Big Time Rush


They are getting so famous now and I know that they will keep getting better each time. They are for good looking boys with amazing voices and songs. If they sang in the Olympics it would be the best choice you could have ever made. They need to come back to England and this would be an amazing time. They are inspirations and they have changed my life so please. You will get a lot more views if Big Time Rush sang there.

In 2011 alone Big Time Rush went on tour, were the supporting acts for Justin Bieber's concert in Mexico which had an audience of an estimated 65,000 people, received a gold platinum record for their first album 'Big Time Rush', performed the National American Anthem at the thanksgiving Dallas vs Miami, released their second album 'Elevate', performed or the president of USA, performed at the KIISfm Jingle Ball and many more. These boys definitely deserve this amazing chance

Yeah! Yeah! Big Time Rush! They are so Great! Please choose them! Well I'm from Honduras and I don't think I'll go but I know so many rushers will so CHOOSE THEM!

Come on guys! That they have a show on Nickelodeon doesn't mean they suck in music. They are fantastic and it would be great if you let them to prove they can really sing and taking off this stereotype that they can't sing and that they are a band just for little girls...

Nobody deserves to sing at the olympics more than Big Time Rush. Not only are they amazing and talented but they are also so down-to-earth and inspiring to their fans. They have an awesome funny show on T.V. and two great albums out. James, Carlos, Kendall, and Logan are so deserving of this opportunity and I hope the rest of the world realizes that too.

These four boys have changed many lives, including mine. Thanks to these four boys, I don't feel as depressed as I used to. I stopped cutting. I've started eating again. This band really makes me feel happy and like I am important, if to no one else, them. Big Time Rush really deserves to win because as lame as it sounds, they have saved my life. And I can never thank them enough for that.

Hey what are you waiting.. Click the vote button The deserve it! LOVE BIG TIME RUSH!
Sincerely, a Rusher

I think that the boys from Big Time Rush deserve it to perform at the olymics... They are really good singer and actors! And they worked so hard to be on the top... Yeah I know most of every actor or singer works hard to be the best... Give them the chance to be one of the best! They are really really good!

BTR deserve to sing at the Olympics! They were amazing at that American Football match on Thanksgiving Day!

They are amazing performers and hold a really good show. I've only seen them once and they blew my mind they are so energetic whilst on stage and try to make contact with everyone in the crowd. Their voices are perfect and have so much talent! They used to be Half Way There but now they aren't they have elevated!

These boys have worked so hard over the past years to please their audience while also staying true to themselves with their music. Although I enjoy all the artists on this list, I believe that Big Time Rush deserves to be known more widely and appreciated for their outstanding charisma and talent.

These guys really are PERFECT there is nothing like them I'm always aware of them which is what happens and more becoming of these kids come first PLEASE PLEASE so PLEASE VOTE FOR "" BIG TIME RUSH "" are AWESOME! I LOVE YOU GUYS

Amazing band w heart and soul. They motivate so many people. The deserve this so much they are truly amazing. This band is not just another boy band this is THE boy-band of this and the next decade. Big Time Rush is amazing they rock and really deserve this.

Their music is so good! They absolutely DESERVE to play at the Olympics! They taught me to be strong and never give up on my dreams! They're my SUPERSTARS! I will support them no matter what happens! I'm a true RUSHER!

They're a new band, and I think that this would help them a lot... And, THEY ARE ALL GREAT SINGERS... Their songs are really good, they've got great messages why don't you hear them for a little while? You'll see how far they'll go...

I love them! They are the most talented band in the whole world.
Also, they mean a lot to me. If I ever have a bad day, their show and music help make me feel better. They really deserve to perform. They're come such a long way and performing at the Olympics would be such a huge honor.
I will love them forever and always.
Rusher for life!

They really deserve the change to sing here! They'd be amazing, and they've worked hard enough to deserve this. Vote for Big Time Rush, because they've got the voices, look, moves, and most of all, they have the heart.

Music sounds better with Big Time Rush, I love their music. Looking forward to see the big time movie they are the best. VOTE for them please

Big Time Rush should definitely perform at the London 2012 Olympic Games because they have accomplished so much in the passed year, not only have they performed in from of thousands at sold our arenas, but they have also sand the American National Anthem in front of millions at the football game AND have sung for the President, if they are good enough for the President then I think they are good enough to be introduced to world through the opening ceremony of the games. They are very current with people from 3-30 year old's and I think this itself would be an asset to the Olympics in ways to encourage young people to become more involved with sports. London want the Olympics to leave on a legacy, and promote health and sports in the UK, then by using Big Time Rush to promote this they will be a million more steps forward in ensuring that the Legacy of the Olympics lives on. Bring on Big Time Olympics 2012!

They are amazing! They make every girl feel like they are beautiful. They care about their fans as well. They aren't like other celebs. They actually treat their fans like people. They take time to talk to you at signings. They are amazing singers! I listen to them all day long. When I wake up I take my ipod in the bathroom while I get ready for school. I listen to them in the car to school. I sing their songs during school and basketball practice. I listen to them on the way home. I listen to them when I do my homework. I hum their songs at the dinner table. And I listen to them at night till I fall asleep. I never miss one of their episodes even if its a repeat. I have all of their shows and appearances recorded on the T.V. too! Call me and obsessed fan if you want but I don't care! I am a proud rusher! And as Logan says "Haters gonna hate.. Rushers gonna ELEVATE"

THEY ARE SUPER TALENTED AND AWESOME. And very hilarious guys who makes all us rushers laugh out loud with every interview and etc. They have amazing voices and inspire many boys and girls. I wish they would perform at the Olympic games because they are proof that if you set your minds to anything they can do what they love. Especially when people say they can't make it that far.. They have and still rising and reaching more of their goals. One of the many things I love about them is they don't consider them as famous but doing what they love and people love them for that etc..

Big Time Rush will be the next nSync, but in their own and original way. They are the classic boyband although their music isn't like that at all. They are inspiring, caring and absolutely adorable!

Big Time Rush are the most down to earth, cute, funny, talented, and amazing boy and ever! I am proud to see how far they have come and I am proud to call myself a Rusher. Their music and personalities always make my day and put me in a good mood. BTR should totally perform.

Big Time Rush has worked so hard in the past 2 years, just to name a few, they had made their 1st album certified gold, they sold out tour dates within a day, wrote 8 out of the 12 songs on their new album "Elevate", and sung the national anthem in the Dallas VS Dolphins NFL Football game in front of millions of people, they deserve this more than anyone! They are down to earth, sweet, and care so much about their fans, and as a bonus they even make their performance outrageous and flawless, picking Big Time Rush will be the best decision you'll ever make, trust me, they are amazing guys, you'll learn to love them!

Big Time Rush has incredible talent! Why let this talent go to waste? VOTE FOR BIG TIME RUSH! They have the biggest hearts, and it would make their lives if they could preform at the Olympics.