Dulce Maria


She has sung with Akon and Joe Jonas, was invited by Obama for The White House, his Extranjera album was # 1 on iTunes and Platinum Awards, was praised by Shakira, in the social support in 2009, Dulce Maria created the Foundation Dulce Amanecer to support communities of indigenous women and their children, as well as environmental protection, Also in September 2009, the singer was chosen by Google, Save the Children and Chicos.Net as representative of the Technology Yes campaign aimed at promoting the appropriate use of technology and the Internet among children and youth, the album where they had great sales in several countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Brazil and the United States, Mexico and Colombia was the top sales, the video clip of the song Ya No one is alert to abuse against women, is the only Mexican who made such a warning in your video clips.

She has a great, magical voice. Shes in so many ways beautiful I couldn't describe it.. She has the power to mesmerize her audience. Shes incredible, it would be very nice for the world to get to know her.

More emphasis on Latin America today. Have you had the opportunity to sing at the White House at the request of U.S. president Barack Obama. It has everything to shine.

She was elected the woman more sexy of the planet by Magazine VIP for two years, and the singer more sexy in Latin America by magazine Maxim.

In a career year was named new artist of the most important prize in Latin, Lo Nuestro Awards, won the award for Pratini in Brazil, had high sales in different parts of the world in 2011 and was considered the favorite by international artist Nicklowdion channel.

Dulce is a great new solo artist, who was once part of RBD. Now she's on her own conquering Latin America and part of Europe with her voice. Proving the she could make a name for herself out of RBD. She's also the ONLY Mexican singer to get a Platinum record in Brazil. She's not only an amazing singer but an amazing human being. She would be a great addition to the set to perform.

She is a great human not just for her fame but her humanity as well. Sh e has fans all over the world from Brazil all the way to Albania and her fans just adore her and love her very much and we would love to see her perform in the ceremony

She is sweet and is always helping with worthy causes. PJ was considered by the Latin pop princess. Made great duets! With Akon and Joe Jonas. She is a singer, writer, actress, songwriter and makes paintings. It is a complete artist.

The best latin singer! She is an amazing singer, her album "Extranjera" wins Platinum Award in Brazil and #1 in Mexico, Colombia, Spain and others. She sang with Joe Jonas and Akon! I really hope see her in London.

The record market for Latin artists is difficult, but Dulce Mara in just one year with his album Extranjera could conquer all of Latin America, the United States, several European countries and even become the first Mexican singer to receive Platinum Award in Brazil. We want to Dulce in London.

Dulce Mara went platinum in Brazil with his only solo album which sold over 40,000 copies. It is considered a complete artist by its many facets, singer, actress, songwriter, artist. It's the best!

I love Dulce Mara! She is the Latin Queen of POP! She has been a star since she was a child and she has proved she has what it takes to be always a number one! Her latest album, Extranjera is fantastic. I do hope she comes to London to represent the Latin community

If England wants to show off its best performers in the Opening Ceremonies, Dulce Mara needs to be on the list! Her voice and stage presence would draw the world's attention.

Dulce Mara is the best singer, that I've ever heard! Her voice is fascinating. Beyonce is deserving attention. She is worthy of opening London Olympics Ceremonies! DIVA!

Dulce Maria is the first Mexican to win Platinum Award in Brazil and also with several hits in just one year career. It is a musical highlight in several countries. She is amazing!

If you get in London is a great responsibility. An artist with ability to receive all this mission is Dulce Mara. She is an amazing singer that is through winning the world!

Dulce Mara mexixana is the most viewed on youtube, it is the first Mexican to win a platinum award in Brazil, with its first album Extranjera; for years was considered the sexiest woman in the world for major magazines. She is the singer that we need in London because she rocks!

She is simply the best, she is sexy and she is good singer! It will be good for Europe to know her!
She is very talented and awesome, she is the right girl for olympics! Love her!

She has sung with Akon and Joe Jonas is the only former RBD to gain platinum, Extranjera her album was # 1 on iTunes, It is among the singers with more songs played in latin america, now you just need to perform to London Olympics 2012.


A ceremony like this deserve the best and best singer of the moment is certainly the Dulce Mara. She is standing out a lot and is considered the Latin pop princess.

She is just THE BEST latin pop singer! She is so beautiful and sing's so good! I would like to see her there! I think She is the best and I really love her! Thanks

Shes the best singer/actress I every seen. She would be the one to be at the event. I love all the stuff she tells us her fans like to never stop dreaming and to never give up because if you believe and try all your dream and hopes will come true I love her

Dulce Maria is considered 'The highlight of Latin America today' with only 1 year solo career, and has won several awards as: People, Choice Awards.. And others. The singer performed a duet with African singer Akon, and American singer Joe Jonas. Dulce signed to Universal Music. The redhead has received praise from Shakira, Akon, Ricky Martin and many others.., for all his talent and humility.

She is the best LA singer and a great person. The Olympics need someone that will honor it. I saw some people in the Top 10 that does not fulfill all these desirable qualities. I believe it will be great for the Olympics to include this well known and talented singer.

Dulce Maria is a complete artist, has a wonderful voice and her music reaches millions of hearts, it is inevitable to hear, you can move a thousand feelings with just one song, it deserves to participate in the Olympic Games in London and the public deserves to enjoy a show like this