Katy Perry

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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.


Katy Perry is so amazing, there aren't words to describe how amazingly amazing she is, it would make my life if she was there, Katy is gorgeous, talented, and definitely deserves to be there. She is so funny and talented and amazing and beautiful and did I mention amazing? She really really deserves to be there and she makes everyone smile and makes everyone laugh and I think she would be perfect singing here, by the way did I mention she was talented, gorgeous, and amazing?

She is an amazing performer and she definitely knows how to put on a show. It would be worthwhile to have her perform at an event like the Olympics, especially since she's been having such a successful year with her California Dreams Tour and the number of singles from her album "Teenage Dream" making it to number one. Katy Perry would not be a disappointment and it would definitely garner many viewers for the Olympics due to her large fan base that stretches from cities like New York, Tokyo, and especially to London.

I love Katy very much She is my favorite singer I think her song named FIREWORK is very excited The song is very suitable for London Olympics because the song can bring energy and power to everyone So I think she should sing at the Olympics

She is perfect and has an amazing voice. If you want talent to open the London Olympics pick Katy Perry, she involves people, encourages fans and gets the audience in a good mood. Her tour ideas are so creative she will bring spice to the ceremony leaving people stunned and happy. Her voice is perfect especially when singing firework as it is a motivating song that links to the Olympics perfectly! Please please vote if you want the best Olympics yet!

She is amazing and inspiration to all the women of the world. I think everyone would really enjoy her as I'm sure( I have been to see 2 of her concerts and talked with her on the phone) she would not just sing she would be funny she is simply amazing and deserves this I love you Katy! (ps Dublin dreams tour was just wow! She is such a nice and lovely person)

She deserves everything! She is amazing. Her new song, The one that got away will blow everyone away. Last Friday Night, T.G.I.F, E.T, Peacock and Firework will be the best songs. You can go to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Rihanna any time but Katy Perry just ended her Tour and I am SURE everyone will die for her. I LOVE YOU KATY!

Katy is one of the most important components of pop music in the American and worldwide industry in this day and age. She is amazing as a performer and as a vocalist, and she deserves to perform here, especially after the amazing, killer year she's had! Go Katy!

Katy Perry is the biggest star in the world right now and her music speaks to people internationally. She represents pop culture and to have her open the Olympics would be amazing. I feel an artist like Lady Gaga would try and make it her own too much but Katy is able to respect what is going on and make it about the Olympics not about some sad album promo

Katy is an amazing performer! She always puts on a great show that's very entertaining and like nothing people have seen before. Plus, she's worked so hard this past year and has really earned her place as one of the best pop stars.

Because she's amazing, she's my life, my inspiration, my everything! I would love to win it, because she deserves, she is very talented, no one better than her to sing at the London Olympics, USA, Brazil, England loves her... It's fun, beautiful and charismatic.. She's the best, no doubt! Please, I need to see katy in London Olympics

This woman has worked so ridiculously hard ti get where she is today, yet not many seem to realise that she was dropped several times from music companies but she never once gave up which is why she deserves everything she's ever gotten. Now she's famous worldwide and it would be an honour for her to perform at such an amazing event. Her mu" music means so much to her and being part of her fanfare, "the KatyCats" I know we're all so proud!

Katy Perry performs her songs so well that you really feel what she is saying. She has the voice of an angel and she has more than enough charisma to set the stage alight.

Katy had a super successful 2011, and performing at the Olympics would help her have another super successful year, She's super talented, beautiful and entertaining, and she knows how to get a crowd pumped.

Great woman, performer, and singer. She is well know across the world and gives an awesome performance every time she's up on stage. Also a great role model. I know people would LOVE to see her perform

She is amazing in every way possible. She has tremendous talent for singing, beauty, wit, and a big heart. When you see her sing live you can tell how much she loves what she does and cares about her performance and fans. Forever my top choice.

She's absolutely amazing and completely inspiring. She's unique in a way that isn't too over-the-top and crazy and I think she's so relatable! Her songs are also super fun and her personality is is huge and exciting

IS the best singer in the life, she's a fresh singer, she's opening' the olympic games! She is the best and you say ok!

She's a great singer, performer, person and all round entertainer. She worked damn hard to get to where she is today and now that she's there she deserves every other form of success that comes her way.

I love Katy Perry. Also I love sport. And if I am really tired of everything her music make me feel better and full of energy

Katy perry is my favorite singer! If she performs at the olympics, I think she it would be a highlight of her career. Firework would be a very inspiring song for the athletes.

She has such an amazing voice, and is such a great entertainer! She would be perfect to sing in the opening olympics! She is looked up to by so many around the world.

I LOVE Katy Perry! She is a great artist with lots of feeling in her songs. Her beats create a lively feeling and succeeds in getting her emotions out to anybody who's there to hear. The One That Got Away and Part Of Me is an extraordinary example.

I would love to see Katy perform at the London Olympics. Her music is so inspiring and comical at the same time. Firework would be a brilliant and inspiring song to open the Olympics with.

COME ON KATY CATS! VOTE! I LOVE KATY SO MUCH! Katy is a goddess of voice, she deserves everything ever, and Firework deserves to be the anthem!

She is an amazing singer, she has filled UK tour dates to the brim, outselling other artists. She is well known and a house hold name and everyone adores her.