Hey! Say! JUMP


Hi there! Well. Maybe many of you doesn't know who is hey say jump. So, I'm here to let you know about them.
They contains of 10 members and they have 2 sub units which are hey say best (boys excellent selected team) for 5 who are senior and hey say 7 for the remain that bare junior. Here is the list of the members with their specialty

Hey! Say! BEST

Yabu Kota - the eldest and the leader. He had been in yayayah as the leader and lead vocalist since 2002. His angelic voice will make those people that listen can't forget the voice. His body is really flexible as he can waves and very good in shaking. He is one of the main vocalist in hey say jump. Besides, he can also play the guitar and piano as well.

Yuya Takaki - he is one of the main vocalist. His personality is really cool. Besides, he had train under J. J express with some other fellow members of hey say jump.

Kei inoo - he is the smartest in hey say jump. He even enter meiji university and he ...more

Hey! Say! JUMP are just amazing. They're really brilliant and they just deserve to come to London and perform at the Olympics.

I just love Hey! Say! JUMP so much and so do many others. It would be amazing for both them and their fans for them to branch out to such a big city. I know many people would agree with me!

Hey! Say! Jump is my favorite J-Pop Band! They are so amazing and cool. Every time I heard their song or watch their PV, I felt happy and motivated. Especially their song named "reams Come True" and "Score Time", that's really good song! You will felt happy when you heard it. I hope they will be there for Olympic Games, because I knew so many people adore them and love them

Hey! Say! JUMP is a sunshine in my life. Their smile can cheer up everyone. They always concentrate theirs work. No matter has laboriously, but is forever happy in which. This spirit of never gives up will be Causes many people bravely facing the poverty-stricken life.

Hey Say Jump is a good band. I vote them because their singing and dancing is really good. They are cute, cool and handsome. They are really amazing. Not only they are young, but also they have enough energy to sing and dance at the Olympics. I think they can preform very well and make people happy on that day. I hope that more people can vote them and support them more. I know them they can do it. Hey Say Jump, I will support your forever! Don't Give Up!

Hey say jump are a young talented J-pop group that have a lot of energy on stage. I believe they have a great potential to touch the people from around the world. The Olympics ceremony is a special event for a lot off different nationalities. Hey say jump can make an awesome magical atmosphere during the ceremony!

Really perfect idol group in Japan &
I think they are so cute and can make me happy when I see them

I really love the ten boys. They are very energetic. You will fall in love with them. They cheered up Japanese in 3.11 earthquake. I believe they can cheer up everyone in 2012~

Hey! Say! JUMP was the BEST Jpop group for me. They're songs are beautiful. And they have that different charisma every time they perform. They always make people happy, that's why they have multiple fans all over the world. I LOVE JUMP!

They're GREAT! Hey! Say! JUMP has an awesome performance on stage. With many nice songs and powerful dance, they will make a wonderful atmosphere and for this event! JUMP will cheer you up!

Hey! Say! JUMP is very good J-pop boy band. They can bring joy to their audience. So, just listen their song and you'll know how great they are!

Hey say jump is the best!
GO GO GO.. Hey say jump mmg sesuai cheering org..
Super delicate. I like that song

As a long time fan I can tell you that their great charisma and large amounts of energy will definitely bring the excitement and melt off the cold during the Olympics! They're great singers, dancers and all of them have special traits about them. Two of their members have performed in the prestigious music competition, "Kouhaku". This show comes only once a year on new year's eve and for anyone to attend and be part of it means that their careers will surely benefit from it in the near future.

I hope my comment here is taken into consideration.

Its amazing jpop idol. I really love the ten boys. They are very energetic, They're really brilliant

They can HIGH everyone up and they really have good skills. This J-pop band is young and energetic~!

I love hsj their music amazing their performances are so energetic too! Always loved this group hopefully they will play there!

Amazing guy with incredible talents, I'm sure they can entertain the whole world. Just can't stop fall in loved with them.

Hey! Say! JUMP is amazing! Fulfilled with teens who have incredible energy and awesome cheerfulness. You will gall in love with them and I love them very much!

They sing very well plus they are young, they can work very long hours!

Don't know what to say.. But I really want hey say jump to perform.. Please vote for hey say jump.. Because they are awesome! Really like them.. Ganbatte ne~ HEY SAY JUMP~!

Hey! Say! JUMP is one of the most amazing JPOP boy band consist of 10 members. They are young with the oldest is 22 years old and the youngest is 17 years old. They have been trained since elementary school. They really talented, they can:
1. Sing
2. Dance
3. Tap dance
4. Act (since 10 years old)
5. Play instrument (base guitar, guitar, piano/keyboard, drum)
6. Compose songs
7. Writing lyrics (Dreamer, Infinity, Shinku, Smile Song, Time, SCORE, Dash!, Thank you:From us to you, Chikai no sora)
8. Rap (rapping plus the compose of the rapping part)
9. Arrange songs
10. Acrobatics
11. Tightrope walking
12. Flying trapeze

Moreover, they all friends since small, they can be funny. They so cute in their chibi days (childhood). They already on T.V. show since elementary school. They also brilliant students who also concerned about their study. Two of them get admitted into university, one of it get accepted into Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia ...more

For me, its Hey! Say! JUMP... Since this boy group is just too amazing...
I love Yuuto Nakajima and He's the one I truly Love!

And I love Hei! Sei! Jump! ZUTTO...
&" I want to support them always... And I will keep on supporting them no matter what...
Aishiteru na JUMP... Anatatachi no egao is my happiness..

Gambare! Never Give Up! I know YOU guys can SHINE... As long as YOU DON'T GIVE UP! GAMBATTE!

Hey say jump is the best and really deserve to perform for Olympic game in London.. They're amazing, fabulous, great, talented and most of all OUR GOD ALMIGHTY really blessed them to have that kind of talent 'because THEY'RE ALL PROFESSIONALS IN PERFORMING to lots of people out there. THEY'RE TRAINED WHILE GROWING UP TO BE A PROFESSIONAL PERFORMER... SO PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM 'because THEY DESERVE IT!

I believe Hey! Say! JUMP can cheer everyone up in 2012 Olympic! How they fulfill their dreams, how they support each other, how they stay as family... Their energetic can make everyone feel powerful! Their talents can't be deny! Just look at SUMMARY (one of their summer concerts)... They work hard to bring happiness to everyone. And I believe they will bring power to the athletes and joy to the people!

Hey! Say! Jump are not only good entertainers, but they have touched people's hearts everywhere! They were able to bring Japan to higher spirits with their genuinely good singing, and music. They have motivated me with songs such as Beat Line and Dash. I will forever be a fan of them, and with their endless energy, they will make the London Olympics memorable, special, exciting, and even explosive! They will certainly make dreams come true and isn't that what the Olympics are all about?