I love JYJ so. Jaejoong, Yoochun Junsu are good looking young men with excellent personalities. Jaejoong with his ethereal beauty has more than what we can see. He is a philanthropist who shares so many to the unlucky ones. JYJ can act, can write, compose and arrange songs. Yoochun can sell anything with his smile and his acting skill is awesome. Junsu can sing beautifully, and he is a good actor in musical. Junsu can dance beautifully too. I love JYJ. JaeChunSu are more than just handsome!

Jyj fighting I will support forever! Lets be true fans and vote for our boys, jaejoong, you are the best man I had saw, so nice so warm!

JYJ is really good at singing live.
Each member have a good voice.
Each member have a characteristic in his voice.
Each member can compose song.
Even his Korean album is more than 80% was his own compose.
So proud of them.
The most thing that I like from JYJ is their personality.
They teach me about the good and the bad, they teach me about how to choose. I love them.
They not just follow the rule but they also thinking what the good and the bad and make a choice with their thinking even tough that choice make them to get hard live, but they never down, they keep survive.

JYJ goes well with the spirit of the Olympics. It's not only that they are mad talented but they also represent the problems faced by millions of youth around the world - how to stand on our own two feet within the complex and confusing forces of the changing society. The group is established as an effort by the three members to chase after their dreams despite all the obstacles they have to face trying to survive in the harsh Korean entertainment industry. They branch out to the world and have been able to touch the life of millions of youth around the world. For this I can't see any better reason for JYJ to stand up and perform in the London Olympics.

JYJ is an amazing group... Their vocal ability is no joke, they can reach high note with flawless, they also have this powerful dance skills. They write their own lyrics, compose their own songs, directing their own concert. Believe me when I say they are AMAZING!. People need to hear & see them live in order to believe what I'm saying

I believe that these men deserve to perform and would be a great honor to them. They would bring quality performance to show the whole world. Also it would be time for the Olympics to show not only American singers but Asians too.

It would really be worth the money if they came to perform. The K-pop hallyu wave can finally take it's toll in the UK and although some people will be like 'they only sing in Korean, no one will understand'... Well guess wot... YOU'RE WRONG! They have awesome English songs and anyway, whatever language they sing, their songs are perfect to liven up the mood of the audience. JYJ FIGHTING!

They're amazing and very talented artists who can perform LIVE.. They performed live at IAAF World Championships in Daegu in 2011 and they're known worldwide..

This group is worthy of the Gods to be the Asia. They work hard and be rewarded! Cassiopeia loves JYJ!

They do the best example for the youngs. And their songs give large encourage when meet trouble. They come over masses of problems so that they can reach to higher places.

They're part of DBSK, the group that you could call the "kings" of hallyu wave or mostly known as Kpop. They are truly amazing on lives, they even sing better on lives that on recorded CD's and that's something that would make of them a really good addition to the Olympic performances.

They are totally amazing artists. And they have many fans in Asia. I hope I can see them in this event

JYJ, THEY'RE THE BEST. They have worldwide fans all around the world. The international Olympic, and worldwide star JYJ. That's the perfect thing.

They're truly inspiring! Not only do they try their best to make their dreams come true. Even though they have not been able to perform as much, they will never be put down! That truly gives off the theme of the Olympics spirits! They are compatible with this event, truly! GO JYJ!

World is waiting for JYJ! They are totally ready for this big stage!
They reserve it!

They experience many stage around the world. They are best singer.
JYJ is very good guys.

I don't know why anyone else will vote for other artists because this one is the best one in the world. Performance wise and song quality wise they are the one that should be performing in London. Vote for JYJ

JYJ! The only boyband that touches my soul with their amazing voices. Awesome dancing skills, composing skills and unique voice that makes me melts. Please let them perform, I promise you will be amazed.

They have the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. They are so true with themselves and we saw it when they sing, dance or talk. It's wonderful when you have the chance to listen to they with Youtube I hope I can watch the most beautiful soul and they could communicate their happiness at everyone.

Their performance is amazing. I hope you can find their live show for reference. You will understand why a group without great company support can do this good. JYJ also has a great popularity in North and South America, Europe and other places, in addition to Asia. They held a worldwide tour, in Korea Japan China Spain Germany America Canada Thailand and other places, and later will hold in Chile and Peru. Hopefully you can compare the performance of all candidates here, especially among Korean stars. You will find the one that suits the great event. Also, they can be deemed as an example of democracy seeker in the ugly and corrupt Korean entertainment.

JYJ is one of the best group in the world! Though with some reasons they cannot have more chances on the stage to show us their songs. They tried their best and give us confidences. The soul of them is the best reason we choose them! We know they will treasure the opportunity and give a perfect show with their plenty of experience from concert tour! Always keep the faith!

They are artists with authenticity. As they've been, they will impress people with their songs. In addition, they are fighting against large companies for fair society. They are well aware of the importance of justice. So they are a good example for young people.

JYJ first are outstanding youngsters who have dreams, and they always do their best to achieve the goals no matter how huge the difficult they meet! They hold the active attitude to meet anything, and also encourage fans that everything will go well. Secondly, they love music, love production, love their fans. They fight for the freedom of music, for their Dignity! They love challenging! Love sports! Love lives! They interpret the spirit of Olympic! They really are perfect idol of young people! And please believe they will give us a wonderful stage! Please support JYJ!

JYJ is the best singer group. They can do the live performance very well, and they are the good entertainer; therefore, they have many fans in a lot of countries worldwide. This event, the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, is the event for people around the world. It would be great if you chose the singer that a lot of people admire. Hope to see the good performance of JYJ in this event. Thank you in advance.

JYJ is one of South Korean best orchestras. Perhaps we may look for TVXQ to perform together. They have the general bean or sweet potato starch noodles in the world, propagandizes the Olympic Games very good springboard. Can use their human spirit to attract more human tide to come to London, or watches the television relay.