JJ Lin


He is a man who uses his own heart to sing, I love him from 1999 to now. Though he do not have the exquisite out-looking, he always sings from heart. I am so motivated by his unique voice. Please vote to him.

He is a great singer, is also a very talented singer and songwriter, he usually can make everyone immersed in his singing, he is one of the heart to the concert singer, and can the different styles of song interpretation of very wonderful, I hope you can consider, he will not let you down I believe his voice is enough to become the auditory feast

The image of the sun handsome, cute dimples when laugh, sweet voice and remarkable musical talent to fame and became a Chinese revolutionary music singer-songwriter and one indicator
Once listened to his voice, you will never forget, so it was said, his voice is kissed by the angels

Anyone who had heard him singing and performing live, they will be truely amazed by his unique voice and his power. If you don't believe, check him out on YouTube. You will be stunned at his breathtaking performance. Vote for him!

I love JJ Lin��Jj Lin is a great singer. English is also great, many of our his supporters are hoping that he can participate in, and he's very good-hearted, anyhow we like him, please give him the chance.

He is a really wonderful singer, or you as well can can say he is a great producer, a composer. And his voice is so different. His songs can make you deeply moved, even male you cry.

He is god in my heart, I love him, his songs are very nice! Strongly recommended that he came to London

He's the only one that I love from the bottom of my heart, I can feel the emotions he pours into his music, I think that's why he attracts me for so long and so much. And also for His unique characteristic his passion for all the things he's doing or done, always express me a lot. Hope you like him. Thank you!

JJ Lin isa very good singer, he always could give me a feeling of safe.
his voice is so difference, I love him very much.

He is a excellent singer who uses his own heart to sing.
His songs are very fantastic.
HE is very popular with young people speaking Chinese, and his songs are very wonderful, his voice is very different.

I love him very much, and He is very talented. His song is very well. His voice is unique, he has very many fans--the JMs. By the way, his English is very well.

His is a really great singer, who is gifted, has amazing talent of composition. In addition, he has his own company SMG, which indicates the spirit Still Moving Under Gunfire. This is unique. I think if he can stand at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies, the whole Olympic Games would be splendid.

He writes songs with his soul and sing songs with his heart. His songs often get me moved. He also has a very nice voice. Love him~~~

He is not only a singer, but also a producer and a boss of a famous brand--SMUDGE which means still moving under gun fire. I love him so much, because of his wonderful voice and his beautiful mind. If you don't know him, you can Google JJ Lin, and I believe you'll love him just like me. He is really a good, please vote to him, thank you.

He is a singer with passion and creation, what is more important, he always shows his real personality before us rather than artificial.

An amazing music man with a charming voice and excellent performance. He always has always will on delivering good music to us.

A wonderful, excellent music genius, who writes music with real emotion and faith. His great excellent beyond my description and I believe anyone who had listened to him in the scene will undoubtedly applaud for him from heart. JJ, your music conveys true love and warmth and it touches us so deeply. We love you.

Support him as I always do, I love his music and his everything. STILL MOVING UNDER GUN FIRE! Hooray! Love you, xoxo!

Love his album, love his voice which is considered as that the angle kissed! Love his passion for his music course, love his smile which is like sunshine! He is a singer who brings you hope and love, please give him a chance and vote for him. I believe that if you watch his performance, you'll fall in love with his voice! Thank you!

I think the reason that I choose is very simple because he is singer who see music as his life. His voice is wonderful and when I feel blue, I always listen his music to relax myself. This is a great opportunity to show himself to all over the world. I hope more and more people can recognize his voice and songs.

I love him I wanna see him in the opening ceremony very very much. He's a very good singer and a very nice person! He wrote so many popular songs! And a large amount of people in China and Asia love his music and can see his song! He is very very good person! I voted for him!

JJ lin is a good singer! He can dance well and composed a nice song to Olympic! He is very awesome! Please vote him! He really can composed a song for Olympic! He love to singing! He love to performs! JJ LIn you are a very awesome singer!

He is very talented. His songs are very touching. His songs always make me cry and encouraging me. He works very hard! He is very nice too. He always signed autograph for his fans and took photos with them. He is also the boss of SMUDGE. I like him very much because he makes me become braver and lights up my life.

His music is great, he would create, lyricist, composer, film music, sings, production director. He is always in a constantly surpass themselves, and he is very kind, to friends, to work very hard, he is a great guy. He also has its own brand, his brand of the expression of the spirit is great, I believe that the Olympic Games need and so the amount of spirit, he was JJ Lin, the he is JJLIN

He is the most genuine singer. I love him from 2003 until now, and forever. He teaches us a lot, not only music, but how to conduct oneself. His voice is very special and impressive. His little dimples are very very cute.