As they would genuinely feel so amazed by the fact they are representing the Britain to the whole world, they are no disappointment to anyone, they would be able to show that diverse culture can bring the whole nation together as they are all of mix race which is pretty amazing, it shows that the cultures are brought into one and they can prove to you, no matter where you come from, to sing and know that everyone will be drawn by their singing would be damn amazing! They deserve this as they are grounded, rooted and still the same as they were before! And they have had a series of awards and top ten singles, they will be dedicated to their roles during the olympics 2012 open ceremonies! Everyone please give them a chance! They also inspire many people in Britain! And have got recognition from the MP during X Factor!

I don't really know how to put this in to words but I'll try my best. JLS mean a lot too me, you can call me sad or tell me I have no life but honestly they make me so proud. Just watching them perform or watching the videos of their new singles I can't help but tear up and I know I'm not the only JLSter that, that happens too. Just seeing how far they've come from watching them on Xfactor at their first audition I never once doubted that they'd get this far and everyday they just keep getting better and better. Their songs can bring my mood up instantly, their tweets can put a smile on my face and their interviews can have me howling with laughter. In my eyes these four boys deserve this opportunity more than any other artist(s) Thank you boys for being a part of my life, I guess?

I think they are England's biggest boyband and huge icons for the entire world! They came from no where and have become huge stars now and they represent Britain with so much pride. I think Britain are so lucky to have 4 such amazing boys amongst us and I think they really deserve to be recognized more by the entire world! They are so incredibly talented words can't explain it and they've worked so hard to get where they are and not let the UK and I'm 200% positive they will do anything to make sure they never let us down. These boys really deserve a chance to represent UK more considering their incredible performance for the Michael forever tribute concert! They are just such lovely hard working boys and would put on the most incredible performance to show off Britain's talent.

I voted for jls because they respect the Olympics because they r true guys the respect all the gb contestants and back them 100% they would love to open the show and let the world show what great talent we have in England! As I no as a huge fan they would do it free or if you payed them it would go to there charity's. Them four boys love sports and would back this up! Let JlS open the Olympics and I no that you wouldn't be disappointed. I could even put money on it if I asked jls they would just write a song for this the Olympics to show how much it mean to them why would you get some one now even from England open the show? Ino it's bringing the world together but you should open it up with world class talent which is JlS! And the best thing for the Olympics definitely boost number of ticket sales I could even bet that you will have more people watching on line and T.V. just to see this Olympics opening and especially with JlS! Come on jls for the opening of the Olympics 2012!

Oritse is the GREATEST inspiration to all JLSters... He created JLS to fund research for a cure MS (a disease which his mum has)

Now more than 3 years on he not only is part of one of the UKs biggest boyband, but he manages his own band, Vida, and still makes time to meet his fans.

The band as a whole are a great inspiration as they were willing to help Oritse in his bid to become successful for his mums sake. They always make time for their fans whether its online or in person and do everything they possibly can to make all us fans happy.

They are AMAZING singers and dancers so why not have them open the Olympics?


I voted JLS as I feel that they would be great performers at the Olympics. They'd put on a fantastic show! They have also helped so many people through charity work and are a great inspiration to many. The lads are always looking after themselves and how their body looks, always keeping themselves in shape. JLS are an encouraging group of British lads with the amount of projects they have done from their success! I would really love to see these boys perform at the Olympics 2012.

The JLS boys spent their childhoods singing into hairbrushes, entertaining people and playing instruments.. All these years later, they're doing similar things, but on a much larger scale. They're living their dreams. After becoming a national treasure in the UK, their next goal is to break the US. This REALLY could help them get their next dream. They deserve this. They're hard working, down to earth, funny guys. I don't see how anyone can't adore them.
If any boy band get to do this, it should be JLS. The major boy bands in the uk right now are JLS, one direction and the wanted. As JLS have been around longer and has more success than one direction and the wanted, I think it would only bee fair to have JLS perform if a boy band get to do this.
So, that is why you should vote for JLS. Go go go, get voting for them now!

