They are just stunning! Their music is wonderful. Their performances are always amazing. They are always laid out in full.

Hurts When I say, is to speak of good quality made in UK. Adam Theo, members of the group, deserve to be in the Olympics in London and his music will be remembered in the next Olympics. Hurts is a guarantee of future.

I have seen them a few times live this year, and they just get better and better. Never disappoint and would be great to represent England!

Who'd know two unemployed boys will become famous by keeping their dream ahead. They wrote hopeful music to encourage people never give up on lives and dreams, which is the best example for young people nowadays.

Perfect performances, awesome voice and great music. Liked them after first sight. So funny, clever and polite guys. Wanna see them again in my town.

Music created from pain and sadness in dark rooms illuminated our hearts and makes us dream HURTS

No comments! Just HURTS! The BEST group of this year 2011! Absolutely amazing singers, performers, cool guys with nice sense of humor! Perfect Representatives of young male English men! Amen!

The best band since long time. Great voice of Theo Hutchcraft, great music perform by Adam Anderson, wonderful look of both guys. Emotional and energetic music. And they are totally amazing live.

Great voice, great music, great performances. Hurts would represent england perfectly. Regards from Germany.

They're the best British band! And most important of all, Theo Hutchcraft, the front man is super adorable. He's such a gentleman. Adam Anderson is so handsome, I love his teeth and his smile.

Because of Theo Hutchcraft's beautiful voice and this really nice tracks that they wrote. Sports and Gym and so on are anyway there things!

They will do professional and enough interesting show, and they won't do something wrong or unworthy to the event. They are young and worldwide famous, so their action will be able to have a success

They are British band that has great live performance. I mean they can present the new British pop music and the music they made are really impressed that touch people from all over the world.

They're fantastic! The songs they made are so touching and will give you lots of power. You can be close to yourself through their music!

Theo is the most amazing singer in the world and incredibly beautiful voice! No one would do it better!

Hurts is awesome! The best band ever
I love all their songs, voice and their concert!
Thanks for coming Taiwan.

Their music is wonderful! Moreover, their live shows are so great! You'll just be melting in the voice, in their music!

Amazing band. Their music has changed my life completely. It saved me from depress. Adam and Theo forever the best!

Hurts best of the best... Russia with you Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson we love you you fellows guys...

Unbelievable duo! Wonderful style, perfect lyrics, amazing music, outstanding mind blowing performances!

Their music is really touch my heart. It's the best voice I've ever heard! I think that they are most suitable to perform on the London olympics ceremonies.

Best voice combines with best look. They deserve it and the opening ceremony absolutely needs them! Hurts' live show gonna make the ceremony awesome.

Hurts is the best, wish you release your new album soon, and it will be a great honor to hear your voice in the opening ceremony of olympics... Come on guys

They're really talented, their music is really good and they are new faces on the music panorama. This could only lead to an awesome opening!

The best music, the best lyrics, the best style. And they are so English! Love them