Bie the Star


Bie the star, is the most popular singer and actor in the Thailand. Now, he get the better of the others in whole Asia because of his keeping improving. All of his fans would enjoy his wonderful performance in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. All of Asian will be in hopes of the excited moment! - biemylife

P'Bie, love you so much. I love your songs, dance, smile and your voice. You are a perfect singer and actor. You try your best to do everything well in your work every time. Although the saying goes "Nobody is perfect", but in our mind, you are exactly a miracle. Your are a perfect man. We are always right there for you no matter what it will happen.

He is a very diligent singer and he has a good quality His voice is very appealing and his dance is very touching He is a sunshine boy - his smile can warming everyone around him!

Bie the star is a hardworking person, and treat people very friendly. We will all support him. Love you

Like bie songs, drama, dance, and more like his kind-hearted, sincere, and perfect heart, Chinese fans will always support him!

We are your Chinese fans, in our mind you are greatest, you kind, hard work, your song beautiful, graceful, we will always support you, hope that the people in the world can know you.

Bie is a filial person - who is also handsome, cute and clever. We love his songs and television drama. He dances very cool. Though he only debut 6 years, he have already held 3 wonderful and incomparable concert which all fans love very much. We love him for his attitude to work and his kindness to everyone, especially his smile is warm as sunshine. We dragonflies will support Bie forever. Love love love.

He is a dutiful son, who is also cute and handsome. We love his songs and television drama very much. His dance is very cute and cool. From 2008, he have hold 3 giant concerts, all of which are successful and make us love him more for his hard working. All dragonflies will follow Bie forever. Bie, ruk na ka.

He always give a performance with passion, and always try to do every best in his job. His works include CD/DVD, musical concerts and T.V. drama. He can bring happiness to all of us, as well as you...

Chinese fans miss you day and night, hope you often come to China!

I am deeply impressed by his charisma on the stage, especially in his three biggest and the most brilliant concerts where he is capable of conquering the hearts of any audience present. He beams and glows not only in his singing field but also in the field of T.V. dramas and situation comedies. He is the symbol of vigor and aggressiveness whom I am inwardly addicted to. Sincere thanks will be conferred to Bie, for he inspires my life and teaches me how to perfect the seemingly imperfect life

LOVING BIE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD. Bie is the best and I love everything of him. Sound of the sound of nature and most shining smile.

He is the best singer in Thailand and Asia... Love his song love his dance, he is so sunshine and cute.. Support he forever...

He is such a cute boy. And he is a real man, too. We all love him. He is from Thailand. I remember more than 3 thousand Chinese go to Thailand to watch his show. You see, many people from other countries love him.

Bie - succeed in singing - dancing and acting and so on - bie is always keen on public welfare - always full of confidence and never give up - the advantages of bie is endless, so I support bie forever, love bie forever, bie, happy everyday. Rua na ka

Bie, love you. You are great.
We will support you forever. YOU are a responsible person with great interest in helping others in need!

Love bie! His song is so dulcet, his dance is so cute. We love him not only because his song and dance but also because his character. He is so sunshine and lovely. We will support him forever.

He is lovely~We love him because of his perfect character. He is always working hard. We will support him forever.

He is the most red small heavenly kings of Thailand ne is Asia's most popular star support bie

He is the state is the brightest star of our heart of the perfect idol support him forever

Bie the Star is a great singer, actor and entertainer. Personally, he is a polite, humble and hardworking young man, as well as a true role model with much love and passion in music, T.V., stage musical etc.

He has a amazing voice and he's very cute. I like everything about him. When he smile it's like a sun shinning in the morning. I'm sure he will do his best if he get this honor chance. (Sorry for my bad English)

Bie the Star is talented & young artist who came into the entertaining stage from The Star search contest. Even though, he was the 2nd runner up... Within 5 years after the contest, he has made such a leap in his career. He became a multi-talented artist... One of the best singers, dancers, actors in Thailand... Most important of all, he is a natural entertainer. He is magic when he is on stage. Bie the Star never stop learning. He is a good role model and an inspiration to the young and old. Bie also has fans all over, North America, Asia, Europe, etc... We (fans) would love to see Bie on the world stage.

Bie the star is very famous not only in Thailand but in all over the Asian countries. Bie is a talented singer and actor he is so cute too and very good looking love his smile... So sweet his voice is very attractive and so good... You wanna die for it... You will be addicted to it once you listen to one of his songs. His dances are so cool too his acting is exceptional... He is the brightest star of our world International BFC will support you and love you forever and ever look forward to see your performance at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies in London

Bie, he is the star of my heart, He caught my heart one the first time I saw him perform in the contest of The Star 3, He was such a great performer. He is is a great entertainer. He is always smiling and giving his fan sunshine. To me, he is a great role model. He never has any scandal.
Although he got second place in the star 3, he is the most successful one. He is one of Thailand's biggest singer and actor.. He has fans all over the world. Hope to see him perform!