Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


David Foster refers to Jackie as a beautiful child. By this he's is commenting not just on her beautiful face, but her beautiful voice, her beautiful personality, and her beautiful young soul. Amazing child and an amazing singer. While she started as America's child, she is quickly becoming a child of the world. She will soon be recognized world wide as the VERY BEST at what she does. In a world filled with imitation, she is unique, one of a kind, there is no other Jackie Evancho. Soon all will know what David Foster meant and what all of us that have been touched by her understand, Jackie is the first real treasure of the 21st century, a gift from a loving God to mankind. Thank you Jackie for being such a special gift.

There are great performers of lyrics in song and then, there is Jackie Evancho, Songbird of the Ages. Seeing such raw talent interwoven so astoundingly into the presentation of absolutely every single song Jackie chooses to perform, which then, without fail, lifts the heart, the imagination and the hopes, of those listening and watching her perform, to heights of joy they have never experienced in such a way before, is truly an experience that can only end in great adoration, praise and thanksgiving for having been witness to such blessed greatness and grace in the person of this highly acclaimed and beloved Songbird.

In my humble opinion Miss Jackie Evancho has one of the most beautiful voices on the planet bar-none. Her Christmas song believe was voted best song of the season. With her singing at the Olympics this years opening session would bring much joy to this entire world event. A grteat young talent that is helping to save endangered species with her money and great singing talent. Miss Jackie Evancho should be # 1 on everyone's singing shopping list, One could never go wrong with the warm heartfelt singing talent of Miss jackie Evancho! As 17 time Grammy winner David Foster has said of Jackie Evancho: she is becoming one of the greatest singing talents of our generation, end quote...

Jackie Evancho is the most talented young singing sensation to come along in many years. She also has the most unique voice in many years. She's just another example of a singer with a voice that sounds like no other, something which isn't too common in this day and age. Fifty years from now she'll have earned the title of the greatest and most unique crossover singer of all times.

I think Jackie should cause she is a great singer and deserves it. Not many children sing classical music and she inspired a lot of other young kids to sing classical music and she is a great role model for other young kids and you don't find that often most people today aren't good role models but Jackie is and she has huge success before she is even a teenager. Jackie is a nice girl and she stays true to herself, her parents are looking after her. The most beautiful voice ever.

Jackie brings tears to tough men's eyes. She made Reba McIntyre cry at Celebrity Fight Night last year. There is no one better at emotional interpretation of a song. The Heir Apparent to Sarah Brightman(whom she dueted with on AGT in 2010.

Jackie Evancho is in a class of her own.

Jackie Evancho is the best role model for young people around the world. She has outstanding comments and praises from over 50 countries everywhere!

She is truly an international star of mega proportions. Her singing is unbelievable and she is the most remarkable child prodigy in decades.
She has performed in USA, Europe and Asia to sold out concerts.

Audiences leave her concerts in amazement. What a great addition she would be to the Olympics or ant other internal event!

There are a lot of great singers out there. Jackie is one of them. The difference is that she's the one that makes grown men start weeping when she sings. And she is a unique presence on the world stage--no one else sounds like her, much less other 11 year olds. And her music is aspirational in a way that resonates deeply with the Olympic Spirit. She's the only one on this list that will leave large swathes of viewers teary-eyed, as anyone who has seen her live will attest. People like her only come along once in 50 to 100 years.

I have seen Jackie Evancho perform in concert several times this year. She has a extraordinarily remarkable stage presence, and an ability to move her audiences to tears through the purity and the expressiveness of her voice. Jackie Evancho is the most inspirational singing artist on the music scene today, and she's just getting started!

The voice of the ages! Jackie Evancho was born to sing. Even though she is still young her voice has a haunting, crystal clear, ringing sound you can't forget. Once you have heard her sing you can't get her out of your head. Once you have witnessed her aura in a live performance you will search out every venue where she appears to enjoy the magic and mystery once again.

