Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.


Revolutionary performer. The grace in her voice and emotion is unparalleled to any other musical acts. She is the only suitable candidate for such a grand show. Leaving her out would lead to catastrophic results. Quite literally too. You will find out if Hatsune Miku is not chosen. I'm sure you've caught onto the implications here.

Computer generated and able to be bought and downloaded, Hatsune Miku is a first class singer. She has the ability to sing in many different pitches, and the Appends you can buy her in generate more emotion. This Olympic ceremony brings in the new, right? So why not, with it, bring in the technological advance in the music industry? Fans world wide would be overjoyed and ecstatic. As Miriam Stockley says, "You can't fight progress, no matter how strange it sounds. "

I think miku is the best in ACGN groups. Then, you can create a song and miku can sing the song. Miku is change our compact of the song -- yesterday, all song just can sing by real people, if person's singing-skill are bad, he can't sell his song, but, hatsune miku it create the new generation, everyone can creating selling songs and just you know how to use the software.

I believe having Miku as a singer would be both interesting and entertaining for the 2012 opening ceremonies. Hatsune Miku has come a very long way, from being a synthetic voice synthesizer program that not many people knew to becoming a full fledged idol, with millions of fans and fan works; Miku recently even obtained sold out concerts in both Japan and the United States. It's truly the fans that carry the love of Hatsune Miku, Miku may in a physical sense be nothing more than a computer program, but the true soul and essence of Miku resides in each and every fan she has. As a fan myself I can say that Miku represents much more than an projection on stage, a picture on the internet, or a song on an mp3 player; she represents the future and also represents that if people work together with love and passion then a dream can really become a reality. Hatsune Miku truly deserves to play at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies because she truly encompasses the energy and love that ...more

Miku all the way! Her voice range is much wider than a humans, not to mention she can sing SUPER fast (Disappearance of Hatsune Miku and Two Faced Lovers are pretty good examples of that) Besides, even her NAME literally means "Sound from the Future", or something like that. She can represent the world moving forward! This would also make a great chance for her to gain some more acceptance in countries other than Japan

Miku Hatsune is not a single person. She is the embodiment of many people who have worked so hard to create music that they can share with people all around the world. So many inspiring songs have been created using her program and they have touched the hearts of millions. Miku Hatsune is not just an idol or a cool software program that can sing, she is a medium that allows those who have a song in their heart to be able to share that song with people all over the world.

I think Miku should perform because she is something unique. Although I do support Super Junior, Lady GaGa, and many other contestants, I think Miku really needs to be shown to more people. See, although there are many Miku fans around the world I think her performing at the Olympics would be a huge leap forward. She is a "Virtual Diva" seeing a performance from a program could very well leave many peoples mouths dropped wide open. Some people may say "but she isn't even real. " Well, she, in a way, is. She exists and she is alive in the heart of her fans. And she does have emotion, She has songs to make you laugh, cry, songs to inspire you, and even songs that scare you so much you want to hide under your covers. I have seen people say that "Some one who actually knows how to speak in English needs to perform. " I am sorry, but the Olympics are made up of MOST COUNTRIES not just English speaking ones! Yes, English is one of the largest spoken languages ...more

Hatsune Miku is the epitome of a singer who can unite the world. Though critics may decry her as a program with little emotion, the very nature of her existence allows her to transcend the boundaries of space and touch people across the world with her songs. Her music is beautiful and the Olympics will allow her to demonstrate, once and for all, the universal power of Vocaloids.

This is the chance to let the world know her. For me there is no other deserve this chance more than her. There is no singer like her that have the soul that so colorful, because she has all of our love within her. In each person's heart there is a different Miku, I think that's where the beauty of it.


Miku is not just a Hologram, she is a alive person in many people's heart. Her songs has bring hope in people's life. Even though many says she is not real but I would say that she is real in my heart. Everyone is a creator and Miku proved it to us as many people ha made many wonderful songs using her. Miku brings hope and future in Music, she is our new hope. Miku should really sing for the Olympics because she can bring us one step closer, to love, to peace.

