Laura Pausini


She's the best and she rocks! There couldn't be someone better then Laura, you wouldn't regret her performance! She does so many things for her fans, she's really a doll! Nothing is too much for her. Please ask Laura to perform at the Olympics!

I voted for Laura Pausini because she has a wonderful singing voice and she sings in several languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. She has performed with very famous artists and she deserves to perform at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies. Laura has a lot of class and her performance at the Olympics would be like at her concerts, amazing!

She's one of the most wonderful singers in the hole world!. Her voice is really amazing and very powerful. Her new album "Inedito" is one of the most beautiful albums I never heard before... We wanna see her in the Olympics opening ceremony!

Laura Pausini is the greatest Italian singer! Her presence makes the atmosphere magic! She sings with her heart!

Laura Pausini is not only about Italy, she is International! Great voice, she as everything an artist should be. She definitely deserve to be at the Opening.

Laura is a truly international artist that naturally represent the worldwide approach that an event like the Olympics must represent. It is rare to find artists that can truly represent values from all over the world without a too strong national characterization. Sinatra, Pavarotti and a few others have had in the past this worldwide grip and being Laura a young woman she can truly convey these values to all the human beings in the world

She has an amazing voice & she is an amazing women! She would WOW the crowd with her great personality and charisma for sure! Vote Laura Pausini!

Laura Pausini's energy matches with the Olympic Spirit. Her songs talk about Strength, Happiness, Life, Love and Friendship.

She is amazing, her voice is the best in the world, the best performance ever see. I WANT SEE LAURA PAUSINI IN THE OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONIES IN London, PLEASE!

Been a fan of hers for almost 20 years since her first album. Every album is wonderful. As another poster stated, she can speak in multiple languages and has a warm presence on stage.

The only one on this list who is "Olympic" material! She has fans all over the world and is the most remarkable performer. She sings with all of her heart and has a breathtaking voice. VOTE FOR LAURA!

Laura Pausini has an INCREDIBLE VOICE and she ROCKS ON STAGE. I think inviting Laura to perform at the Olympics Opening Ceremony will be the best decision the organizer could make. Vote for her! I her music!

The opening ceremony singer should have a good band, great songs and a good presence. Laura has it all. She can make the ceremony a lot better and add a lot to that show. It could be a good reason to buy a ticket to that ceremony. Usually I don't watch that blah blah but Laura could make me pay attention. She's the one, the only one, put her on the list.

She is the best... Really deserves it, she has an amazing voice and many beautiful songs in (Italian, Spanish, English and French)

She is a amazing singer with a powerful voice, she is a Italian diva, she is also a popular worldwide she surely deserves to be invited to sing at the Olympics 2012

I think everyone (especially in the UK) deserves to get to know Laura and hear her sing at the Olympic opening ceremony. She is an amazing performer who manages to move you on so many levels. She is so down-to-earth and caring towards her fan. VOTE FOR LAURA - SHE IS BRILLIANT AT SINGING LIVE - SHE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!

She is an amazing artist because of her multi-lingual abilities to reach out to various languages such as English, Spanish, Italian. An artist could represent the international Olympic games well.

Because she's one of the most famous international singers. She's one of the few that uses the heart, soul and her powerful voice when she performers and she does it in a perfect and amazing way. She has the complete consciousness about what she does in every single detail. I think that her career speaks for itself: amazing duets amazing collaborations amazing results (an example: Grammy Award, considering she's a female Italian singer! ).
I think that the performing at London Olympics Opening Ceremonies is an important further opportunity, also, like others, deserved!

Laura Pausini's voice is amazing goes straight to your heart, and I will love to hear her sing at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Good Luck to Laura and all her fans & family.

Laura is the best! She is perfect for this event, she has an amazing voice and she is followed worldwide. Who knows music, knows LAURA PAUSINI!

She is the best. She reaches a lot of people by singing in different languages and her music touches everyone around the world.

She rocks! Ain't no other words to explain how talented Laura is! Would really be such an impressive and newfangled overture if she was given any chance!

She is the best choice for singing at the Olympics. She is unique but she is universal, she truly feels what she is singing and she does it in such an artistic way that full the heart and mind with colours and sensations. She is intelligent, deep and sincere, she is always involved in the artistic process of all her albums, composing the most beautiful lyrics and songs, I mean poetry and musical innovation. She has composed for UNICEF one of the most beautiful song dedicated to the poor and abandoned childhood, her has never been involved in scandals... The songs that she sings can change minds for good, and that is not a commitment that many singers accepted. I will never have enough words to describe how marvelous ARTIST Laura Pausini is, but the only thing I can say is that all of us deserve Laura singing at the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

I vote for LAURA PAUSINI because she has an amazing voice and a huge talent! She's a wonderful person, and the most famous Italian singer. I love her voice, her songs and her concerts. Her latest CD is fabulous! She sings in italian, spanish, english, portuguese and french, and I think she's one of the best worldwide and European pop-singer representative. She reached many "records", including the first concert (and sold-out) of a female singer at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, and I would like to see her at the Olympics opening ceremonies because she's an incredible performer on stage.

I'm agree Laura is an amazing singer but not only that she is an amazing person an d always has been working an supporting social causes and sport causes. Also she is one of the few singer that show themselves as real humans not perfect people for another planet as the real human been she is otherwise she is very nice and love very much all her fans around the world thing that makes that in all around the world more fans of all ages appear and everybody know who Laura Pausini is.