Jolin Tsai


Jolin has been keen to do a dance, she once in an interview said:" I do not jump dynamic dance that one day I will do a dance, then I'll sing without dance sing dance. " Jolin's music to a plurality of known, dance is not only cover, also includes many original works, including" dancer", " look at me", " 72 Myself", both at home and abroad, is a music producer for the team 's original album, it can be said that Jolin is after Coco Lee, and an electronic music dance success enter the Chinese market. Jolin shook the pop music more than 10 years, competitors changed again, but always stand in the era of popular peak position. Even as be a trend which cannot be halted "Asian days", according to Jolin 's various voices but almost never stopped, once the situation evaluation. She joked:" colleagues privately to help me named ' Cai Shifei ' debut, but after a few years, I've trained virtual indestructibility, don't care too much about ...more

Love her... Her charisma and attitude is something that's worth everyone and the world to see

She is a hard-working artist, and always bring us perfect performance. But she never satisfied with herself, and keep works hard to achieve more success.

Jolin Tsai is a hard working artist. Love her song and her show. She is good at dancing and singing.

The glory of Asia! She always performed very well in front of her fans and audiences, her songs and shows are the most fantastic one in China!

I like her, I'm lovin her! She is the most hard work singer and dancer! Her diligence and Strive is the most important point why I love her so so so much! I hope to see her performance in 2012 London olympics opening ceremonies! What's more I like her style too! I'm her big fan!

Jolin Tsai is a very hard female artist in China is a good example Good to listen to her songs, dance and dance very well, the Chinese people are very love her

Jolin, who is a very famous singers in Asia has a great influence on Chinese ranging from young people to the old. What's more, she is hardworking and does everything spare no effort. She is the example of all of the artist. So we support her! Fighting! Jolin!

I love her and her song very much! She is the number 1 for me. I like her Dance music, it is so good. Her performance is full of vitality. She performed with enthusiasm. She put a lot of effort in her performance. Her spirit moves me.

Jolin is an outstanding perfect singer not only her looks but also her voice her passion to music her dancing she can certainly stand for Asia!

She is the best singer and dancer in Taiwan. She work very hard. She can play almost all kind of dance, EGoping old school and so on. You can not believe she have big energy in she's body.

One of the most talented star in Asia and she totally deserves the honour in performing in olympics. She worked very hard and put a lot of effort in gaining her fame and her showmanship is just so strong.

Love her song. Love her spirit especially.
The spirit of never give up, the spirit of always try again, the spirit of want to overstep herself.
The spirit of "never give up" is why I fall in love with her.

She is the most hard-working singer in the world.
She always keeps changing and changing.
Love and support her!

She is a famous singer, dancer, and writer in the world. Many people love her. And she works very hard!

She is very good singer in Asia! There is no doubt that she will have a good performance. We all like her very much. We all believe that she will do it well.

She is prefect and a unbelievable excellent dancer. Many sports factors are involved in her dance. She is the dancing queen. No one can be the one who combines dance and sports so perfectly.

Well, she is the best celebrity I never seen before! She put 100% effort in everything she do! People who is really good we should put them on the international stage! I salute to her! GO Jolin Go..!

Her performance is world-class. Never seen any performance as amazing as hers. I dare say you will not regret it. The best performance that no one can ever defeat!

Jolin is the best singer, she always do well in her performance, and do it better and better, and also her facing style is really amazing..

She is the most famous singer in China. About her work, no matter how hard, never give up! Most People likes her attitudes of the work.

She is the best and top female singer in Asia. She is amazing and always put all her effort to perform the best. Supper for her Jolin!

Everyone has a belief! If you not hard enough, you will be die! " The audience won't give her 10 years, they would only give her 10 days, even 10 hours", so Jolin in a shorter period of time come up even practice more new performance new try. Don't try to death by Jolin, can't bear not to learn to give up, natural good strong personality, emulative, dare to keep, prompted her to still practice every day. She focuses on her to do anything. She once said... " As long as the practice, prepare enough, I will be very happy on the stage, more easy to shine. " There are some genius because be big with pride will be halfway to the bleak without light, some only at the strength to spend effort, let oneself become out of the ordinary, become a classic legend! Although everybody says Jolin just to the nature, but she is still working to the legendary road go straight ahead!

Cause Jolin's performance of gymnastics exhibition in her concert is very very wonderful. It is as good as that of the athletes. She is the first and the only actor especially the actress who performed high challenges. As is known to us all, she is always in pursuit of perfection. It fits the Olympics spirit. And she is known to the world, she can introduce London to the world well.

Jolin is the best female artist that is influential and best represent Chinese music industry with her always top hit songs and hard to learn dance move. Her spirit in learning and never give up always well represent spirit of most athletes in the olympic game to their very best. Most importantly, she is well recognize all around in Asia!