JLS are Britain's best band and if they performed they will show the would how dreams can come true, and thats what the Olympics are all about right? They will also make it unforgetable, they are amazing performers and can always put an excellend spin on things to make it outstanding. Please choose JLS, thanyou xx

JLS more than deserve to perform at the Olympics in 2012. They have the diversity, talent, athleticism and dedication to give an outstanding performance that will make this country proud. By putting them out there on that massive platform they will hands down convey to the world that the talent in Britain work hard for what they achieve. Don't just vote for them for us do it for the world.

*JLS deserve this because they have done so much and have achieved alot, it would be amazinn for them to perform there as it would be a great oppertunity for them. And they also are such Talented, down to earth boys who would do anything for their BIG fanbase :) x


JLS all the way! JLS are so amazing they have amazing voices, amazing dancers, amazing bodies and amazing personalities. They have had such and amazing few years and have really made it MASSIVE recently with countless fans screaming their names everywhere they go! They are Fantastic live in concert. They have a HUGE fanbase and they respect them so much JLS deserve it massively, more than anyone else because they Never Give Up. They would be perfect to represent their country and they never fail to do anyone proud best of luck boys, all my love x

JLS are amazing, they care so much for thier fans and are genuine people, ive been to see them twice live theyre amazing. they would really apreciate bieng able to represent thier country. please keep voting JLS! i love them.

From coming from x factor and coming this far is amazing, JLS would appreciate being able to perform more than anything. They have loads of fans behind them who have helped them get this far and that is including me. I would love to see JLS perform and I'm sure everyone else would as well. GET VOTING GUYS!

JLS are the most amazing band ever they're so inspirational and deserve good things. They work hard and they don't complain, they also don't think about themselves they love their fans and they do lots to raise money for all the charities they can. I love them boys with all my heart and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today, So thanks BOYS

I think JLS should perform at the Olympics because they are amazing, talented singers. They deserve to be there and they'll represent the UK because they are the best and biggest band around! And they're really genuine, down to earth lads, so JLS for the Olympic Opening Ceremony! :) x

JLS are well and truly the most amazing people EVER! not only do they have beautiful voices they are also mega stunning! they defo deserve to perform at the olympics becasue they are very inspiring people as they have shown that you can acheive whatever you want in life as long as you try! and I think its fair 2 say that if they did perform... the tickets would be sold in a second due to thereawesome fanbase who are always there for them 24/7! - lintel2

JLS because they are amazing and this would be a huge opportunity for them, also it would proberly boost ticket sales (like someone said below) because they are adored by so many people so yeah pleasee let JLS perform at the olympics!

The just so amazing it would make the 2012 Olympics even BETTER! I'm sure they would Love to perform for all the great athletes from around the world and they would defiantly make our country proud! People of all ages will love them and all the fans will watch the Olympics just to watch them perform!

Because they are the best act to have ever come out of the x factor and everyone in the UK knows who they are so if they performed at the Olympics everyone would tune in plus if everyone around the world watches it they'd be on their way to being international. Every JLSter would be so proud to see our boys performing at the London 2012 Olympics - not that we aren't proud of them anyway - and it would be another page in the JLS history book


I think that JLS really deserve everyone's vote because they truly are such an amazing boy band! And there great singers They Inspire so many people Inducing me I'm such a huge fan and I love them! So please vote for JLS, It would mean the world to me and JLS epically Oritse Williams

JLS should definitely do it! They work hard to get where they are! They deserve it! & this is all possible because of X Factor. The majority of people of all ages have gotten to know them better because of it! xx

JLS are an inspiration and are definitely capable of representing our country as they have done so much and have come so far since the X factor. Every JLS fan is going to want to vote for them but even if you are not a true JLSter you should vote for them because they are the most kindest, sweetest 4 boys in the music industry and it would mean the world to them and all us JLS fans. They have great voices and are definitely good looking and would represent our country well. Love you forever and a day boys xx

They are the best band in the entire world, they are London boys and we as JLSters know how proud the would be to share their music with the world.. Vote JLS.. They are amazing and we love them I takes just 2 seconds to vote so hit that button.. Thank you!

JLS are international stars who are always giving to others, and do a great deal of work for charity to make life better for millions of people. It would be a great way to show thanks to them by offering them this wonderful, once in a lifetime, opportunity.