Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


I love Justin, he's amazing and vote for him he has more followers than one direction, and they have more changes to perform than Justin, all the beliebers out there vote for justin he's just a fit, gorgeous guy from Canada and Canada rules, I will only watch the Olympics if he performs and more people will watch the Olympics if he performs, he's has a load of supporters and me and all my friends our beliebers, we wanna get everyone to belieb, you taught us to never say never, and who is a better representative than Justin, he's writes all his songs and there just amazing, not many people write there own songs I love you Justin Bieber he's inspired so many people in his life

I love him so much.. I'd do anything for him, just to see him behind a silly screen... No, you don't know that I cry when I hear his name.. NO. His simple smile, changes me the day... The fact is that his smile is NOT AN EASY SMILE, NO. He's something amazing.. I have no words to say how much I love you... But you.. FOR ME THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW MY EXISTENCE... But one day will realize my dream, whatever it costs. * * NeverSayNever I will never stop believing in this.. Full of emotions... But I think that you're only fooling themselves.. Even so, I will always by your side, will always remain a BELIEBER. I look at the talent.. And you have so much talent there.. Don't care to the Haters... You criticize words thrown to the wind: LOST TIME ONLY, DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN IF they continue to insult, you will remain ALWAYS POPULAR, AND FULL OF FUN BELIEBERS. Believe in us Beliebers: YOU Have SO MUCH TALENT AND IF IT WAS NOT FOR ALL THIS IS NOT WOULD have FAN. We love you for who you ...more

Please vote Justin is my life he has loads of believers I will only watch the Olympics if Justin preforms. All of the belibers out there please vote. He has more followers than one direction and hasn't had as much of a chance to preform, he is a fit boy from Canada, more people will watch the Olympics if he performs, he has made fame by YouTube but one direction just went on T.V. and luck made them won, he's so talented. All of my friends are belibers and have taught me to never say never, he writes most of his songs by his self, had many number one of the charts please vote

He is a complete one off. He is an inspiration to today's generation not only showing that with so little that you can make it so big but that fact he still never stops appreciating the opportunity he's been given. He never ever forgets to thank his family friends and fans for every blessing he's been giving and if not only for the fact that he is a stand up guy then he should be rewarded for his incredible contribution to the music industry as we know it. He has hundreds of awards and platinum albums but underneath it all is a normal boy who loves to perform. And without that drive and amazing talent he wouldn't be where he is. London 2012 needs this incredible artist! Justin I love you!

Justin Bieber deserves to win because he inspires young people to make a change in the world. Through his charity and music he stands for the upcoming generation of young adults that are devoted to making a difference and standing up for what's right. Justin is known worldwide and is one of the biggest acts in current pop culture. Also, through his social media enterprises he brings together people from all different nations, which I feel goes hand in hand with the idea of the Olympics. Plus, I would expect nothing but a stellar performance from this young superstar.

He is a small kid from a town of 30,000. He became the most famous kid in the world with his amazing talent. He has got a down to earth personality and he cares for his fans and does a lot for charity (Named Second Most Charitable Celebrity of 2011! ) most but not just that, it is the outstanding voice that he has, he has an amazing talent and I love the way he tries to connect to every fan and his music makes that possible. And everybody can relate to him. Bieber Fever is quickly morphing into Biebermania. He makes the crowd go wild.. And he draws in more crowds than even the Beatles!

Justin Drew Bieber was just another kid... That is what people thought... He was BORN TO BE SOMEBODY and now, he is a globally know pop star that makes the fantasies of millions... But he isn't just a pop star! He donates money to charity, he is the most amazing role model EVER and he has the most UNBELIEVABLY LOYAL FAN BASE EVER! I would be willing to fly to the UK just for him... He deserves it! He treats us believers like his princesses and we give it all back to him because we love him so much!

Justin deserves to win because it's great.
He moves me.
When on stage I get the shivers.
Being Italian, I have the honor of ascoltarl oattraverso a PC.
The chills I hear them every day.

Justin Italy loves you.

Great voice and talent! Way successful! I love him! The way he has loved us fans is what makes us keep on going for him! He has worked so hard to get to where he is and for anyone who is hating on him, obviously you have no life because the way he has put his heart into his career and the way he keeps us smiling everyday is something you haven't seen other artists do as much as JB does! Yup I'm 20 years old and will always BELIEB IN YOU JB! HOPE YOU WIN JUSTIN!

There's no one that's represents the words Never say Never more then this little
Kid who came from a small town in Canada, living alone with his very young
Mother and sang on the street. And still, with three albums and 60 gained awards and a huge outsold world tour and so much more. And his still down to earth, loves his fans very much and is so grateful for everything.
His so worth it because he have a amazing voice, a charisma how can't be compered and a talent that isn't of this world. He really deserves it.

He is a true inspiration to many people, just like many of the competitors at the Olympics. He has chased his dream like all the athletes that will be at the Olympics have done. He also displays that no matter your background you can still achieve. All these things that Justin has displayed throughout his career relate to many different aspects of life and I feel he can really inspire many people and crucially links into the ideas and aims of the Olympics.

Justin Bieber is a normal guy. He's very Talented, friendly, beautiful. He's a BEAST! He won so much awards because he's a super Amazing guy that believed in his dream and it came true. Just This. He is normal but he has much haters because they hate him for NO reason! They're just jealous. Justin is my hero, my biggest inspiration ever. He's absolute a positive model. He has an Awesome voice. He sing live wonderful. For me he is THE BEST.

