Eric Saade


Eric Saade is a great artist who is developing all the time... He has made an amazing career so far! He works more than anyone else artist and I believe that people must give him the chance to show his talent! Other famous people such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne have been in many huge events so, I don't think that this performance will be something special to them... Of course they are great but I think it's better to give to someone else the chance to show up and become more famous. ERIC SAADE is the ideal person to make the beginning unforgettable!

Eric Saade should perform! His performances are awesome and he gives 120% whenever he gets the chance to sing live!
He also cares for his fans cause he knows that without us he is nothing and that is in my opinion the sweetest thing in the world! For me it is important that he gets famous worldwide cause then like EVERYBODY gets the chance to see him live and the performance on the opening would be a great opportunity for him!
I will always support you!

Love Eric, love his music and he should be allowed to spread his music. His music is my religion. Eric is new, he is fresh and the world should know his name. Eric Saade everybody Eric is HOTTER THAN FIRE!

Eric is the best singer, dancer and performer from Scandinavia. He is the nicest and most talented artist I've ever met, and he has a new hit "Hotter than fire" with the American singer DEV which is the best song ever! Eric is perfect for this! He loves sport too. Eric should be the on who perform at the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies, no doubt!

Because Eric is an amazing Entertainer... He is able to sing LIVE and dance at the same time. It would be a great opportunity for him to sing at the opening ceremony of Olympia 2012.

Eric is such a great singer, in each song from him you can feel his soul, his heart and the fun he has. He loves to sing, to dance and to entertain his fans. He loves his fans and does everything to make them happy. Even when he don't know everybody who likes him, but he tries to make them happy too. He don't works for the glory or for the money, he sings for the fun and for that, what he believes. Why should we let a star going there, who has sung on the biggest stages, for million fans and achieve everything a normal person would like to achieve, and not this smart, polite, kind guy from Sweden, who just want to have fun with his fans and who just like to entertain the people around him? If you ask me, I would grant Eric the fame. If Eric would going to perform in London at the Olympics opening ceremonie he would be the happiest man ever. He just want to have a good time and I think we would like to have a good time too. So why don't we let Eric going there and have his good time ...more

Eric is an amazing performer, singer and dancer. His latest hit with DEV would be perfect! Eric loves sport and that's also a great reason why he should be the one. Eric is Sweden's pride! Please VOTE!

Better than Eric - NO ANYONE! He is a wonderful singer, a dancer! Eric have beautiful voice! When he smiles, all the fans are happy! I thank him for his great music! ERIC FOREVER

He is the best singer of the world 'cause he sings live as good as on a CD! He can dance and he is very nice to his fans... Also he is looking good and has a nice girlfriend! He is the best singer and dancer ever... Love from Germany

Eric deserve to win, and it would be great if you could vote for him1 Please He's the best(-: Vote for the most popular guy

! He's the best I love him! And his voice is the best thing in the world! I think that he have to be there, the people have to hear him and then, gonna understand his talent.

Eric should go there because he's got a GREAT voice and singing in opeing ceremonies would be a good consideration to be more famous all over the world! Hope he'll get much points LOVE YOU ERIC FROM Greece

Eric should perform. He is an amazing performer, singer and songwriter. He really deserve to be more known...

I think that Eric Saade should perform because he is very talented, amazing singer, dancer, and he have wonderful performances, and England must see this amazing singer!

Eric is one of the greatest voice in Scandinavia and all over the world. He deserve to perform because his voice and technique is perfect and he dance like a star! He is a star! He has all an artist needs!

He is the best singer ever! Amazing dancer! & forever in my heart! He is so HOT! I LOVE YOU ERIC!

Eric should really go to London and sing and dance because he's Swedens best singer! He deserves to show the world what he got! If you want a good singer, than pick Eric!

He is a Swedish singer. He sings electro pop. On 19 February 2011, Saade competed in the semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song Popular. He won the final on 12 March 2011 and was the Swedish entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Saade performed the song on 12 May 2011 in the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest. He qualified for the final as performed his song on 14 May 2011 there. Saade ended up on the third place.
On 19 May 2010, Saade released his first album called Masquerade in Sweden. In May 2011, it was revealed that Saade would release two albums in 2011. The first one, called Saade Vol. 1 was released on 29 June 2011 in Sweden. On 2 November 2011, Saade released his first single of the third studio album Hotter Than Fire in Sweden. The single is a collaboration with American singer Dev. The song reached #5 in Sweden.
On 30 November 2011, Saade released his third studio album called Saade Vol. 2 in Sweden.

Eric deserves to perform in the London Olympics! I am so happy and proud that I have him in my life and as my best and special friend! I also support him as a number 1 fan I love him when I see him happy and his fans are singing with him... He makes me happy too! He is SO SO SO Cute, Handsome, Cool, Unique, Beautiful, Funny, Happy, Kind, Nice, Good-Looking, Awesome, Great, Best CUTEST AND THE MOST IMPORTANT... HE IS THE REAL KING OF POP! Can't find more words to say... I'm crying with happiness ERIC, I TRULY TRULY LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL SERIOUSLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Eric Saade is very talented guy! He will do this perfect! He have the best voice, he is good dancer and he have a good taste! He is popular now, but then he will be so much better! He say, that everything is possible, and his Fans believe him! We can make him better, because know, that he love us! And we love him too!

Okay, I'm gonna tell you, why you have to take him and nobody else. He is the best singer I've ever seen, when he starts to dance on stage, the whole world is dancing with him, when he gonna start to sing you hear the world singing with him and when he enter the stage, the world is flipping totally out and goes crazy! So, why not take the sweet, sexy, talented, beautiful boy from Sweden? Is there anything against it? No, there isn't so just make the world happy and let him performing on this great day, at this great stage, in this great city! It's the best choice you can make, and I promise... The world will thank for it.

Eric Deserves to go that would be amazing opportunity for him. By the way I didn't vote because of him, rather myself. I want to see him, hear his song in live, so please vote for Eric, vote for me, for every fans all around the world but mostly for the English fans.

There are some reasons why Eric deserves to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies: Eric has an amazing voice. His song are wonderful! Eric Saade dance so well. He really does care about his fans. Eric is nice inside and outside. And music is his life! There are just few reasons, why Eric deserves it! I'm so proud of being Eric's fan!

Eric deserves to perform at the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, because he is a so great actor on stage, his voice sounds like an angels voice an his songs always makes me smile and dance. Everything he do and does is perfect an I think you want to have a great performing there, so do the best you could an let Eric sing there. In every song I feel his soul because he want to make it good! He ist the best singer I knew and he has to get the chance to become popular, like in his song" popular".

Eric Saade is the most wonderful person on the earth! He really really deserves to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies! He is amazing! Big love and support from Lithuania! Don't forget that we love you, Eric!