Big Bang is definitely the best choice. They are all so talented and they have such great stage presence, they're amazing!

Big Bang has popularity all over the world, winning the worldwide act category at the emas might as well perform in London. Most VIP's like myself never heard about the ema's until Big Bang was on it. They can perform any style of music which is a large range. There music is not just entertainment, some of their music has struck people at their souls hearing such beautiful melodies and songs they never knew existed

Big Bang is a very unique group with the most diverse vocals I've ever heard that are able to harmonize together. Their rapping and singing skills are superb, and they've worked very hard since debut to make a name for themselves today. They inspire their fans to be themselves and not to be afraid of trying. No other singer or group is like Big Bang.

Because it is the best world music band. Excellent dance and sing, their songs are very good. Big Bang is VIP

Watch their live performances like "MAMA 2010" and "Seoul Tokyo Music Festival" (which looked more like Big Bang music festival with those yellow ocean of crown light sticks which is what Big Bang fans hold laugh out loud ) listen to their songs (which they write and compose by them self) like "Lies" or "Haru Haru" or like their latest hit album "Tonight" all the songs in this album was a chart topper unlike other boy groups that have only 1 hit song, the song "Tonight" was the 1st K-pop song to be in the top 10 US iTunes and their album is the only non English speaking at the top 100 in US iTunes and don't forget the MTV EMA's wining with record breaking 58 millions vote in EMA history.

Big Bang is the best group, the best boy band from South Korea
His fame to spread to the rest of the world

Their music is great..
They make their own song.,
Each member solo song is popular..
So its great if them sing it...

For almost 3 years I'm a fan of these amazing kids and I feel so proud to continue to grow. I love them!

Trust me, they are WAY different from any other boy group out there. Don't believe me? Then go search their music up on YouTube! You'll be singing along to their songs in no time!

I've seen them perform and their stage presence is so amazing the world has to witness it.

Their song inspired my life. Their song is amazing and can make a person's life change. Their the hottest korean group band in korean. They're also the 1st korean group band to win MTV EMA 'Worldwide Act'. 5 talented boys. G Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung.

Bigbang have a style amazing it's the best option its my favorite group of kpop its winner of MTV EMA

Big Bang is amazing, they have so much thing to share: Good music, fashion, style. Their music has beautiful lyrics and great melodies, they'll do an amazing performance

They killed the voting chart @ 2011's EMA and took home the moonman for best Worldwide Act moon man, they are the perfect East meets West example and are truly amazing performers! You should consider BIGBANG to perform on this years Olympics!

Big Bang it's an amazing group you won't regret it! They have everything from being really hot! To having an amazing talent! I just love them!

My absolute FAVORITE K-Pop band. I can't understand a word that they say, but their music is so moving and amazing. The beats, the voice, the looks. Their a fantastic group!

They are rock they won mtv ema world wild
Love them so much

A great band! With really talented individuals and great entertainers too.
Their music... Mostly created by the members themselves always hit top of the charts.

Big bang! Bigbang is my favorite singer in the world.
Bigbang's songs are very nice! I hope bigbang on the Olympic stage.
So every person in world, listen their songs. I love bigbang!

BIGBANG! are the best in the world
Also very talented and handsome

They recently won an MTV award and I think that accomplishment alone demonstrates how wonderful Big Bang is. They do more on stage than sing- they are performers and they entertained excellently.

I love BigBang and they make many perfect music. When I hear their song I just feel every amazing and exciting. They give me courage when I felt sad. I really hope they can arise in this Olympic Games!

VIPz! Let's move! I wanna see BIGBANG at London Olympics. Their songs are just amazing and awesome. Songs such as tonight or lie beautiful hangover, stay, tell me goodbye etc. Are REALLY AMAZING.

Big bang members are multitalented people, they not only can sing or dance, but they can also produce their own song with the best quality. They have a good fashion sense. They're the real artists. Big bang is the best.

BIGBANG forever! Super charismatic band that will change the world! Awesome quality and genre of songs and best live concerts ever! The 1st ever KPOP band that caught my attention! BIGBANG for the win!