouldn't last for MORE THAN 13 YEARS (and still counting) if they do not touch the hearts of each and every one who hears and sees them. The five-member group Arashi has been the face of Japan to the whole world for years now. Being the prime promoters of their country's tourism, Arashi also take their time in time helping Japan to stand on its feet once more after the Great Tohoku Earthquake this 2011.

One was able to get the LEAD ROLE in CLINT EASTWOOD's Letters from Iwo Jima, the 64th Golden ...more

Arashi is not just like any ordinary boyband. They are the epitome of the word "idol group" which they really are considered to be.

First and foremost, the group had been in existence since 12 years ago but up until now they are still firmly together which must be the reason why they have this unique friendship which had attracted most of their fans. Arashi is a group of 5 "adorkable" boys each having different personalities (a silent leader, a knowledgeable newscaster, a jolly fellow, a game-lover, and a sadist)but they manage to stay together for so long surpassing obstacles together until they finally reached their dream to be on top. Secondly, the members of the group are down-to-earth and they don't care whether they get laughed at in their shows. Although there is a sadist within the group, he could actually show his soft side when he is around his groupmates. Thirdly, Arashi is an inspiration to all their fans. Have you heard of their songs? Most of ...more

It would be great if Arashi has a chance to perform in a great international event like London Olympics 2012. They are not just idols. They are more likely role model, for me. They are very down to earth and always be humble Arashi is the first idol group that never bores me, never makes me regret and so forth. I wish they really could be chosen! GANBATTE KUDASAI, ARASHI! Bring your storm throughout the world!

Arashi is a group of excellent performing artists and they are famous in Japan. The first modem Olympic Games, the King of Greece, George I, said he wished to foster relationship between Greek people and people all over the world. Therefore, inviting pop stars from different countries to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening CeremoniesMakes everybody over the world enjoys and keens in the same thing, that can feed the concept"fostering relationship". But why Arashi? Arashi is the Japan tourism embassador, which means they represents Japan. Moreover, they held 4 times concert at the National Olympic Stadium in Japan. It not only shows they have abundant experience in great performance, but also shows they are incredible enough to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies The famous France educator, Le baron Pierre De Coubertin said"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is ...more

Arashi is more than just a boyband; they're a family. They work hard with each other to gain their goals and they've support each other since their debut in 1999. Arashi's music is also very special: it's not the classic boyband-style you see from N-Sync or Backstreet Boys' days, it's much more modern pop music (at least, when comparing it to the Japanese pop, Domestic! ) and their choreography is unbelievably accurate to timing. The leader of the group, Ohno Satoshi-kun, has gained the title of being the best dancer and singer in their company but worry not, they're all amazingly good at dancing & singing; they even have a rapper, Sakurai Sho-kun who also went to Vancouver for the Winter O. L and supported the Japanese team among other entertainers where he also reported the whole thing back at their home. (he is also a news reporter)

Arashi has been there for me in times where no words could save me from feeling like the worst and only their music and their messages behind ...more

Unlike those K-Pop artists, they were never widely publicized in the world. But in Japan, these 5 men are one of their biggest and most successful artist to date. They may not have started big, they've had their ups and downs on their early years, but they've never let go of their dream of being on the top. And that dream of being on the top, started with Hana Yori Dango. Even more opportunities opened up for them since one of their members, Jun Matsumoto, accepted the lead role for the drama. And you know what's best about them? They don't try to act and look cool in front of the camera, they show who they really are, no matter how stupid they'd look in the National television, all they cared for is for them to give happiness to their audiences, as well as them enjoying themselves at the same time. And despite having very different personalities, when combined together, it makes up a much amazing group you can never imagine. Without even having the efforts of going out and selling ...more

ARASHI is a great group with their beautiful songs that always give you support and make you smile and these five guys are also some people very beautiful and very talented

Arashi is the best band.. Their music inspires people and motivates them.. Whether thy are on cam or off cam, they never fail to inspire us and give happiness.. Arashi is truly a world class group.. They hold several world records..

