Lee Seung Gi


This young man is the perfect epitome of a multi-entertainer and is not only popular in South Korea but also internationally. He is an irresistibly alluring, charming, talented young man with an angelic face. He has a very powerful, sultry and soft voice that could melt everyone's heart. The crowd would certainly be mesmerized by his magnetic personality and be in trance especially when they hear him sing. Having him perform in the London Olympics is certainly a plus and really be considered. He is South Korea's pride.

Amazing muti-entertainer of my life, the one and only, Lee Seung Gi

Because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!

vote for him, no.294

It would be amazing if he could perform in the London Olympics! He's very popular in South Korea and he's going to be the torchbearer in the London Olympics as well so I'm looking forward to that

Lee Seung Gi is a not only popular but also a super talented multi-entertainer from South Korea. He does not only has a megawatt smile but also one of the most disciplined and hardworking artist ever. He is already multi-awarded artist at a young age of 26 (western age: 25). Aside of course from his native language, he knows how to speak English and Japanese, so performing in any of those 3 languages will not be difficult for him.

Lee Seung Gi is an amazing Singer, Actor, and Entertainer. He has an espectacular voice that once you hear his songs you become addicted to listen to them almost 24/7 without getting bored. His music is so unique that even when you don't know the language you fall in love with it. He sings with such a pasion felling that even when you don't understand the lyric you get chills just by the tone of his voice and the sound of the melody. I'm Spanish speaking and love his music and wish that in future days he will sing in my langue, so far I know he sings in his native langue Korean, in English, and Japan. He has an extraordinary personality and is very charistmatic. He is a genuine, an inspiring person that is a pleasure to follow his career and see how fast his fame grows. Blessing to him and may he continues grow in his career, to become the most loved, heard, and followed singer all around the planet. Truly he is a King-of-harts of music lover like me

With Love from Wichita KS, ...more

I found his vocal charming, and is absolutely fabulous in person, who can represent Korea more than him? Such a lovely guy, always carrying a lovely smile. He deserves to be know more than the rest of the K-pop stars, because he is no longer a ordinary K-pop star any longer, he is more. You will see after you get to know him.

He is the first and only one I admire after long years of watching K-dramas and musics. He is one I could and would proudly introduce to anyone and everyone who I know. He is super multitalented. Gorgeous and soulful voice, great, natural and professional acting, knowledgeable, witty and funny MC skills... Most importantly, he is one with lovely personality and manners, making me adore him all the more. He is not just an idol but a true star!

A multi-talented young star from Korea who sing, act and host variety & talk show well. A precious & rare gem you can find in Korea. Not only that he is also well liked by Koreans! He can also sing in Korean, Japanese & English! I'm sure all of you will like his performance if he gets to sing there..

I hope I can seem Lee Seung Gi on 2012 London Olympics. Airen will really happy if can seem him.
Seung Gi is prince we're like him, we're love him. Seung Gi Oppa Saranghamnida. He is smart, l know that

He is a multi-talented artist in South Korea. He is active in singing, mceeing, acting. Furthermore, he is doing good in his academic too. He is so perfect and deserves to be known worldwide!

Seung Gi has an incredible, amazing voice and possesses an endearing & captivating, winning smile. He is a true entertainer who is loved by people of all ages. It would be wonderful to see him perform at the Olympics. Such a talented yet humble & charming person like Seung Gi should be shared with the rest of the world.

Lee seung gi has a great voice and so cute. He is a self-discipline. He is very intelligent. He is a multi-talented in SK. He is singer actor and MC. He has a charming smile.

The Olympics represent a role model for everyone around the world, especially to young generations. Lee Seung Gi is that person. His attitudes, personalities and behaviors are admired by everyone in South Korea. He could be a 'role model' in the London Olympics as a representer from entertainment industry.

I think it would be great if Lee Seung Gi performed at the 2012 Olympics! He has a very powerful voice and many, MANY people worldwide adore him and his music. As others mentioned, he will be carrying the Olympic torch for South Korea, and I think it would be a good idea for him to spread his fan base throughout Europe.

Want the best performance of the year, Lee Seung gi will be a the perfect candidate for the job! He is a multi talented performer and is able to sing in different languages, type of music his best know for: ballads, pop, rock, soft rock, etc. A mega Star + a mega event can only = to a Magnificent show to be remember!
BEST OF LUCK Prince Lee Seung Gi "('_')"

God Bless you always!

He is multi-talented artist. He is kind hearted and I like his smile.
Really good. He is the king of rating, So I like and very like Seung Gi Oppa.

Seung Gi is a truly a gentleman and has the best manners ever! I think everyone will like to see him performing a song or two at the Olympics with his angelic voice which will be able to touch everyone's heart. I'm sure everyone will be delighted to see Lee Seung Gi in the coming Olympics game which will be held in London.

He's one of the few multi talented artists in South Korea despite his young age! As the torch bearer rep South Korea, it will be great if he can perform to the whole world, bringing his career up another notch. It is a waste for such a talent to be confined to just Korea (although he is debuting in Japanese soon).

He is very popular, not only in South Korea, but all around the world. I really hope to see him perform in the London Olympics! It will be great if he can perform! I love him I'm sure after you heard him singing, you'll fall in love with his voice unconditionally. So vote for him!

He has the world most charming dimple smile! He has a great voice that touch people's heart.
The multi-talented entertainer should greet the world, he has everything to be a Superstar, the right attitude, the smile, the looks! He is smart and sporty! He loves soccer! He is humble, treating everyone with a kind and sincere heart. He has capture the heart of all age group in Korea. It's time for him to shine even brighter!


The best multi-talented entertainer ever! He has everything from looks to talent to manners. Would love to see him performing during London Olympics

He's one of The Best South Korea's Entertainer, Singer, and Actor. He has a wonderful voice, good acting, charisma n he has the ability to entertain people from the variety show/talk show. He'll be the South Korea's torchbearer for the Olympics 2012. It must be great if he could perform at the London Olympics 2012.

Lee Seung gi is a multi-talented artist who has his own charm. He won the hearts of many girls in Asia. I'm one of them... His ballad songs really captivated everyone hearts. He is humble and adorable that makes his fans love him more.. I wish to see him perform in London after the torch bearer is over...

I love his voice he is the perfect multi-entertainer! In Korea! Good Luck! Seung Gi! God Bless