Li Yu Chun


China's first invited to and London mayor Ken Livingstone (Ken-livingston) in the UK Chinatown on Chinese years of Chinese light activities, and was first told the BBC interview��

She is the most popular singer around China, which country hold the last Olympic Game in 2008. This young and charming singer represents the teenagers in China, and the way she became famous inspires us to insist on and fight for our dream, that is also the spirit of Olympic Game.

She is amazing! She has not only beautiful voice, but also beautiful heart. She does a lot of things for people who have some disease but can't afford it. She is a very talented singer!

Li has a unique charm to attract me. Dream of her calm and adhere to infection. Very much hope that the Olympic Games in London and around the world performing

Li Yu Chun is the best singer I have ever met and also the best girl I ever know! She is pure, honest and hard-working! She cares about fans and the poor ones in the world! She learn new things and try to improve everyday! I love her voice, her performance and everything of her! It is the best thing in my whole life to have her! - u8521u9759

She is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch; National QingLian the 10th committee member; The 16th Asian games volunteer ambassador; The United Nations children's fund prevent AIDS goodwill ambassador; The foundation of the republic of 60 years of foreigners Chinese influence of symbols, China's reform and opening up and 30 years on the people; China Red Cross foundation "corn loving fund lifelong image spokesperson; China's first on stamps singer artists; The first is a singer to invited madame tussauds wax museum in the mainland artists; The only one on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing officials brochures, with nine languages introduced to the world of Chinese artists; Three years American dominate Forbes China mainland singer number one Chinese artists; The only a twice the United States "time magazine" Chinese singer; Baidu "annual 10 keywords for five consecutive years only on the list even... Numerous social honor and title and no overwhelm the girl, and she ...more

Li Yu Chun is a singer with a lot of artistic talent. It seems like it was yesterday when I saw her on T.V., she was wearing a white shirt without any make-up. Her looks trapped me right away. Now she can also write, compose arrange songs. If you want to know her, you can search her English name: Chris Lee! You will never regret, the more you know her, the more you fall for her~~

Li Yu Chun, from the continental mainland singer, is China's first elected idol.
Efforts to clean the image of the good atmosphere so that she won a lot of love she wants to protect her friends and fans.
Her own influence as early as beyond the scope of entertainment. Public welfare pioneer, fashion leader, known as the "stage Queen", has been the U.S. "Time magazine named" Asian Heroes "
Went to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 a friend I believe you will find some impression. She is the girl on the Olympic brochure in nine languages would like the world described in Chinese singer artist. Had participated in the Olympic 100-day countdown concert, the Olympic torch
She has said in public interest environmental charity, not just for show, it was in life; there is love there is hope, hope that do not give up!
China's first special fund set up and named "Corn Charitable Fund donated by the fans, " Li Yuchun fans love to create
Has ...more

Chris Lee is the best singer in China. She is a songwriter, concert director, film actor. Her voice is clear and warm. Her glamorous on stage, known as �Stage Queen'. - xuchen0912

She is my muse, actually more than millions or billions of people's muse in every aspect!

Li Yu Chun, her English name is Chris lee, a girl who is my angel! I have loved her for seven years, her fans means yumi, thant is corn! Chris lee and her fans-yumi, love each other very deeply, and they more like relatives.

She was invited to switch on the Chinese red lanterns with London Mayor Ken Livingstone at the inauguration of the largest-ever celebration of Chinese culture "China in London 2006" in London, capital of Britain, Jan. 26, 2006.

"I am very pleased that Li Yuchun is able to join London in launching the largest ever celebration of Chinese culture to have been held in the City. Her appearance at this event is a demonstration of the growing links and strengthening of relations between London and China, which were given a huge boost by London's successful bid to host the Olympic Games in 2012, " said Livingstone.

Lee is definitely the best symbol of Chines pop music since 2005 and won almost every Favorite Female Singer and Best Performance on Stage of the Year in most China's music Award. Her personal magnetism and recognizable voice, magic glamour on the stage��and her fantastic original music make this kind��forthright and sincere girl rapidly became one of the top singers in China and indeed��has fans all over the world.

She is very hard for everything, so she have many fans. She always ask herself why me to push herself.

Li Yuchun, an icon of contemporary China, is the most popular singer in the ethnic Chinese circle in the world. She was invited to a Spring Festival celebration ceremony held in London in 2006 and lit the symbolic lantern of the celebration with the Mayor of London.

She is the most popular singer in the China mainland.
She has great personality in drawing the attention of fans. - xuchen0912

She is one of the most popular singers in China and her perform is incredible and appealing! I strongly recommend Chris Lee to be the performer at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies! She will never let you down! - dperales

You are the best in my heart, I will be with you in the future

Chris, I mean Li Yu Chun, she is the best artist in China! Her amazing talent is the strongest reason to support her to be the successful DIVA in China! She is the only artist who was introduced in the "Welcome booklet" of 2008 Bejing Olympics! By the way, this is her fans from Canada. We all love her! - crystalzhang

She is the most famous female singer in China. She good at dancing, singing, acting, directing, and so on.
Her native and pure attract millions of fans.
She also do many thing about charity, she is responsibility. - dumplingjiaozistar

My favorite singer. Chris Lee. The best singer in China
She is very good. Because she is Li Yu Chun.
I am corn... I love her - ann22

Li Yuchun was the winner of China's singing competition 'Super Girl' in 2005. Her originality and personality garnered her thousands of fans throughout her years in the industry. Her tomboyish appearance differs from the norms of Chinese in which girls are deemed to have long hair and wear skirts. She began writing her own songs since her forth studio album debuted in 2009.

Li Yu Chun exhibits immense stage presence unlike any other. Her catchy songs and vigorous dance moves captivated the hearts of her fans. With every concert she held, she always strive to put new twists into her songs to excite the audience. It is no wonder her concert tickets are always sold out within hours!

Li Yu Chun's fans describe her as a gentle and down-to-earth personality with a good heart and a person who works very hard to achieve perfection in her performances. She gives the impression to youths that it is 'okay to be different from others'. She also stresses that it is important for one ...more

She is truly a multi-talented artist ie singer, dancer, actress. She has great charisma and showmanship in all of her performances. She is a genuine role model for the Asian community, a very diligent and determined person, she also does a lot of charity works. She is a perfect fit to the Olympic stage where courage, determination and all dreams become alive.

Chinese singer li yuchun has become a prominent women of international influence. She was asked to sing song "Green" Green peace, the power of music to persuade people to protect the earth and far-reaching influence.

Li Yu Chun is the most influential and legendary pop singer in China.
She was the only artist who was officially introduced to worldwide visitors on 2008 Beijing Olympic's promotional leaflet.