Ed Sheeran

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Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.


Ed Sheeran is a new fresh artist who appeals to all ages. His voice is incredible and he means every word he sings. He is one of the very few artists who sounds better live than recorded. His songs have been written by no other than Ed himself and they are beautiful, not to mention straight from the heart. He inspires people and he became famous without the help of others, excluding the amazing amount of support from his family, friends, and fans... Isn't that what the Olympics is all about? Perseverance, support? I can also safely add Ed would probably appreciate the opportunity much more than most, and to top it all off... HE IS ACTUALLY BRITISH UNLIKE SO MANY OF THE ARTISTS HERE! So please, Ed Sheeran should sing at the Olympics. COME ON SHEERAN FAM, VOTE FOR ED!

Nothing we can type could give Ed justice, you just have to listen to his music and you'll instantly fall in love with his voice. He's worked so hard to get to where he is now and the most genuine and down to earth person you could ever imagine. He's a complete success and it's a shame he's falling to the bottom of the chart, everyone should spread the word for this because he deserves it, a lot more than most of the other people here. Please vote for Ed x

Ed Sheeran is amazing. Honestly, one of the most talented up-and-coming artists. His songs are fantastic and he deserves to play at the olympics. His record " " went double platinum and he's only 20! Everything he sings is from the heart and is quite poetic. Vote for him to sing at the olympics and you be supporting great talent and getting him the international exposure that he deserves!

Ed is the most kindest, warm-hearted person in the music industry, he represents the acoustic scene incredibly well and has worked his fingers to the bone for the past few years to make it where he is today and to represented the British music scene I really don't think you could choose anybody more down to earth than Ed!

He is so talented and needs all the help he can get to promote himself world wide. He started at such a young age (14)! He deserves this so much! He is so down to earth, yet he is an amazing performer! His lyrics have so much meaning, but the way he writes them really makes you think! Take the song Small Bump, for example. This song was written from the point of view of a soon to be father, yet it was actually his friend who had the miscarriage, not his girlfriend. Hos guitar playing skills are the best around! He will go far, so if London misses the oportunity to show the world his skills, they will regret it! He is in the music industry, not for the fame, but for the music, the fans, the lyrics and his love for music! His talent with a loop pedal will not be found in many other places! This is why you should vote for Ed! Please help him get to the top so everyone can experience his epicness!

Ed sheeran is a fantastic man. He writes his own lyrics, and doesn't get lost in the industry. He has real talent. He is going to be big in 2012, and grows to an amazing young artist, who everyone should know and love. He is also very good-looking and he's just outstanding... His songs always reach my heart, cause the lyrics are from his heart. He is fantastic the way he is and he should never change. I love ed!

Ed Sheeran is the most amazing Singer I have ever heard! He writes his own lyrics that relate to his own experiences and most people get it! I just think what he has is pure talent and he's the best and hardest working in the music business at the moment and he deserves this! Support him and vote for this wonderful man!

He is one of the best live acts around! He is also beautiful and ginger and his smile is perfect. I can't even say enough. HE HAS TO PERFORM AT THE OLYMPICS and let me come backstage because of this amazing comment. I got it all the way up to good, yep. SO VOTE FOR EDWARD CHRISTOPHER SHEERAN NOW!

I don't think there is a better choice than Ed for this! I love a lot of the other singers but none have a raw and true voice like Ed. He is honest and talented beyond anything I have heard before. LOVE his voice, honesty, soul and raw edge!

He's the most amazing singer/songwriter I have ever heard of and he has real talent and a perfect singing voice and his songs are beautiful, so vote for ed he deserves it 100000000 times more than most of the people higher up on this list.

If anyone deserves fame, and his name in lights, then it sure as hell is Ed Sheeran. He's worked harder than most. He didn't take a short cut, he did gigs, made contacts, slept on sofa's, and in the end he made some of the best lyrics ever! And after all that 'he's the same Ed. ' All in all, Ed is amazing, and we are lucky to hear him!

If you go to someone outside of England and say 'my inspiration is Ed Sheeran' they won't have a clue who you're on about. We need to support this AMAZING singer, by publicising him at events where he would ROCK.

Simply amazing. He has achieved so much in a year. He has done over 1000 gigs throughout the past 3 years and is amazing live! Vote for ed

Please please vote for Ed. No one has touched my heart like he has. His music is amazing! Ed Sheeran really deserves it. I love all his songs. His songs can make you happy or cry. He is truly an artist.

His music inspire me. Ed Sheeran is an awesome Singer and Songwriter and is already very successful at this age.
He'll amount to much. 2012 will be his year. The whole world will realize what a fantastic Singer he is.

Ed Sheeran should definitely be there! He is one of the best singer/songwriters around! I think he would be great to show of the pure talent that our country has to offer!

Ed Sheeran is very talented and is an amazing performer! He has really good songs with amazing lyrics and an amazing voice! He would be the first person I'd choose

What can I say, he is my favourite artist and is truly amazing he has worked so hard last year, and he is going to do so much better this year. Everyday he gets a little more popular, a little more famous and a little bit better. He is amazing. I dedicate my life to ed. I love him so much. Xoxo

A hard worker who has worked towards a dream and never given up and deserves a lot of credit for writing his own lyrics that are beautiful, he is raw talent!

He is amazing I've seen him I've three times and I'm sure he wouldn't disappoint at such an important ceremony the world deserves nothing better than him

Pure talent! Like songs from heaven and the voice of an angel that everyone loves! Sings from the heart and definitely deserves to sing at the olympics!

ED SHEERAN! He has worked his way up to the top all on his own and shows true fighting spirit, he is inspiration to so many... Writes song of true meaning and charecter, he has felt emotion about real things, I love him as do so many others... He IS beautiful in his songs and mind..

He has gone from a nobody to a number 1 selling artist in no time. Started off 2012 with the number 1 selling album ' ' and is only going to get better.

Ed Sheeran is amazing, his music inspires people everyday. He isn't your average celebrity, he's not at all fake, he is completely real.

Ed Sheeran is a new music act that inspires other people to do more. He Appeals to all ages and has brought new music to the nation.