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Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer.


As he says 'Bruno mars is the truth' bok wit it hooligans! We should do him proud. He has an amazing voice live, no need for auto tune and the whole band are amazing, they deserve it! Please vote for him, he was so sweet when I met him and seems a lovely person. His voice is amazing. He's the only person who can sing perfectly live, no one else now a days can. He's perfect

He would have the best energy if he performed. We would all be entertained by him, because he has an amazing voice. When ever I hear him I get really emotional not only because of his voice but because he is so nice to everyone. I went to the bellagio for NYE to see him and for the whole night he had us all dancing and very well entertained. So I think that he would be the perfect artist to sing at the 2012 Olympics. ! Give him that chance he deserves it.!

He's one of the few artists who wan sing live. He's truly talented and is the kind of artist who is in love with music and not with money or fame. He deserves the best. He deserves to perform on the Olympics. I won't say he deserves it more then the others, I'll just say people deserves to hear him instead of the others He's the truth.

A loving Hooligan

Bruno's live performances are always extremely on point; he knows how to hold the attention of his audience without the use of pyro or flashy costumes. He's an old school performer and I think he would bring an old school flavor to the London Olympics

Bruno should really win, I mean face it he's one of the only male singers who can actually better live than recorded. When he was on tour at all his concerts he got everyone involved and never fails to put on an original performance and show.

Why bruno? I'll tell you why... 'Hello London town, Hello London town, Hello London town. Oh we just touched and suddenly we talk like this. Yes, we just touched down and now we all talk like this. 'We want a man who loves him some London AT the Olympics.

Bruno is #1 at what ever he does! Listening to voice just makes you want to melt away. And his talent really amazes me. So much for one man. Go Bruno Mars!

He's a great singer, awesome performer and a breathtaking person... He's more that a triple treat. He deserves that people around the world hear his more than gifted voice!

Everyone needs to see Bruno Mars live at least once in their life. That's why he has to win this thing here! He really is talented and just amazing. If you only know his Love songs like Just the way you are, Grenade etc.. Don't worry. Once he's on stage with all the Hooligans, he has the time of his life, plays the best songs you've ever heard.. And I promise you, you will enjoy the show and never forget it! Sincerely, a damn proud Hooligan

He's amazing. Just the way he is! When I heard his voice I have chills

Bruno will be winner! He always is natural and best. I know - not everyone likes him, but I know, that if someone want to hear good music, he should listen to him.

He needs to be there, not only is he beautiful and talented he also is an inspiration. Having Bruno there is like having Michael Jackson there as they are so alike. Come on guys vote for Bruno!

He's the best, has music for everyone at the world, and its a great music with a good feeling, no one else plays music like this, his music is perfect for the Olympics, happy,.. Peaceful and at most: a winner music!

He is classy and can put on a show. He knows how to entertain. There is no doubt this man is a great choice. He has such a strong voice. Proud to say I AM A HOOLIGAN

He actually has talent - unlike 80% of the music industry. He can sing, dance, and entertain people. Plus he's gorgeous

I love Bruno Mars, Amazing performer, and he's cute and funny. Come on now who can deny someone who has all these characteristics. Bruno Mars 2012 Olympics for sure!

How can you be able to NOT love Bruno? Come on, he's the Grenade guy? But seriously, Bruno is gifted. His voice live is incredible, and sometimes even better than the studio version. I could give you a billion reasons why you should vote for him, but unfortunately I don't have that much time, so I'll only give you one reasonable reason, Bruno's voice is absolutely perfect, he's sweet and kind, he's DAAMN good looking, he has adorable brown eyes and curly hair, perfect teeth and.. Yeah, okay. I don't think that I've to mention more

This dude was born to perform and all of his live performances are absolutely magnificent. Him and his hooligans would literally light up the stage with the greatest performance ever!

Bruno is Amazing. That is all I should say because everything else is pretty clear. He's amazing Just the way he is and I hope he wins this

I love Bruno so much! He's very talented, sounds amazing even live, and that is true talent. I'm proud to be a hooligan! So excited for his 2nd album and world tour this fall! He is amazing, inspiring, wonderful, talented, and most of all, he loves his fans. He's not in this for the money, he's in it for the entertainment for everyone else. He loves what he does, and what he gets in return for it, and his fans. I love him so much! Hope he sings at the Olympics! I will be over joyed!

Bruno is a legend! Their songs are awesome, and he should be at the Olympics, really! He has a really nice voice, and all their songs are hits! BRUNO

I think that Bruno is the best singer of the world because his songs made with he feels and he make feel to us, his fans! He has much talent!
I love Bruno, I love his songs! HE IS SO AMAZING!
I adore his voice, is excelent! His voice is sweet and strong!
I love when he dances, it's awesome that you know the steps do and move much on stage and conveys his energy and joy to their fans.
I would love to see him performing in the Olympics.
I saw Bruno in his concert in Paris and since then I can not forget his performances in the Zenit.
And He has a lot of Hooligans (Bruno's fans) because he is perfect.
And I repeat his songs are so beatiful becouse show their feelings are so precious. I LOVE ALL SONGS OF BRUNO MARS!
I has the best band of the world!

I spend the day talking about it so I could say a million things from him but I think it's enough for today.
Please Vote for Bruno! Bruno I think a wanna MARRY YOU because I catch a GRENADE You don't be a ...more

Bruno has to win this! He is the most amazing, talented man and such a unique beautiful voice. You'd be making a big mistake if you didn't help him win this!

Why not Bruno? If you think he's just about his own music, you're wrong. He performs the best covers of literally any song you can think of. He delivers a true performance and knows how to keep an audience pumped and moving their feet.

Much better singer than the above candidates. Bruno has great charisma and a great voice without autotune. I would much rather watch him than your average talentless pop image of what a singer should be. He has real talent, he is not a production of the music industry. (or at least not near as much as the above- Bieber, gaga, backstreet boys, britney, etc. )

He's amazing. All my family and friends would watch him. He's way better than one direction in my opinion.