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KYLIE MINOGUE MUST PERFORM... SHE IS AMAZING! She is our goddess and truly inspirational. She is loved by thousands of people in the world. For what she has been through, she honestly deserves it so much. She is my life and I have loved her for 7 years. Kylie is stunning and beautiful and her voice is just incredible, she is the best singer in the world and that is true.

It is Kylie's her 25th anniversary in the music industry next year or as we fans/lovers/minoguettes know it as K25 and there is going to be a MASSIVE celebration next year. So to perform at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olypics would mean the absolute world to her and us fans will be over the moon, I would love for her to perform. Out of all of the other performers, it has to be our fierce and mighty Aphrodite, she is our golden girl, goddess and princess of pop! She will always be OUR Aphrodite. Just look at her Aphrodite les folies tour and you will be amazed, I was starstruck when I first saw it ...more

Kylie is England's national treasure and has been with us since the 80s and still going stronger than ever Lovely lady it would be magical if Kylie performed at the 2012 OLYMPICS!

Kylie is a Legend She is the only artist to have EVER had #1 albums in each of the last 4 decades and we Love her!

It's kylie... Come on... She is exactly what you think about when you think of UK popularity. Not only has she been in the music industry for 25 years... She is one of the most celebrated acts based out of London. You will never find a better star! And let us not forget that she has already done the olympics beautifully!

Kylie can perform dance, club songs with immense enthusiasm and perform ballads with an orchestra as seen on the Elite Model Look X Factor Australia finals. She's the best!

Global superstar and goddess of love... And has called London her home for 20 years. Would also make a nice connection to the Sydney Olympics where she performed at the 'Best Games Ever'!

Kylie is a goddess! She is the most talented, beautiful woman in the world. Not only is she the most successful Australian musician ever, but she is and always will be pop royalty!

If anyone is to perform, I daresay that Kylie will do an excellent job! Performing for 25 years and still going on, she had what it takes to arouse the crowd, get them cheering along! We choose the lovely Miss Minogue!

This would be the perfect occasion to give Kylie Minogue to the world once again. I remember, back in 2000, when she performed at the Sydney Olympics she wasn't very well known artist in America and even then she conquered the audiences. Now that she's not only one of the most respected artist worldwide but the Goddess of Pop -as William Baker named her-, and had visited the whole globe with her last two albums (X and Aphrodite), it'll be easier for the audiences to recognize her and enjoy her music which, I'm pretty sure, will captivate them for her excellent voice and fine development on the stage. Also, she's well-related to the UK and... Well, the Goddess APHRODITE opening at the OLYMPICS! Do I need to say anymore?

Who can put on A show as spectacular as Kylie Minogue? I think she exudes such vibrancy on the stage and can charm you off your seat!

I think she is very versatile and has great songs that will be able to get the crowd cheering. I think she's enthusiastic and passionate in her live performances too!

Kylie is the pop goddess and her live performances are always great! I remember first going to a live concert of hers. Even if the show lasted 2 hours she could still sing powerfully. I think she deserves to perform

Kylie is about to hit her 25th year in music, and she's the first artist ever to have a number 1 in 4 decades. She has performed all over the world, with many different artists, for many different audiences, and proved she can do pretty much anything. Her voice is as incredible now as it was back in the 80s. She ALWAYS puts on a great show, and has proved she can handle something like the olympics when she did the opening ceremony in 2008. KYLIE IS THE TRUE POP GODDESS, QUEEN AND PRINCESS AND DESERVES THIS MORE THAN ANYONE!


Kylie would be amazing at Olympics... Shes an adopted Brit and she has always presented herself in a positive way, in the true spirit of the Olympics.

She's most sexy and talented female pop star in UK! She's just a pop and disco diva of 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's

Dancing Queen. Gorgeous and talented woman with a wonderful voice. With love from Russia

Come on minoguettes! Wouldn't It be a great part of her K25 celebrations? Lets be true fans and vote for our girl

She is the best! Proud to say she is Australian! And would be elated to see her doing her thing on the stage at the Olympics!

She's amazing and Love her songs! Like she has been in London for MANY years and she also deserves a chance to shine!

Amazing performer and will represent the many people from all over the world who now call London home

Kylie was given the Queens honor OBE. SHE NEEDS TO BE THERE!

Adopted by BRITAIN as their own.

Yeah! She could perform at two Olympics and reach billions more people. Such Happiness she brings!

Didn't Know what was so incredible about Kylie's live Shows until I caught her Aphrodite tour. The energy she presents on stage is brilliant and it had So MUCH energy!

Kylie represents the sophisticated pop brought to perfection, while the world is experiencing war, famine, currency devaluation, natural disasters, Kylie in recent years has invested in its show not only a lot of lights and elevators, also of emotions and feelings for her the public.

In his latest album has taken as a banner of love to bring a message of peace and brotherhood beauty. Kylie is in itself, a warrior who has surpassed the limits of the fear of death, and was crowned as the goddess of pop.

She has already done it in the Sydney Olympics and she was totally amazing, clearly she will get better. Apart from being one of the best singers live, she is known and respected worldwide.

She has beaten many records and she still will beat many more. She has won many awards such as Brit Awards, OBE, Grammy, Capital FM Awards... Her experience and behavior on stage is the perfect one; that is why I think she is the best candidate for a performance in something as big and important as the Olympics.