Miku Hatsune has a Lovely Voice. Almost half of her songs has meanings and that is also the best part of her. Also yet the greatest Appearance too. The first time I knew her I really thought she was real, until I noticed she wasn't, But that never stopped me from Loving her and that never made me stop believing that SHE WILL BE REAL someday. Yamaha and both Crypton Media has started to make a real life robot, and after a couple o years. Miku Hatsune will start to sing by herself as she please, walk and run around, move graciously like a human would do, Interact with us and Certainly NO PERSON should control behind her eyes. Her songs Became Popular not JUST because of her Voice and all~ Like I said... Meanings, Lyrics and feelings... Now that is also the Gift Crpypton and Yamaha gave~ Countless of her songs may have saved our lives too. Like it did to me. It gave me a new one. Once London starts to hear her Voice and set their eyes on her! I promise that you will never regret that us ...more

It's no doubt to say Miku will be the most popular virtual singer all over the world, I can say her appearance will explode whole world, definitely. PLEASE FOLLOW ME!

I love miku and I love VOCALOID. EVEN she is just a software, yes, but she can still play on the stage. On March 9th, SEGA use Holography to make the Hatsune miku ceremony and let everyone who love music and love miku enjoyed a perfect night. Miku is so well know that I think it must be appropriate to ler Hatsune Miku be the singer to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. If it finally comes true, I should be there at the ceremony to see miku showing to the world what is the best music!


I believe that Miku should be singing in the Olympics this year. Miku is talented- sure, she may be "just a computer software" to some people, but to all of her fans, she is just as alive as we are. Not only that, but Miku also has the ability to put so much emotion in her songs; unlike some other singers. Her songs... Are just completely amazing. They can relate to people, unlike a lot of the songs here in the US, which is now mostly just house music and partying.

If Miku doesn't get picked... Basically the entire fanbase of hers will be furious. Watch as threads boom with rage if she doesn't get picked... And, who wouldn't want "the princess of the world"? (World is Mine reference.

I love the music that was created through the vocaloid program, and half of it I love is Hatsune Miku. I would love to hear Hatsune Miku perform in the Olympic games! I always wanted to hear it even at concerts. I really hope the audience would love to hear it in the London Olympics' opening ceremonies.

Personally I'm a fan of rock music but when it comes to miku my opinion can change pretty quick, most people who have heard miku will get a great opportunity to hear her beautiful voice. Trust miku when you hear hear singing you will be hypnotized by her voice to listen to more it.

That's what I think miku should be the performing artists at the Olympic opening ceremonies.

MIKU is Great! Everyone's heart will be tighter together at the time she appears in the Olympic game! She's different from any other singers you can't find anyone like her! She's an inspiration for me! Her voice, her songs, her movement, and everything~ and first time a program like her is trying to match other humans! My first and last idol! Go and reach the top miku!

Hatsune Miku is great. I would like to see her unique style at the Olympics simply because it would make history to have a vocaloid perform at such an event. She has a great voice and great songs and it would give a very post-modern feel to the ceremony.

Hatsune Miku is the best ever singer for me, her voice even is just angelic and wonderful to listen at, also her songs are just heart touching. I listen to her songs and find the English lyrics and still sing to her song in Kanji.. In other words I just do really love her!

Vote Miku! Wouldn't it be so amazing! I'd love to see her preform more than anybody on this list! Holographic concert? Amazing! Go Miku! P.S. bring all of your Vocaloid Friends

When you say Hatsune Miku, it is not just the virtual green-haired diva but also the product of hundreds of people working one by one on their creative aspirations and building a huge community in the process. The fandom is one that has a culture of continuous innovation and interaction that it is not only the creators but also the fans that have put Hatsune Miku to where she is today. Lots of aspiring musicians, artists and composers have been able to come closer to fulfilling their dreams through Hatsune Miku and the other vocaloids. To see such an inspiring work of art perform on stage is tantamount to realizing that everyone can make their dreams come true. That and there will always be a community to share your dreams with.

She is the best. It velikolepna. Ona krasiva. You her amazing voice and songs. What else is needed for the singer at the Olympic Games? It may be that we can not. It forces strive and move forward. Why do we need the Olympic Games. Bringing VOCALOID to the ceremonies would be the best choice to represent the future.

Hatsune Miku is the best and the most compact singer - put it on flash card and carry in your pocket. Despite it her songs are full of soul, her electric soul!