Han Geng


Han Geng is the most popular young idol in China, whom is also very popular in other Asian Countries and owns thousands of fans. Han is not only an extreme handsome boy, but also has many excellent qualities. He is kind, Caring, modest, Patriotic, Filial, and so on. Dancing is his specialty for he is proficient in China's 56 kinds of folk dance, hip-hop, wave, locking, robot and other kinds of dance. What is more, he also good at singing, acting, and is potential in designing.

I love him! Wonderful. Gorgeous and gifted, he has an uncanny knack at focusing on his career. It's this quality that will propel him to the top of his game. He's man's man; smart, aggressive and talented. What you see is what you get! Becoming an all-round multi-talented entertainer is no easy task. I have belief in his ability.

He was 2008 Olympic torch bearer. He had the highest vote before he became the torch bearer. When he has the chance, he will do many charity. He went with his fans to help out the poors at a school secretly. He sponsored seven kids for their educations until college..

I love Hangeng! He has strong will & very working hard for his career. He performance is excellence that's why he has fans all over the world. He is good enough to perform the opening ceremony of Olympic.

He's a great dancer and singer. He's like a dream in the realistic world, remaining to be the same honest and simple person after years working in entertainment business. Huge encouragement for the young generation. He fought for his dreams with all he had and was very committed in helping others in charity after he became famous. His experience in Korea made me believe that strength and achievements can defeat prejudice.

He's a great role model for many youngsters out there. Persistent pursuit of dreams, attractive personalities. Most importantly he's a simple guy, who has never failed our expectations on and off the stage. He would secretly show up in charity events that fans have organized and easily blend in as a helper. His kind heart not only shows in active involvements of charity and fundraising but also his attitudes towards fans, families and friends. If there's a celebrity who's capable of bringing positive influence among the public today it's Han Geng!

He's only 27 but his resume is impressively rich. 2008 Beijing Olympic torch bearer, 2010 Shanghai Expo ambassador, 2010 Asian Games ambassador. One of the singers of Beijing Olympic theme song "Beijing Welcomes You", singer of Shanghai Expo "Chinese Elements" theme song "The Sight of the World Turning to the East", singer of Asian Games promote song "You and Asian Games".

He's always chasing his dream with courage and holds a competitive spirit which is in harmony with what Olympic brings about. He devotes himself to charity. He has possessed a great deal of talent and so many virtues that his standing on the stage will bring not only entertainment but a positive inspiration which will be needed worldwide.

Our Han geng is a vary kind person. He always help people who in a hard situation. He is a good model for young people.

He is a multitalented singer. He was one of the torch bearer in olympic 2008. He is one of the most wanted & anticipated artist in China. His stage performance are stunning and being acknowledge among his peers. He is a role model to all youth and his people. Let him show his best performance in London and you won't regret it

Because He is the powerful singer from Asia and his friends is the first one on our poll. If you know Super Junior who sang Sorry Sorry, the song that made the big wave in the world >>> that mean you must vote and agree with us.

Love Super Junior Love Hankyung

He is the epitome of a youth who strives for excellence and success in the honest and hard way... Through fortitude and determination to be where he is today.. He is the clean face of the Olympic motto.. Citius, Altius, Fortius.. That's why I vote for him..

Han Geng is becoming more diligent, more enthusiastic, and more famous all over the world. He was a member of Korean band-Super Junior. And now, as a solo singer, dancer and actor, he is trying his best to step into the international world. In 2008, he was voted to be the torch bearer in BeiJing Olympic Games. So, I think Han Geng is the best choice!

He was 2008 Olympic torch bearer. He makes every effort to realize his dream and never give up no matter what difficulties he faces. He sings well but he dances better.

He is such an inspiring icon and looking up for his bright future and anticipate his future piece of work.

Han has a so strong mind that he impresses me greatly. Especially, when I'm in trouble, I'll think of him, that makes me have power again. He is attractive, I hope that I could see him in London Olympics ~! If so, that will be so excellent!

He's trying to teach me to face any difficulties can not give up

Han Geng is a love of human life. Enthusiasm for life. He is a very tough person inside, it is in line with the Olympic spirit. He is a Chinese.

He is a handsome man. He is a good singer. He is a powerful dancer. He is from China and he is proud of that. He is my super man. We are proud of him.

Site staff, you good, I come from china. Heard that your website has such a vote, and vote on the star I like most admire the most, so I was very excited. Through go through untold hardships, across the Chinese network limited. Finally see this website.

My idol is one of the least populous nation from China -- in the ordinary teenager, he is Han Geng. I like him, like him not because he is the outstanding appearance, tall figure. But because of his kindness, love, filial piety, love...

His debut in the process is very hard, because he was the first to debut in South Korea of chinese. You know a foreigner debuted in Korea to experience than Korean local trainees more exercise, more sweat.
He was the tough environment persevered, broke through the layers of obstacles, finally debuted.

... Because the Korean entertainment company SM, for his disrespectful and suppressed, the unfair treatment ( under the main factors are not respect individual idea ) let him stand. ...more

HanGeng is a famous singer and actor in China but he has a wide fans group around the world. His performance can catch others eyes. He is gorgeous on the stage. He can makes the atmosphere become higher and let everyone enjoys his show. I believe if he become the performer of London Olympic Game, a lot of audience would be attracted especially the wide potential audience from China. Also he was the torchbearer in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game so he is an excellent choice of being the performer in London. I am looking forward to see on on the stage of London. I believe all of you would enjoy his show!

2008 Beijing Olympic torch bearer. 2010 Shanghai Expo ambassador. 2010 GuangZhou Asian Games Ambassador. One of the singers in Beijing Olympic theme song "Beijing Welcomes You". Stunning live performances, powerful dancing. Active in charity. Role model for many.

Han Geng is the most popular Asian superstar from China (singer & actor well known for his powerful dance skills). He is skillful in all China's 56 ethnic traditional dances, as well as ballet and hip-hop dance. He is also extremely active in many philanthropy works.

He is the guide in the lives of our young people. He teaches us to love life and help others. No matters what happened to him, he always can smiled and said: believe me, I can do it. We all love him.

He knows his dream and work very hardly. He is very kind and friendly. He never think he is a star, he think himself as a ordinary person. He is patriotic. You may never know that... Long long ago a fan saw that he took a photo with Chinese flag silently at the airport because of the love of his country and his parents. We always can learn some positive thing from Han Geng. My English is so poor that I can't tell you the words I want to say and the excellent of Han Geng. I am so sorry.