The greatness of KAT-TUN certainly lies not only in their songs but also from the uniqueness of each member. Each of them has their own style that shows who they are as a member of KAT-TUN and it also shows a side of them that makes fans wonder of who they truly are and this mysteriousness draws fans from all over the world.

Each member even has different style in clothing but still can have this effect of "THIS IS KAT-TUN" but in a "WE ARE ONE" kind of way despite the differences. Even in their singing styles and also in their dancing.

They just have this unique style, "THE KAT-TUN STYLE/WAY" that no one can copy and only these guys can pull off anytime and anywhere.

They also have a wide range of music. They can do pop, rock, upbeat, ballad and some of their songs have a little bit of jazz in it. And I don;t get tired listening to them.

And there are still more about them. What I have dais above is just like an appetizer in a full course meal. Yes, there ...more

KAT-TUN is a unique and exciting J-pop band that reaches me like no other. Made up of members with distinct and definitive qualities and highly energetic and enthusiastic music, they'll surely touch hearts around the world!

I don't know where to start when talking about KAT-TUN, they are without a doubt my favorite band of all time - KAT-TUN; they are amazing in anyway possible! Every member are unique, but even so they work as a team. Despite ups and downs throughout their entire career, they are still here better than ever! They work with all they've got and no matter what try their very best! I still thank heavens for the day I found these wonderful people, and fell in love right away! Though it has been years my love can't stop growing and my admiration for this band is beyond anything I've ever experienced! Their music is the best! They dance and sing, and there is no doubt they can do it all!

The lyrics to one of their songs say: "Don't you want to see it when we make it worldwide!", and not only do I want to see it, I think they are one of the few bands in the world that totally deserve it as well! KAT-TUN, I needn't say more! Thank you

KAT-TUN is the greatest. They should stand on the top of the world. They not only have charmy faces and characters but also powerful songs and dances. I think everyone will love them.

Dear KAT-TUN. I will support your six forever.

Kat-tun is a great boy band! They deserve being known all the round of the world. They are also hard working and they are not only singers but also dancers and actors. They have great bond with themselves and we should appreciate them. They are also handsome and sexi and so cute! I love them!

KAT-TUN is the best band in my heart. They are really amazing. And they are one of the most pop bands in Asia. Though they may not very famous in Europe, but I know they will be popular in future. They not only look very handsome, but they each has their own distinct voice and make them great song. PLEASE VOTE THEM! They will never make you disappoint.

I'm a serious Hyphen and I love all their concerts and even if I dare to say I've never even been to one. By watching the concert videos I was lucky enough to find made me all Hyped! Imagine what it would be in real life? It would be amazing if KAT-TUN were to perform. They give a very lively and enthusiastic performance that would surely get everyone excited! Which would be great for the olympics!

They really are one of the BEST Japanese, no, AsiaN GROUPS EVER!
They have a wide range of music. They have rock, pop, ballad and more!
They also dance in their very own "KAT-TUN WAY".
They are also very great singers and they most certainly can sing live!
They are just GREAT!

KAT-TUN are just amazing like that!. Not to mention talented in singing and dancing. Really hope that they will get the chance to perform there

Their lives are creative and cool, so it would be a good choice I think they would really match with this so hopefully they can do it!

They are amazing. Every members voice is unique, and they can perform music from any genre, from rock to pop. How many groups have a beatboxer, and rapper in them that can also sing incredibly?

KAT-TUN has never failed to deliver awesome performances whenever they perform.
They have great stage presence and genuinely try to connect with their audience.
They are also very versatile, producing songs in almost every genre possible.
I truly believe that they are one of the best groups out there.

I love the way they sing and dance & they're not just a boy band but also talent singers dancers

KAT-TUN comes off as a purely Japanese boy band but they have so many fans worldwide. They give SPECTACULAR concerts and their fanbase is growing rapidly. Please give them the chance to showcase their talent in a worldwide stage.

KAT-TUN is one of the best Japanese idol groups in the world. Each member has their own distinct voice and brings that element into their songs. Based on their hard-work and their continuous list of accomplishments, they deserve to be known on an international level.

KAT-TUN is the best group for live performances. They know how to heat up the stage and captivate the audience with tons of charm they had other than singing and dancing.

Nothing beats these boys that have been conquering the charts since their debut. Heck, they already had a concert of their own BEFORE their debut. And always breaking records!

KAT-TUN now is a five-member band. You are the best~ And their passion and endeavor can definitely stand for the Olympic Spirits.

A great boyband. I love their songs, they have great talent : dance, singing, even as actor in T.V. drama or in Movies. Their songs always made my day, even when I'm sad they give me the strength to move on. I wish them even more succes and happy moment together as a band ~

Kat-tun is the best when it comes to music, and their fashion is really amazing! Please vote for KAT-TUN because they deserve it ~

KAT-TUN is a JPOP band who believes in bringing people together, worldwide. This message is symbolic of what the Olympics is all about. Their latest concert venues were called "Chain", taken from their album of the same name. The Olympics "chains" rings together in their official insignia. KAT-TUN paired with the Olympics is a given, simply because both are about international support of the world. KAT-TUN should represent this valued expression at the London Olympic Games.

I believe everyone wants to see them make it WORLDWIDE! They have grown so much, improved and still improving their musical, dancing and performance. I believe everyone will love them and this will open up new opportunities for them to show their talents to the world! Add looks and personalities, KAT-TUN comes in ALL-IN-ONE package!

I love KAT-TUN, they would be fantastic, and other peoples could know them better
Some people refuse Japanese music, but I don't know why... They are more ambitious and works harder then other singers, bands. Everybody have to give them one chance! KAT-TUN is the best Japanese boyband!

KAT-TUN is a Japanese group so fantastic! Their songs are really meaningful and they sing pop, rock and more. With them you feel a lot of things.

The singers are very friendly and original, they're really good people. Their talent is so good. Go to listen their songs! KAT-TUN IS INCREDIBLE.

Hardcore pop-rock group. Despite being boy-band idols, they surprisingly have a knack for sports (mostly baseball, soccer, track). Any sporting event has them getting fiercely competitive, regardless of the odds or the rewards. It's the spirit that counts, right? Also, if KAT-TUN were given such an opportunity, I'd be really happy for Kamenashi, who has this inexplicable love for London despite never having been there before.