F.T. Island


Although they are already successful in most Asian countries that they've visited, they are still considered as underrated in the Korean music industry. They deserve to be known for their skills and individuality. Most Korean groups today are constrained and are forced to be fake so as to be considered as an idol. FT Island however, displays their true self. They compose and write their own songs and they play instruments (as opposed to most Korean groups who perform songs unwritten and unchoreographed by themselves). Though their English is of course, not as proficient as native speakers. Listen to their songs, especially the Japanese ones. You'll see that what they've composed/written has depth, meaning, and emotions. The lyrics are about passion, heartaches, and love; as opposed to the new generation of western songs about sex, drugs, money and fame.

Lee Honggi, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Song Seunghyun these 5 talented boys. They debut with a a band different to those kpop singers that sing and dance.5 of them have great vocals especially Honggi the vocal in this band. Other than that their bassist--Lee Jaejin also can sing very well. Their songs are very touching, most of them are rock ballads. K-popers should vote them. They are the best band I know they can play musical instrument very well especially their leader Choi Jonghoon who can play both guitar and piano. He can also play bass too! And the youngest member Choi Minhwan who is only 20 years old can play drum very well. He play so powerfully in their live show every time. I just love them so much really hope that they can perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies! You sure will like their songs once you listen it!

FT ISLAND is the most wonderful band and the best band in the world. They all have beautiful voice and beautiful faces. They have a number of fans and they are kind to their primadonnas. They are young but they have much experience. They sing well, work hard and have their big hopes. Not only in my opinion, many people think they must have a big opportunity to show themselves! If they have this chance to show themselves, I think, they must do a best job! I believe and I surety it! Come on! FT Island! I love you forever!

FTisland, the best band! They have power! They have charm! Though they are very youngest, but inside me is the best! FTisland fighting! Love you!

FTIsland is the best band in my heart.
They play a big part in my heart.
Please vote for them! They are really good!

The greatest band in the world, with the greatest guitarist (Choi Jonghun), the greatest rhythm guitarist (Song Seunghyun), the greatest bassist (Lee Jaejin), the greatest drummer (Choi Minhwan)... And most of all... The GREATEST vocal (Lee Hongki)!

I think they not only have beautiful face but band power. These days, these boys try to say something in their songs. And it's really have power. I think they are not just boy band. They have their ideas the vocal's voice have live power. Guitarist and bassist even have good skills. And the drummer is powerful. By their improve, I love their music by step. Love their live and music!

I love FTIsland forever. FTIsland is very good! Nobody may substitute for them, Because they are unique. Likes you heart being forever invariable.

FT Island is the best band in my mind, they not only have a handsome appearance, the most important is that they have the strength. They are my career although very underrated, very hard, but they didn't give up, but more efforts, through their own efforts, step by step to the present position. They are the best in my heart forever! I love them forever!

I'm PRI, they are my life
Love them for a year, they are the best band
I will always love them, no matter how!

Lead singer Li Hongji base has a unique charm of voice. Captain Choi Jong Hun play the guitar very well, always with the team. Bassist Lee Jae Jin in really lively and lovely dedication. Guitarist Song Chengxuan, although back to join, but have been very hard. Drummer Cui Minhuan is one of the youngest one, but he also work hard. Such a personality youth Band there is no reason why we don't love them.

Beautiful Voice. Wonderful sound! All of them the best! Think they are able to do it the perfect way )

These handsome boys are very hardworking. Hongki's voice is so beautiful. Jaejin's bass, minhwan's drum, seung hyun's guitar, leader's guitar and piano. Because this teamwork FTisland is becoming more and more popular! I love you so much

I think FTIsland is the best band! They all very young but they are hardworking! I think they will have a big success in the future! I will support them forever!

I love FTIsland, I think their songs are very good, There are the best rock band in I'm heart. FTIsland fighting! Love you
I hope them can be the top K-POP singer of the world, fighting!

I think FTisland is best land. Their songs are very beautiful and they were so young. I love FTisland very much!

FTIsland, the best band, Pri proud of you. I love you forever. Do your best. I will support you forever. Don't be too tired and remember to take some breaks.

For now my only motivation is the treasure whether it is happy or sad heart also only can treasure.

FTIsland, the K-POP rock band, and they are my favorite band, FTIsland wonderful!

FTisland is the best band in my heart. They are handsome and work hard. Their voice is very nice~ They will be more strong and powerful!
Given them a chance they will be better!

F.T. island is a South Korean band and all 5 members have gone through a lot and worked really hard to get to where they are right now.

To have the opportunity perform at the olympics opening would be a dream come true for them as we all know that UK is home of rock :-) Moreover, they will be able to gain more experience and exposure so as to improve and further enhance their musical skills. Furthermore, they will be able to gain recognition, not as idols like their Korean counterparts, but as a rock band.

FTIsland is the best rock band in my mind, they not only have a handsome appearance, the most important is that they have the strength. They are my career although very underrated, very hard, but they didn't give up, but more efforts, through their own efforts, step by step to the present position. They are the best in my heart forever! I love them forever!

I like FTIsland very much, the flower appearance, singing and playing all at full strength, the power, the acting is also a major breakthrough and harvest, for example you're beautiful, etc.. They are young, they have unlimited potential. They are South Korea 's best indie band!

Please give then this chance!
They will give us perfect stage.

Ftisland is the grateful band in my heart! They are not only have power of singing but also be my proud. Their style is different from other groups in Korea. It's unique. What's more, they try their best to achieve their dream day by day and insist on their flower rock. They are wonderful!

"FTIsland" means"Five Treasure Island". In my eyes, they are the world's only treasure. From experience, they have debut for five years, they experienced frustration and got through the hard times. They have become more and more mature. However, their average age is 20 years old, they still have vitality, dreams and a persistent spirit. They are not only a young band, but also are an independent band, they insisted on self and they try their best to find their own color. They never lose courage and stop trying. I will not to comment on their songs is good or bad, because as soon as you hear it, you can really feel songs give you brought shock, they are not in use voice singing, they use the soul and feelings sing. This feeling is difficult to describe, but and your heart close conjunction. I am proud of them forever.