Demi Lovato

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She is the greatest sing of the new generation and I think this would be a great way for her to go world wide! She has genuine talent, which is something that is lacking in the entertainment industry today. She's also a WONDERFUL role model for all the younger generations.

Demi Lovato is a real singer, and she is so great live! She is a mentor and a role-model for many... She have so much talent and she truly deserve to open the olympics!

Best singer and needs to be shown more in London! Everyone will love her
From Lovatics!

Oh I would love her to sing there. Demi is really talented and she is also a great role model for a lot of people. Not only for teenagers, but also for older people, for adults. She's one of the best live singers ever. When she sing we all can hear emotion in her voice. She really deserve to preform at the 2012 London Olymipics Opening Ceremonies.

Demi is the most beautiful and charming singer in the world! She is the most talented! I love and adore Demi! And all lovatics very love her too!
Demi, you're just super-duper!

Her voice is SO POWERFUL! She inspires teens and adults everywhere! Her album unbroken and it's lead single skyscraper are BIG hits and skyscraper has sold over 800,000 copies within 5 months. Did you see her perform the American national anthem? And all her songs? Look on YouTube and you will be surprised she's the best choice for you.

Demi the best!
It strong!
At it a magic voice!
I never met such voices.
I couldn't to compare to anybody it, it the best)
It can not the most beautiful, but it is the all the same best)
We its fans will always support it!
It remarkable, the sincere person.
Though I don't know it in live, but I love it for its songs, a voice and love to fans.

I believe Demi should get this chance because she has real talent and if she gets this opportunity people will realize how amazing she is. She deserves this as much as anyone but I think SHE should win because she is not recognized or well known by many people. If she does win, people will experience the brilliance of her music and her down to earth personality

Demi is a fantastic role model and helped so many people. She is incredibly talented and always puts on a great show with her flawless vocals. No one deserves this more than the comeback queen that is Demi Lovato

She has one of the greatest voices of this generation! A hero, an inspiration! Great voices skills! My favorite one She should sing "Give your heart a break" or "Skyscraper", or even songs that she show her voices in high notes, like "Lightweight", "Fix a Heart" and "My Love is Like a Star".

Demi is an amazing singer/actress she shared her problems with the whole world and has inspired so many girls/boys to get help with their problems like she did, she has amazing vocals and has made an awesome comeback she deserves everything that she has gotten in her career she an amazing role model for everyone

We show all our love for You in PCA's! QUEEN, WE THANK YOU for being so special, and having a beautiful soul. Your talent is so huge that touches our hearts in a totally unexpected way, and we can only contemplate the perfection that You are. You're beautiful, has perfect face and body, but what impresses is the force and the love that exist in your smile and in your eyes. Always be sure that Lovatics loves you, and be sure that you have millions of friends to love you and support you in everything that you do forever. FOREVER!

Demi Lovato inspires so many girls everyday and being the beautiful woman she is today deserves this chance to show more of what a dynamite career she has now shes made such a HUGE comeback, shes loving, inspirational and deserves this chance more than any artist I know - Stay Strong

Nobody on this earth can sing as fabulous and amazing live as Demi! She has such a strong, beautiful voice that leaves those in the audience speechless, vote for her and you'll be literally crying listening to her sing at the Olympics

Her voice is amazing!
Demi Lovato is very important for me and many other people all over the world!

Demi needs to perform, it is an example of overcoming... And I'm sure many of those who compete have overcome problems like it, and it would do very well because she is an amazing singer and deserves!

Demi is the BEST! Her voice is incridible, she is FANTASTIC! She deserve this so much, she is a amazing singer.


She is an AMAZING singer and performer, but more than that she has save people's lives! no one deserves it more than Demi!

Demi is a incredible singer and she deserves this more than anyone in the world. Her voice is really powerful and she's very popular!

She actually sings. If singing was a sport, Demi Lovato would win the Gold medal. She's n1 for me and she deserves this opportunity.

Demi Lovato is a rare prize to have. She is REAL! There is absolutely nothing fake about her! She has been through so much and has shown/taught the world that there isn't a thing in this world that can tear her down n bring her to her knees. She has taught so many people that it is OKAY to talk about your problems. This young lady has saved so many lives just by doing what she believes is right in her own life. Demi Lovato is such a positive role model with the vocal talent of a goddess! Demi Lovato more than deserves this opportunity! Vote for Demi and she won't let you down!

Demi Lovato would be a perfect artist to sing at the 2012 London Olympics. She's an inspiration to millions and millions of people around the world. She is down to earth and very grateful of everything she gets given. She works hard for everything and never takes anything for granted. Plus, her vocal talent is beyond amazing and would blow people away if she were to sing at the London Olympics. It would be a great experience for her, and an amazing way to get her name about around the UK and other countries where she is not as well known. Her album 'Unbroken' comes out this year too so it would be also be perfect promotion for her and her music too! She's been through a hell of a lot in her life time, and this would be one of those great things to come her way and give her hope and happiness. Plus, billions of her fans would be the happiest! It would nothing short of PERFECTION if she performed this year. Make it happen!

Demi is probably the most inspirational and talented singer here and has saved lives, not something you can say for many singers/actresses. She is such a strong vocalist who has battled through many problems in her life and has come out stronger for it. Demi is such a great role model to have and to promote her like this could mean that more people know her and can find the courage to seek help for problems they're facing.

Demi Lovato has an incredible voice that is underestimated by those who know her as a "former Disney star". She has the kind of voice that will electrify the crowd and get them pumped for what's about to come next! The olympics will be a great achievement for her do I hope that Demi does get to perform at the 2012 Olympics! Please vote for her!