I'll always be a True Belieber and I'll always support him... Till the end because I LOVE HIM With All My Heart.

- A True Italian Belieber.

It would mean so much if he was to perform at the Olympics! It would be a big thing in Justin's life too, I am a very big belieber and believe that if Justin was picked he could pull off a amazing performance and prove to everyone he is amazing! NEVER SAY NEVER AND BELIEVE BECAUSE SOMEDAY YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS! Justin will be so proud if he gets to sing here and so will all his fellow beliebers who will be with him every step of the way...!

He is just amazing, his talent, the way he cares about us, he is the best person on earth, his shows are full of energy and dance and everything, like his shows are so complete. He make us so happy, he tell us to follow our dream, we feel supported, thank to think, we have someone that actually believe in us, he is our world, our life, our everything, the show will be just amazing with him

He should be chosen because he is very versatile and has a huge fan base over here in the United Kingdom. If Justin was selected to perform at this big event, it would give the event much more publicity all around the world. Especially on social networking sites such as Twitter, this is because he has over 16 million followers. He is amazing, and his 'beliebers' would be more likely to tune into the Olympics if he was performing.

Duh! Nobody else even rates. He has a spectacular voice with a wider range than most musicians, he's a multi-instrumentalist, and he adores what he does. He is a true performer in every sense of the word and he's proud of what he does and stands for. Additionally, he is a complete sports nut, so he would beyond enjoy and be honored to perform at the 2012 Olympics in London.

He will win, he has already proven to the world what a smile town boy can do now he the most famous teenager on the planet, I was there from the start and I'm still here today, he's always stayed #kidrauhl and I'll always be a devoted fan. He's strong, he deals with so much hate, he's 17 years old and sold our 118 arenas world wide, sold out MSG in 22 minutes, has the most viewed song on youtube, try and better him? You wont! #KIDRAUHL MY HERO.

He has to perform at the Olympics because it would be a great experience for him and he hardly comes to the UK so it would be good for us UK beliebers to actually see him live because a lot of us couldn't get tickets for his UK tour dates! Plus a lot of beliebers would also support their country and encourage them because we would be buzzing from Justin's performance!

He's and inspiring role model. He's always thankful for the life he's been given and he knows how lucky he is. His voice is absolutely amazing! We all know he's not pitched because he posted videos when he was 12. He can play so many instruments and he's just naturally talented and Justin taught me to always follow my dreams, ignore the haters and stand up for what I believe in! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! Go follow me on twitter

I am a Mexican belieber... But I want you to know that justin is very important to me and not for fame but for what it is, his person, and I think just to win it for all that has passed and me and touched to see how many girls would give to have an autograph of him or even a kiss... I am content to know that there's a girl here who support him in whatever!

He is amazing and an inspiration to everyone to never give up on your dreams he taught me to never say never and it would be amazing if he performed and follow me on twitter and I want Justin to come to the UK like now I can teach him a British accent He is talented and cares about people and he is a role model at such a young age! He is ready for this 2012

He is the richest teenager in the world, something will have to rely too!
Amazing voice, amazing songs, he's wonderful and very very beautiful He made me happy when I was sad! He make happy many people, but someone is very jealous of him and they insult him... I think that he's a wonderful person and doesn't deserve it! I hope that Justin win He's my life and my idol I love him and I want tell him 'THANK YOU... FOR ALL'

You are sexy and BELIEBERS know it! Laugh out loud. Justin you're everything to me. I don't know really that do without you.. You're a great person BIG JUSTIN BIG! You helped me to pursue my dreams and never give up. Every time I fall or stumble on a great obstacle I get up, I'm getting stronger, thanks to you. You meant so much in my life, more and more! I'm a very sentimental and sometimes unsure Belieber, but this feel for you, don't change anything or anyone. I PROMISE.

I think that you're a very good singer, you help to poor people, schools and people with diseases... Treat us as if we were more than a fans, a family, and I LIKE IT.

I will always be supported, when no one is left, there I am. Because I love you because you are very important to me. Justin I have changed a lot, but for the better. Thanks and more thanks. God bless you

Justin is thE best he is our Inspiration and everyone should love him I don't see why people hate home all he did was dream and now he's a worldwide superstar we will always love him because we are Beliebers and we stick by him no matter what because we are the best fans ever he will always be millions of girls (over 16000000) dream and we will always want to be like him because that's what he is for so we will always keep beliebing because he is are Justin are Kidrauhl our everything. We can make him win this because Beliebers are amazing and we can do anything for him so yeah LET'S DO THIS FOR BIEBER, because he is our hero, and we will always love him no matter what. So let's did this Beliebers my family and friends lets do this for our amazing boy

Justin Bieber isn't a just a celebrity but he's an idol, a role model and many other great things. He taught many people to follow there dream and to never give up no matter what and to NEVER SAY NEVER and you always have to have hope and BELIEVE! He care so much about his Beliebers (fans) he always connect with them on twitter and Facebook. He's the most talented 17 year old boy he has won many awards has done 3 albums and soon 4 (called believe ) he always says he loves his fans and he's a young boy who went though a lot of tough times like when people start rumors which are not true but he stays string and that's why he's much loved because he ignores the bad and concentrate on the good he has amazing fans named beliebers they love him so much and support him a lot. He has made a great start in 2012 by reaching 16million followers! He's so kind and loveable and so handsome and to all his beliebers them see him as perfection and eons can't describe there love. I can go on forever ...more