Arashi is the best!
They have amazing performance and each of them have a very great talent in singing and dancing.
Every time they performing their song it's like they hypnotized us with a very unique performance.
Arashi have some ability to make all of people smile and satisfied with their voice &
I hope they will be the top ten soon!

This group change me. I was bullied in past, and I started to hear their song, my sister give it to me. I like it, it feel like I have friend. They give me courage to go and move on. Now I'm not bullied anymore

Arashi the! If you take a closer look - you will definitely fall in love with these guys! They charming and talented in many ways. Not only singing and dancing. But acting and hosting belong to their activities. Each one of them is unique and has an addicting personality. They would cheer up any atmosphere! And they so deserve it to get known outwards Japan!

They are wonderful! Their voices and songs are able to give the spirit of sports &
Hope to see them perform
It would be awesome to see them in an international stage performing
They are the best choice

Their songs really make me SMILE
() Try listen to it

Arashi is a group for 12 year. They group with Japanese even an old man know who are they. They learn a lot in those years. And this few years they become a group that can represent Japan. Arashi give people hope and dream. They understand what is an idol and their aim is to make people blissful. Especially after the disaster in the past year they think a lot. What should idols do in this moment? And what they do is to keep this experience in their mind and encourage people to lead Japan grow better and live positively.

Actually they are not only an idol in Japan. They present their real face to people through their regular T.V. show. They are five and they are Arashi. One of them go to Hollywood to act, one of them is a news reporter on Japanese T.V., one of them is good at drawing and his work is credit by a famous artist that originally don't believe he has this talent to hold a gallery if he is not an idol. They pay a lot of efforts for their homeland. They go to the ...more

This would be oh so great..
I'd really like see Arashi in Europe, and they did a lot to represent Japan already. So this would be awesome!

They are not just an ordinary boy band. No. Not just singers. Not just actors. And not just an entertainer. They are more than that. They are a friend. A sunshine. No. More than than. They're family.

They would be a great energetic group to set the mood for the Summer Olympics! They have high energy and cute faces and great voices and everyone will love them!

They are the perfect Japan representative to the world stage. I hope they can add to 2012 Olympic their infectious spirit of joy like they had done for their home country.

Arashi is quality. They are professional in every aspect of their work. Which is not limited to singing and dancing. They all participate in solo activities such as acting, news casting, hosting major television events, one the the members even had a gallery of his own art shown.

They have been a group for 12 years now and have steadily grown a fan base around the wold since (I myself have just come back from a trip to Japan for the soul purpose of seeing them in concert. I'm from the USA). They have grown so popular in fact that for the past 4 years they have held concerts at Japans National Olympic Stadium, a venue that holds 70,000 people. Every single one has sold out.

What happened in Japan this past year was a tragedy, that they are still trying their hardest to get though. It would defiantly mean a lot to the people of Japan to have some of their countries most loved entertainers participate in an important event such as the Olympics.

It would be a big and important step.
They can turn up the light in the hearts of people. Isn't it an important thing? I think it is. Arashi is an amazing group, which brings positive emotions and faith, that it is only the beginning.

They are great!
Each of them has different beautiful personalities
Love them so much
If you don't know this group you need to know them!

They are such professionals who always do their best in performing. They give what their fans love to see. Twelve years of being together as a group, plus the additional years of training before their group debuted back in 1999, had really sharpened their skills in both performing live in front of thousands and acting on T.V. and movies. The five members have also venture out in individual projects that somehow solidify the group stronger. They have a huge fan base in their home country and to many countries. It's time London and the rest of the world know about this amazing group that have made many fans joy.

Arashi is a type of group have many talented, they can be actor, comedian, news anncor, and they have many T.V. programm, but they always down to earth and everyone love Arashi.

Their presence itself gives encouragement to others already. I think its nice if they are going to perform in the opening ceremony.