The Olympics are dedicated to bringing together diverse people from all over the world in a common bond of friendship and sport. And in similar fashion, 11 year old Jackie Evancho, in the short time span of just 18 months, has touched the hearts of many millions, and united diverse peoples from all corners of the world in a common bond of friendship and who share a a new or renewed appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us if we just take the time to look and listen. This to me, sounds like a match made in Heaven, the Olympics, and Jackie Evancho.

Terry Baker
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The voice of the ages. Jackie Evancho, born to sing. She may be young but she has a haunting, ringing, crystal clear voice that once you have witnessed it you know you have just heard a miracle. She has brought many to chills and tears because of the pure beauty of sound that she produces. Once you hear her you can't stop listening to her. Once you have seen her perform you will seek out every venue in which she appears. She is incredible!

Jackie is one of the best singers in the world at only 11 years old and is already an international star. She has the ability to strike an emotional connection with her listeners the likes of which I have never seen. She is also a kind, caring person who acts as a goodwill ambassador and peacemaker wherever she goes. She would be an exemplary representative of America's best at the opening ceremonies.

The most magical and inspiring voice I have heard in my lifetime. She would be a motivator to any sporting event, let alone the Olympics. She is a believer in doing all you can to achieve a dream! From a little girl on YouTube to singing for presidents and royalty. Nothing can stop her! She would be a magnificent choice.

Jackie has the most sublimely beautiful voice, and musical expression that is second to none. It's no wonder that she has rocketed to international fame as one of the best and most loved professional singers of any age. Her sensational talents and wonderful and generous personality make her a perfect ambassador for the olympics.

Jackie exhibits style, grace, poise, class and beauty, and the quality of her voice is exquisite. She is delightful to watch and a joy to hear. She brings happiness to her audience. An excellent role model for young and old alike. Jackie has that special spark that makes you gasp in awe when you hear her. She would be sensational performing at the Olympics!

What Can I say! The Jackie Evancho! She is a little angel and she has a timeless voice. She never fails to bring tears to the eyes and chills to the spine at the same time. She can channel emotion in such way it is unbelievable!

A very talented young lady who has a worldwide following. Her performances always solicit positive emotional responses from the audience. What better way to begin the opening ceremonies than with this young superstar that appeals to individuals of all ages and genres of music.

Jackie is already an international phenomenon. She was a huge success when she sang in Japan and in the UK and in Canada. She represents all that is good in the world... Love, faith, hope... And she loves baby seals. Her performances are spellbinding. She has performed before large crowds (e.G., over 70,000 people at a hockey game) and intimate audiences (e.G., the Japanese royal family). She is an ambassador of love and joy. What better message can there be for the Olympics?

Tomorrow's Super Star is already here. Even though she is only 11 years old, the whole world already wants her to come to their Country to do a Concert. Many Countries will be able to experience the Jackie effect at the Olympic Games. She already is bringing the World closer together.

In all my years of listening to music, I have never heard her equal. She must surely go on to be acclaimed as the greatest of all time. A massive statement to live up to but take it from me, Jackie Evancho is simply the best!

Jackie is just a little porcelain doll who happens to be alive. It also happens that she has this amazingly, beautiful voice. She grows in grace and beauty with every passing day. She is a living treasure. I do not doubt that some day she will be recognized as one of the greatest operatic voices of this century.

Jackie is an amazing girl with the voice of an angel. To have her sing at the Opening Ceremonies would be the best anyone could hope for. From when she was discovered on America's Talent to the time that her newest album "Heavenly Christmas" came out, she has always been America's angel. She would be an excellent role model to the children, and may inspire them to go towards the classical styles and pieces.

Shes pure beauty. The kind you wish to find in the world. Her Voice adds inspiration and admiration. A Chance for the world to see itself and be humble and in awe of such beauty someone such as a young adult can bring. She almost brings me to tears every time she sings. Simply the best person to Bring about the Olympics. She will amaze the world and let everyone feel the passion that she has.

I don't think any of us truly understands the history being made by this delightful, sweet girl. When she opens her mouth to sing I get goosebumps and my eyes tear up. Now that's powerful. She said she invites God on stage with her before she sings, it's very apparent that God is there singing with her. May God bless and keep her safe in all she does. Thank you Jackie, you are loved by many.